Chapter 63 – Be careful, the other party is very strange

“Wei Catcher, you’re here so early and without any skewers to eat.” Lu Yang teased at the door with a smile.

It was still morning when Wei Catcher arrived at the barbecue restaurant with two catchers and a banner.

“Here it is, the banner we promised yesterday.” Wei Catcher shook the banner on the street, intentionally displaying it. The banner read “Uphold Justice and Promote Righteousness,” which attracted a lot of onlookers.

The two catchers hung the banner on the wall opposite the entrance of the hall, which was very eye-catching.

There were originally two ghosts threading skewers in the hall. Lu Yang had them go to the backyard to avoid being seen.

Lu Yang brought over three cups of tea and casually asked, “Did those stupid thieves say anything yesterday? Where did those outsiders come from that dared to provoke the famous Iron-faced Catcher?”

“Ah, don’t mention it. We didn’t get anything out of them.” Wei Catcher took a sip of hot tea with tea leaves. The throat of a Foundation Building stage cultivator was not afraid of hot water.

“Why not?”

“Their willpower was weak, and they confessed after being scared. They were just about to say why a group of cultivators came to Yanjiang County when they were killed by assassins who used nine poisoned cow hair needles to pierce their necks. The room was sealed, and they didn’t know where the assassins came from.”

“At the time, I subconsciously went outside to look for the assassin, but found nothing. Later, I figured out that the assassin should have mastered some kind of spell related to shadows. He hid in the shadows in advance. When we asked questions, he killed people and left along the shadows while I was running out.”

“If I had blocked the door at that time, the assassin wouldn’t have escaped. I just regret that I was too angry at the time and didn’t think of this!” Wei Catcher finished speaking and angrily drank the tea that was meant for the other two catchers.

The two catchers looked confused, they hadn’t even had a sip yet.

Lu Yang smiled and sent away the angry Wei Catcher and the two unlucky catchers who didn’t even get to drink their tea.

Meng Jingzhou transmitted his voice, “Shall we kill Qin Yuanhao according to yesterday’s plan?”

After returning home last night, Lu Yang told them what he had seen. Since they knew the location of Yanjiang Gang, Qin Yuanhao had no reason to live.

The three of them made a plan to ambush Qin Yuanhao overnight.

Specifically, Lu Yang and Meng Jingzhou discussed it while Man Gu listened.

“Don’t rush, I have a new idea. Let’s prepare a bit more.”

The black-robed person lightly knocked on Qin Yuanhao’s door, but no one answered for a long time.

The black-robed person waited patiently.

Finally, the door opened, but there was no one at the entrance. It seemed that the door had opened automatically.

The open door was like the giant mouth of a demon, devouring the ignorant people.The man in black walked into the mansion calmly. As soon as he entered, the door slammed shut, and the latch was inserted, trapping him inside.

The man in black took out a bone card and announced loudly, “Is Senior Qin Yuanhao here? I am here on behalf of my master to pay a visit.”

“I knew it was you. So you’re one of Tiger’s lackeys,” a voice came from behind the lackey. Qin Yuanhao suddenly appeared, and the lackey didn’t even notice from which direction Qin Yuanhao came, as if he had appeared out of thin air.

“What brings you here?” Qin Yuanhao asked.

“My master has been thinking for a while and agrees with what you said. He wants to join the Yanjiang Gang, but he’s also worried and wants to meet with you in person in Songshan,” the lackey replied.

Qin Yuanhao looked at the lackey with interest. “Oh, so Tiger hasn’t responded yet. I thought he had no intention of joining the Yanjiang Gang.”

“The master took some time to consider,” the lackey replied with a smile.

Qin Yuanhao’s expression changed, and he grabbed the lackey’s neck. “How dare you play tricks in front of me? Who sent you? With Tiger’s personality, how could he actively join the Yanjiang Gang?”

The lackey was shocked and repeatedly denied that anyone had sent him.

Qin Yuanhao increased the strength in his hand, and the lackey’s soul faded before he finally told the truth.

A few days ago, some ignorant cultivators entered Songshan and stumbled upon the master’s trail. The master killed them and found that they were from a prominent sect, with a powerful Golden Core elder.

The master was afraid that a Golden Core cultivator would come looking for him, so he decided to join the Yanjiang Gang after persuading the lady of the house. He sent the lackey to invite Qin Yuanhao to discuss the details together.

Qin Yuanhao got the answer he wanted and threw the lackey aside. “That’s about right.”

Qin Yuanhao no longer suspected the lackey and followed him to Songshan.

“Senior Qin, the master is waiting for you just ahead,” the lackey respectfully said. “The master doesn’t like eavesdroppers, so please go alone.”

Qin Yuanhao ignored the lackey and walked alone.

The forest was dense and quiet, as if it had been untouched for a long time. The distant bird chirping added a touch of tranquility to the dense forest.

A four-meter-long tiger demon was sitting in front of him, and there were two cups of tea on the stone table, as if he was entertaining guests.

Qin Yuanhao unconsciously relaxed his guard and walked a little faster. Suddenly, his technique automatically activated, forming a thin film on his body, blocking an attack from an unknown direction, leaving only a shallow bloodline on his neck.

“Ambush!” Qin Yuanhao was experienced and quickly stepped back. He saw a nearly invisible thin line at neck height in the air.”This noodle is really useful. I almost cut off his head.”

A gloating voice sounded from the tree to the right of Qin Yuanhao, it was Meng Jingzhou.

What Qin Yuanhao saw was not a thin thread, but the dragon beard noodles Lu Yang bought from the cafeteria.

According to the senior brother who bought the noodles, this type of noodle kills without leaving a trace and is best for ambushes.

If Qin Yuanhao’s technique wasn’t special with automatic defense effects, his head would have been cut off by now.

“You dare to plot against me!” Qin Yuanhao glared fiercely at the tiger demon. This was not about discussing joining the Yanjiang gang, it was a trap from beginning to end!

Unexpectedly, the tiger demon had disappeared long ago, and the ground beneath Qin Yuanhao’s feet was soft. The Green Edge Sword was aimed at his crotch and struck.

Fortunately, Qin Yuanhao reacted quickly. His right knee collided with the Green Edge Sword, knocking it off course and protecting his vital area.

He saw that the situation was not good and turned to run.

He was unprepared, and his opponent was well-prepared. How could he fight back?

“It must be a fellow practitioner of the demonic path!” Qin Yuanhao was certain. That sword strike was too vicious. Which righteous sect would use such a method?

Man Gu had been waiting for him for a long time and swung a tree at him. Qin Yuanhao was sent flying a long way.

“Hmm, why does it feel like hitting a piece of paper?” Man Gu was puzzled. He clearly hit his opponent, but it felt like hitting a piece of paper.

Qin Yuanhao flew far away, but he was full of momentum and was not injured.

“Be careful of his technique, it’s very strange!” Man Gu loudly warned.

“A few juniors still want to deal with me? It’s a hundred years too early!” Qin Yuanhao laughed loudly. As long as no one could discover the true function of his technique, no one could catch him.

Lu Yang calmly leaped into the air and said to Qin Yuanhao with his identity jade pendant, “Collect!”

Qin Yuanhao was stunned. He hadn’t figured out what had happened yet. The jade pendant looked like a storage ring, but it couldn’t store him.

Qin Yuanhao noticed that Lu Yang and the others were looking at him strangely.

He slowly lowered his head and realized that he was naked, and his clothes had disappeared at some point.

Qin Yuanhao’s clothes had been stored in the jade pendant, and he was shivering in the air wearing only his underwear.

“F*ck, you guys are the weird ones!”

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