Chapter 60 – The constable and the thief

"My Lu Family's Elephant Form Fist is profound and vast, not something that a single dog spiritual root like you can comprehend."


"As the saying goes, there are nine heights in the sky, nine depths in the earth, and the Elephant Form Fist also has nine levels."


"Now I am only about to reach the first level, but when I advance to higher levels, I can gain the power to transform objects, spells, and even cultivation. If I practice to the ninth level in the future, I can become a great expert in the Tribulation Crossing stage with just a thought, and suppressing Senior Sister won't be a problem!"


Lu Yang's proud words made even Man Gu believe it. Man Gu quietly asked Meng Jingzhou, "Is Brother Lu telling the truth?"


Meng Jingzhou rolled his eyes. "Of course not. It's obviously made up. If you want, I can come up with eight different versions for you."


Man Gu nodded, thinking that Lu Yang and Meng Jingzhou were really good at lying on the spot.


Several days had passed since Lu Yang gave the Elephant Form Fist a new meaning. More and more customers came every day, and some even tipped with spirit stones.


"We raised the prices, so why are there still so many people coming?" Lu Yang gritted his teeth. Yesterday, the largest restaurant in Yanjiang County even offered to buy their recipe.


Only he was angry, while Meng Jingzhou and Man Gu were quite happy.


Today, Man Gu went upstairs to supervise Qin Yuanhao, while Lu Yang and Meng Jingzhou worked as waiters downstairs.


Meng Jingzhou suppressed his urge to tell jokes and whispered, "I heard that a few days ago, a table of cultivators ate here and couldn't stop praising our food. They said it was even better than the food made by the spirit chefs they knew."


"That's how it started. Word spread quickly, and now many cultivators know about our restaurant," Meng Jingzhou continued.


Although the Seek Tao Sect was full of spirit chefs, they were actually a very rare type of cultivator, and there were only a handful of them in Yanjiang County. Most of them were in the Qi Refining stage, with only one in the Foundation Building stage.


Spirit chefs focused on the Five Elements cycle, making food that was both delicious and could enhance cultivation, achieving both effects at the same time.


Man Gu's skewers couldn't enhance cultivation, but they were delicious. Cultivators in Yanjiang County felt that if they couldn't eat spirit chef food to enhance their cultivation, they might as well eat even more delicious skewers.


Despite being ten times more expensive than usual, they were still considered good value for money in the eyes of cultivators.


"We have a bit of a reputation in the upper circles of Yanjiang County, and even wealthy ordinary people come to eat here as a way to show off. Our business experience could be promoted throughout the whole continent. Are you happy about that?" Meng Jingzhou asked.


"I couldn't care less," Lu Yang rolled his eyes and welcomed the new customers."Boss, the first floor is full. Can't we go to the second floor?" A customer saw that the lights were on upstairs and thought it was a good spot.


"The second floor is under renovation and not open to customers. Please excuse us." Although Lu Yang didn't intend to expand the barbecue restaurant, he still focused on being a waiter and had no thoughts of slacking off.


The customers had no choice but to line up at the back.


"Haha, we finally made it. Boss, I brought my brothers again!"


Several officials in black uniforms arrived at the barbecue restaurant. They wore waist badges and carried long knives, looking very intimidating.


The people behind them didn't want to get too close, naturally afraid.


"Captain Wei, you're here."


Lu Yang smiled, seeming familiar with these people.


These were the catchers of Yanjiang County. The leader was named Wei, with a beard and a powerful voice. He was known as the Iron-faced Catcher and had at least Foundation Establishment cultivation. Even the people of the demonic sect didn't want to deal with them, afraid of getting into trouble.


The other catchers were also not ordinary people, with at least six levels of Qi Refinement.


In the xianxia world, one couldn't become a catcher without cultivation.


This was already Captain Wei's fourth visit. After coming a few times, Lu Yang was familiar with him.


Originally, someone tried to cut in line with their different identity and cultivation, but they didn't dare to be too conspicuous after finding out that Captain Wei often came here for supper.


"It's not easy being a public servant. We work two nights in a row." While sighing, Lu Yang led them to a private room.


In the private room, Captain Wei and the others took off their coats.


"It's annoying to say, but recently, many cultivators have entered Yanjiang County. It seems they're not good people and have caused a lot of pressure on public security."


"The county magistrate has repeatedly ordered to ensure no chaos. I can only take my brothers on more patrols. After patrolling, we come here to reward ourselves."


Seeing that Lu Yang was busy, Captain Wei didn't say much and started ordering.


"Are we getting the same set as last time?" Lu Yang asked. Captain Wei had ordered the same skewers the past three times.


"Let's try something new this time. I wanted to try it last time, but my brothers stopped me. Give us ten skewers of grilled eyeballs, ten skewers of grilled silkworms, and ten skewers of centipedes." Captain Wei ordered quickly, not giving his brothers a chance to react.The brothers howled in despair, these things didn't sound like they could be eaten.


"Look at you guys, so spoiled. Let me take you on a half-month mission in the wilderness someday, and don't let you bring any Qi Refining Pills. Let's see what you eat then!"


After the good wine and grilled skewers were served, Wei the Head Catcher and the others enjoyed it so much that they ate with relish.


When they were in high spirits, several brothers began to complain and curse.


"Damn it, those little thieves who steal everywhere recently are so slippery, they didn't leave any clues."


"It must be the cultivators, otherwise even an experienced thief couldn't be so skilled."


"I guess it's those out-of-town cultivators."


"When we catch those bastards, I will definitely whip them a hundred and eighty times and lock them up in the water dungeon!"


The thieves were causing trouble, but they couldn't catch them. Wei the Head Catcher felt very ashamed: "The county magistrate has ordered me to solve this case within a month. He's so capable, he should come and do it himself! Today, these little thieves even stole from the Li and Lu families. Li is the county magistrate's relative, and tomorrow the county magistrate will definitely put pressure on me again."


In the neighboring private room.


A big brother-like guest put today's harvest on the dining table: "Today's job was worth it. As usual, I'll take 40%, and the rest will be divided equally among the brothers."


The brothers were delighted. Today was a big harvest: "Before we came, I heard how powerful Wei the Head Catcher was, and he even claimed to be an iron-faced catcher. Now that I see him, he's nothing special. He can't even eat our farts!"


"That's too harsh. At least he can eat farts."


"This guy surnamed Li and the one surnamed Lu are really rich, especially this guy surnamed Ma. His cultivation is not high, but he has a lot of good things."


"Come on, let's eat and drink freely today. I'll treat you all. No one is allowed to sober up. Today, we'll get drunk and rest!"


The thieves drank heartily. One of them went to the bathroom and accidentally walked into Wei the Head Catcher's room when he returned.


"Uh… Big brother, why do you look different and ugly now?"


"Where did this crazy drunk come from? Get out, get out, get out." One of the catchers said impatiently. They were still troubled about where to catch the thieves, and now a drunkard came to cause trouble here.


The man became angry and wanted to hit someone, but he was no match for the catchers. They threw him out in no time.


The catchers noticed that the man had some cultivation, but didn't pay much attention to it. They went back to drink and complain.


The man felt wronged and went to the boss to complain.The thieves were drunk and when they heard that their own brother had been bullied, they became even more righteous. The leader slammed the table and arrogantly said, "Whoever dares to bully my brother will have to face me. Go tell the neighbors that if they have the guts, they can come to me. Anyone who doesn't come is a coward!"

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