Chapter 61 – Such proactive performance is not often seen

“Who dares to bully my brothers!” The leader of the thieves shouted with great vigor. If he didn’t regain face, how could he establish his reputation as the leader? He ordered his subordinates to call the other party over, as they had been bullied and he couldn’t let it go.

With the support of their leader, the thieves stood up straight and kicked open the door of the neighboring room. They shouted, “Our boss said that we can’t let this go. He wants to talk to you. Whoever doesn’t come is a coward!”

The constables were surprised. They had been in the business for over ten years and had never seen anyone actively provoke them.

The head constable shook his head and smiled. He had the most experience and had seen all kinds of situations. It was just a group of fools looking for trouble. This kind of case that came to them was bound to happen a few times in their lifetime.

“Who’s afraid of who? Let’s go!”

The thieves were eager to teach their opponents a lesson. They had just arrived and couldn’t rely on stealing to make a name for themselves in the demonic sect. It was time for them to make a grand entrance!

Then the thieves saw a group of constables carrying official swords and wearing identity badges breaking in.

The constables were also surprised to see the table filled with gold and silver jewelry, rare medicinal herbs, and spiritual stones.

This stuff looked familiar. Didn’t someone just report that these things were stolen?

The constables: “…”

The head constable: “…”

The thieves: “…”

“I found this on the roadside. Do you believe me?”

The head constable had never seen this kind of situation before. This was the first time he had seen criminals walk into a trap.

The thief’s subordinate didn’t know what was going on and urged his boss to take action.

“Boss, teach them a lesson!”

While shouting, he also threatened, “Have you seen my big brother’s sparse hair? He pulls out one hair for every person he kills! The people in the martial world call him Ghost Dread!”

“Have you seen the one wearing an eye patch? That’s my second brother. He lost his eye in a fight with a late-stage foundation building expert. That expert didn’t fare well either. Both of his eyes were blinded by my second brother! The people in the martial world call him Second Brother Who Fights to the Death!”

“Have you seen my third brother’s leg? He was surrounded by a hundred imperial guards when he was stealing from the palace. He escaped by sacrificing one of his legs! The people in the martial world call him Grasshopper Flying!”

The leader and his two subordinates kicked their subordinate, who talked too much, and said, “Did we hear that you said whoever doesn’t come is a coward?” The head constable grinned ferociously. It was because of people like them that he had to work consecutive night shifts.

“I’m a coward, I’m a coward,” the thief leader said trembling.The thieves didn’t dare to make a move when they saw the door blocked by the constables. They broke through the wall and ran away as fast as they could, making a lot of noise as they ran to the lobby.

Their specialty was speed, and their ability in direct combat was quite average. Not to mention that their leader was only at the ninth level of Qi training and hadn’t even reached Foundation Establishment.

“You guys run from the front door, and the rest of us will run from the back door!” The thief leader commanded his men to escape in different directions.

Lu Yang noticed the commotion and quickly understood the situation, finding it somewhat amusing.

“Thieves and constables are separated by a wall, and the thieves are still taunting the constables?”

“Wait, they are going to escape from the backyard. What if the ghosts are discovered by the constables?”

Lu Yang quickly realized the problem. If the ghosts were eliminated, who would grill the skewers? How could the barbecue restaurant continue to operate, and how could they monitor Qin Yuanhao?

The thief leader saw Lu Yang standing in front of the back door, looking dazed. He seemed frightened and was about to throw Lu Yang away.

Lu Yang was holding a pot of lump soup. Seeing the thief leader coming with an aggressive momentum, his hand shook, and the lump soup spilled out.

The thief leader didn’t expect this turn of events and quickly put up a layer of spiritual energy to block the lump soup.

After being delayed for a while, the constable took out an iron chain, which was like a snake, and tied up the thief leader.

“Go and catch the rest of them. We’ve had a good meal today.” The constable swept away the gloom and felt refreshed, feeling like the world had opened up.

After days of trouble, the thief gang was finally caught, and it was a blessing.

The constable patted Lu Yang on the shoulder and laughed, “If it weren’t for you, this kid would have escaped!”

“Brave and righteous. Wait, I’ll give you a banner tomorrow!”

Lu Yang quickly waved his hand and said that it was unnecessary, but he couldn’t stop the constable from being happy and insisting on giving him a banner.

The constables and thieves made a big commotion, breaking the wall and causing chaos in the entire lobby. It was all smoke and dust.

The diners had to leave early, but they didn’t feel like they lost out because they witnessed the constables catching the thieves.

“This barbecue restaurant is such a good place. The constables can catch people while sitting down.”

“It’s worth it to come here. Even with money, you can’t see such a good show.”

“This should be a place where luck gathers. The business is so hot in such a short time. Even if the food is good, the degree of popularity is too exaggerated. It must have a certain degree of luck.”

“We saw it today. The constables catching people proves this point.”

“It seems like we should come here often and try our luck.”

“Reasonable. Let’s come together next time.”Listening to the gradually fading discussion, Lu Yang became pessimistic about the future of the barbecue restaurant – it was destined to grow and become stronger.

“When I send the banner tomorrow, I’ll bring the money to fix the wall!” Wei the Head Catcher waved his hand at Lu Yang and left with the unlucky thieves.

Lu Yang sighed at the door and suddenly noticed Qin Yuanhao leaving the house again.

“Brother Lu, Qin Yuanhao left the house again,” Man Gu transmitted the message from the second floor. He was very serious about his work and didn’t care about what happened downstairs, always keeping an eye on Qin Yuanhao’s movements.

“I saw it. You and Jingzhou go fix the broken wall. I’ll follow Qin Yuanhao.”


Lu Yang used the shrinking technique and followed Qin Yuanhao again.

Jingzhou sighed from behind, “Lu Yang’s spell talent is really strong. I followed him for half a day and still didn’t learn anything.”

“And I always feel like the mantra he taught me is related to spatial spells. Is it just my imagination?”

Jingzhou didn’t delve into this issue too deeply. Lu Yang’s spell talent could only be described as “out of this world”. If you expect to learn spells by following him, you’re just daydreaming.

If even his single dog spiritual root couldn’t handle it, then it’s even less possible for others.

Lu Yang followed Qin Yuanhao for a long time and didn’t hear Jingzhou’s words. He noticed that Qin Yuanhao was walking with a grand demeanor this time, humming a cheerful tune as if he was going to do something big.

Qin Yuanhao arrived at a large mansion and didn’t knock on the door. Instead, he cast a spell at the door.

Soon, a tall and thin man came out and asked, “Is it time?”

“It’s today.”

“I’ve been preparing for half a month for today.”

“Who hasn’t? We must make a big move this time. I’ve been itching to do something these past few days. After we finish this, you must help me promote it. I want to see who still dares to look down on me!” Qin Yuanhao revealed a cruel smile.

“Of course, of course.” The tall and thin man was known for his big mouth in the Yanjiang Gang.

Their conversation was incomprehensible to others and made some people laugh coldly.

Lu Yang was vigilant and didn’t know what these two were planning.

The two walked into a bustling street, and one of the buildings was the most eye-catching, decorated with all sorts of colors.

Qin Yuanhao and the tall and thin man went in and were warmly welcomed.

Lu Yang looked up at the plaque and saw that it was a brothel.

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