Chapter 59 – Lu’s imitative boxing

“What the f*ck, a monster!” Meng Jingzhou shouted and swung his arm to attack.

It’s not surprising for him to react this way. The backyard was supposed to be where Lu Yang practiced his boxing, but now that Lu Yang had disappeared and a tiger had appeared, it was easy to associate it with the resurrection of a tiger monster that had eaten Lu Yang.

The tiger monster spoke human language and had the same voice as Lu Yang: “You f*cking monster, it’s me!”

“His voice is just like Lu Yang’s!” Meng Jingzhou exclaimed in surprise.

The man and the tiger flew into the air. Meng Jingzhou was stunned by the tiger monster’s voice and didn’t react in time, so Lu Yang slapped him to the ground with one paw.

Lu Yang snorted coldly. There were no signs of a fight in the yard, so how could it be that the tiger monster had eaten him? Meng Jingzhou had obviously realized this and was pretending to be ignorant.

Meng Jingzhou clicked his tongue. Lu Yang hadn’t really hit him just now, so it didn’t hurt him at all.

He got up and brushed off the dirt on his body, looking at Lu Yang with a puzzled expression. “What’s going on? Weren’t you practicing the pictographic boxing? Why did you switch to learning transformation magic?”

“Just wait, I’ll figure out how to turn back.” The tiger monster Lu Yang scratched his head in distress, then realized that he couldn’t reach his back paws, so he had to sit on the ground and give up on scratching… it was too damaging to his image.

The tiger monster Lu Yang gritted his teeth. He didn’t expect so many things to go wrong while practicing boxing.

Now that he thought about it, only his swordsmanship was still normal.

It’s fitting for him to have the sword spiritual root.

Meng Jingzhou ran up to the second floor and called Man Gu down.

“What’s up? I’m keeping an eye on Qin Yuanhao.”

“I have something interesting for you to see.”

Meng Jingzhou pulled Man Gu to the backyard, where he saw the familiar tiger monster.

“Monster, give me back Brother Lu’s life!”

Man Gu shouted and attacked without thinking. His mind hadn’t caught up yet, so he was really attacking.

Meng Jingzhou quickly hugged Man Gu’s waist and asked the leader of the barbarian tribe to calm down. “Don’t fight, don’t fight, this is Lu Yang.”

The two ghosts who were sneaking around in the main hall heard the commotion in the backyard and were scared out of their wits.

The tiger monster Lu Yang rolled his eyes and didn’t bother with these guys. He focused on figuring out how to enter the tiger monster state.

He closed his eyes and silently repeated “restore to original form” three times.

When Lu Yang opened his eyes, he had returned to his original appearance.

After a series of events, the three of them finally sat down to think about what had just happened. The two ghosts continued to sneak around.

Business would definitely be better tonight than yesterday, so they needed to wear more strings.

“It’s like this, I was practicing pictographic boxing…” Lu Yang explained.

When Man Gu heard that Lu Yang had been practicing pictographic boxing, he felt like his worldview had been shattered and blurted out, “Is this pictographic boxing or transformation boxing?”

The sage was right, reading ten thousand books is not as good as traveling ten thousand miles. These things are not written in books, so it’s best to follow Brother Lu and Brother Meng to broaden your horizons.

Meng Jingzhou’s reaction was no better than Man Gu’s. He looked at Lu Yang with a strange expression.

He had thought that Lu Yang’s cultivation of the ghost-driving technique and the emergence of his yang spirit were already bizarre enough, but he didn’t expect there to be something even more bizarre.

Lu Yang confidently explained his unique insights into pictographic boxing, “Think about it, the essence of pictographic boxing is to imitate animals, right? Like tiger boxing, monkey boxing, crane boxing, etc., imitating tigers, monkeys, and cranes, right?”

Meng Jingzhou and Man Gu nodded.

Lu Yang continued, “Right, so the more similar the imitation is, the better the effect and the greater the power, right?”

Meng Jingzhou and Man Gu nodded again.”I just encountered a tiger demon, and I am most familiar with tiger fist. Isn’t it the easiest to learn?”

Meng Jingzhou and Man Gu continued to nod.

Lu Yang continued, “I just punch with this idea, and as I punch, I turn into a tiger. Isn’t that reasonable?”

Meng Jingzhou was about to nod, but suddenly stopped himself. “What the hell, the gap is too big!”

Man Gu still nodded foolishly.

Lu Yang shrugged. He was the most helpless one. He had been practicing according to the boxing manual, but with a little inspiration from himself. “Why don’t you guys try it? Maybe you can learn shapeshifting through this method?”

Meng Jingzhou and Man Gu were excited. Learning shapeshifting through boxing was the best thing.

Although shapeshifting was used by those sneaky cultivators, learning one more skill wouldn’t hurt. Who knows, they might need it someday.

With Lu Yang’s guidance, the two quickly learned tiger fist and became quite powerful.

However, the most crucial thing, shapeshifting, was still difficult to learn.

As the two practiced boxing, Lu Yang didn’t just sit idle. He had another idea after watching their movements.

Imitative boxing was a way of mimicking, so why limit it to animals? Why not mimic humans?

This idea was like a wild horse that couldn’t be restrained.

The premise of imitative boxing was to be very familiar with the object being mimicked.

Lu Yang saw the two who were practicing boxing intently and his eyes lit up. Wasn’t this the best example?

He had already mastered the core essence of imitative boxing, and it was time for innovation.

“Only by pushing aside the old can we make progress!”

Lu Yang took action.

He closed his eyes again, recalled Man Gu’s movements, and his body began to move.

Man Gu, who was boxing, saw Lu Yang’s every move and felt familiar, but he couldn’t remember where he had seen it before.

“Isn’t that me?” Man Gu quickly realized what was happening and didn’t understand what Lu Yang was doing.

Lu Yang immersed himself in the profound inspiration and gradually transformed his body, actually turning into Man Gu!

“Haha, it worked! I knew my guess was right.” Lu Yang laughed heartily with Man Gu’s face, which was quite jarring.

Man Gu: “!!!”

What happened? In the blink of an eye, he became himself?

Why didn’t it look like the imitative boxing he remembered? Could imitative boxing also mimic humans?

“Man Gu, you can still laugh like that… Wait, is this the real Man Gu?” Meng Jingzhou, who was boxing, heard a different laugh and instinctively felt that something was wrong. He turned his head and saw two Man Gus.

“No, the new Man Gu is Lu Yang!”

Meng Jingzhou looked up and down at Lu Yang, who indeed looked like Man Gu, but his expression and demeanor were far from it.

Man Gu looked like a simple and honest person, while Lu Yang’s version of Man Gu looked like a guy with a lot of bad ideas.

He had given up on learning imitative boxing. If he had originally wanted to learn imitative boxing shapeshifting, now that he saw Lu Yang’s appearance, he knew he definitely wouldn’t be able to learn it.

This had nothing to do with imitative boxing anymore.

After mastering the technique, Lu Yang switched from Man Gu to Meng Jingzhou quite smoothly.

“So, this is shapeshifting, right?”

“This is Lu’s imitative boxing.”

Lu Yang stood with his hands behind his back, looking up at the sky at a forty-five-degree angle, quite the expert in martial arts.

(Don’t ask why Lu Yang still had clothes after transforming from a tiger demon into a human. This is a serious novel.)

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