Chapter 58 – The form of martial arts is not practiced like this

The Immortal Sect, one of the four major demon sects.

“I remember that the Immortal Sect worships immortal beings. They say that immortal beings live forever, never dying or perishing. By becoming loyal followers of the Immortal Sect, one can avoid the three disasters and five calamities of cultivation and extend one’s lifespan.” Meng Jingzhou recalled the information about the Immortal Sect.

These are the most basic things, and one can easily find them out with a little effort. However, it’s hard to say how much of it is true.

“The Immortal Sect is recruiting people, which is a good opportunity. When the time comes, there will be many people, and the threshold will be much lower. The identity check won’t be too strict either.” Lu Yang was delighted. This was really good news.

He was worried that none of them had practiced orthodox demonic cultivation techniques and wondered if they could get past the checkpoint using the ghost servant expulsion method. Qin Yuanhao brought such good news, what a lucky star.

“Why kill Qin Yuanhao?” Man Gu asked, as if there was no need to kill him.

“He’s still a troublemaker. If we can kill him, we will. But don’t use his bone tiles.” Lu Yang said, regardless of whether or not they could infiltrate the demon sect, Qin Yuanhao had to die.

It’s impossible to cultivate demonic arts to the mid-stage of foundation building without killing a few people.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that Qin Yuanhao didn’t kill his subordinates. It wasn’t because he was soft-hearted, but because his subordinates were still useful.

If a subordinate was missing an arm or a leg, or was unable to move, he would be useless to Qin Yuanhao and would inevitably die.

“Why can’t we use bone tiles?”

Lu Yang called two ghosts to skewer some meat and explained as he ate, “The relationship between the disciples of the demon sect is not as good as we imagine. When we falsely accuse Qin Yuanhao, he will investigate and conclude that someone in the demon sect doesn’t like him.”

“If we use Qin Yuanhao’s bone tiles to enter the demon sect, we will be labeled by Qin Yuanhao. They might make things difficult for us everywhere, and the gains won’t be worth the losses.”

Man Gu suddenly realized.

“But the demon sect is cautious enough to prevent the location of their stronghold from being leaked. They only reveal it on the last day, fearing that we from the orthodox path will find out and destroy them.” Lu Yang chuckled.

“Continue to follow Qin Yuanhao and see if we can find the location of the Yanjiang Gang based on him, so we can prepare.”

“It’s getting late. Let’s cultivate and rest. Let’s go.”

The next morning, Lu Yang yawned, got dressed, and had breakfast with everyone, which was beef tripe soup made by Man Gu.

At this time, Man Gu had already pushed the whole sheep, cow, and pig back from the market in a small cart.

Beef bone soup, with some salt as the base, seasoned with other ingredients, and beef tripe simmered for a while, a steaming bowl of beef tripe soup was ready.

“Add more honeycomb tripe.” Lu Yang shouted.”Okay.”

After a delicious breakfast, everyone went about their own business.

Today, it was Man Gu’s turn to supervise. After finishing his meal, he ran to the second floor and prepared to sit there all day.

Meng Jingzhou was an idle person, like a playful rabbit, and he didn’t know where he went to cause trouble.

The two troublemakers separated the pork, beef, and mutton, cut vegetables, skewered meat, and after four days, they were already familiar with the process. From morning until evening, they grilled meat in the backyard and just in time for the grand opening.

Lu Yang also had his own things to do. He took out “Pictographic Fist” and looked to see if he could get the hang of it. He had never practiced martial arts before and was unsure.

“Everything has a first time.”

Lu Yang set up the simplest soundproofing array in the backyard, unable to hear the outside world, and his voice could not be heard outside.

He sat cross-legged and carefully read the book: “Pictographic Fist, a type of boxing that simulates the special abilities and forms of various animals, as well as the image of fighting and life of characters. There are tiger fist, monkey fist, eagle claw fist, snake fist, etc. This book only contains tiger fist.”

“Tiger fist emphasizes the imitation of tiger shape, the acquisition of tiger skills, and the integration of reason into fist intention.”

“The tiger fist routine is short, concise, and compact, with small steps and footwork, mainly using the three-seven step.”

“To learn tiger fist well, the most dangerous step is to observe tigers. It is best to have experience fighting tigers, so that one can deeply understand the tiger’s fighting image and better imitate it.”

The most difficult step of tiger fist was actually simple for Lu Yang. He had fought and defeated a tiger demon before.

Lu Yang slowly closed his eyes.

Roar, pounce, fight… the various movements of the tiger demon attacking appeared in Lu Yang’s mind, vividly.

Although the tiger demon was killed by himself, it had to be admitted that the tiger demon was a formidable opponent and had things worth learning.

Of course, there was no need to learn to call for his wife’s help, and he couldn’t learn it for now.

The figure of the tiger demon and his own figure gradually overlapped, becoming one, and Lu Yang’s body gained the tiger’s skills.

Lu Yang repeatedly simulated the movements of tiger fist in his mind. The originally awkward movements became more and more flexible, as if he had been possessed by a fierce tiger, roaring in his mind.

This was something that could only be done during the foundation building stage, with extremely high requirements for divine sense. Mortal martial artists could not do this at all.

Lu Yang opened his eyes, revealing a fierce light, his pupils hiding a fierce tiger.

He leapt up and stood firmly on the ground, assuming a posture, making sounds and exhaling, using his breath to exert force, shaking his feet in encouragement, his momentum fierce and powerful.The two ghosts sneaking around in the room were startled by Lu Yang’s punches, thinking that the tiger demon had resurrected. They secretly peeked at Lu Yang through the door frame and realized it wasn’t the tiger demon, so they continued to sneak around.

After finishing a set of punches, Lu Yang felt refreshed and had an inexhaustible amount of energy to release. He took advantage of this feeling and continued to practice a few more sets, each one smoother and more powerful than the last. Even if a tiger fist master were to come now, they wouldn’t be able to find any flaws in Lu Yang’s technique.

“Something’s not right, there’s still room for improvement.” Lu Yang’s movements became faster and faster, but his mind was as calm as a still lake, reflecting everything like a bronze mirror. This state was wonderful, and every movement revealed his understanding of martial arts. With each punch and kick, the shadow of a tiger demon appeared behind Lu Yang as his understanding deepened.

“Roar!” Lu Yang’s understanding reached its peak, and he let out a thunderous roar, feeling exhilarated.

“Hmm? Why am I lying on the ground?” Lu Yang came back to his senses and found himself inexplicably lying on the ground. He tried to stand up, but his legs felt weak, and he couldn’t get up no matter how hard he tried.

“What’s going on?” Lu Yang couldn’t understand how he could mess up his punches. He thought he had a high talent for martial arts, so why was there a problem?

Lu Yang had a bad feeling and crawled to the edge of the water tank on all fours. He finally saw what he looked like now. He had turned into a tiger.

“Congratulations on mastering the Tiger Fist!” Meng Jingzhou came back from strolling around and wanted to see how Lu Yang’s training was going. He saw a tiger demon looking at itself in the water tank.

“Oh my god, it’s a monster!”

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