Chapter 57 – Bonus

The management philosophy of the Grounded Gold Money Association was quite advanced. In order to expand its popularity, they created the concept of a “brand mascot” and asked Xuan Daozi to design it. After three revisions, the initial draft of the mascot was finally decided upon, which was a chubby pig holding coins in its hands, with a very pleasing appearance.

After the Grounded Gold Money Association had a brand mascot, its popularity really expanded, with remarkable results. Many businesses followed suit and created their own mascots, including the tofu shop on the front street of Yanjiang County.

Qin Yuanhao did not really kill his little brother. After calming down, he thought that his little brother was diligent and never made mistakes. If he couldn’t find him, then he really couldn’t find him. He couldn’t believe that it was the tofu shop mascot that caused trouble.

“It’s so eye-catching, and yet we can’t find him. It seems that it’s someone from the demonic sect who wants to frame and accuse me!” Qin Yuanhao coldly laughed. He couldn’t guess who did it, but he knew that it was intentional, which was not uncommon in the demonic sect. Qin Yuanhao had done things to harm his companions before.

It had been so long and there were no clues. Qin Yuanhao could only swallow this bitter pill and slowly plan who to settle accounts with in the future.

“Since we can’t find him, there’s no need to keep looking.”

Qin Yuanhao took out a stack of paper and a few pieces of silver from his pocket and threw them to his little brother. This was also one of the reasons why he didn’t kill anyone. The leader arranged for activities, and someone had to do them. If he killed someone, where would he find someone to do it now?

“Tomorrow morning, you gather your brothers and go to the nearby eight counties to secretly spread these papers in the black market. These silvers are your monthly salary and travel expenses. Do you understand?”

“I understand…” Qin Yuanhao’s little brother was startled by his last shout.


“I understand!” His little brother straightened his back and shouted again, making his neck turn red.

The next-door neighbor angrily shouted through the wall, “Do you know what time it is? Why are you shouting?”

The neighbor’s voice was louder than Qin Yuanhao’s little brother’s.

Qin Yuanhao’s eyes flashed with a hint of killing intent.

“Big brother, the other party is a foundation-building cultivator who came here to hide.” His little brother quickly said. Many cultivators liked to play in the mortal world. Maybe even the street vendors selling skewers were cultivators.

Qin Yuanhao snorted coldly and didn’t say much. He left.

His little brother yawned and thought that the boss had finally left, so he went to sleep.

He had often received some inexplicable tasks arranged by Qin Yuanhao. In order to keep them secret, Qin Yuanhao didn’t tell them anything and just made them do it.

This time was the same.

After his little brother fell asleep, Lu Yang crawled out of the ground, took three pieces of paper, and followed Qin Yuanhao.Qin Yuanhao came out just to find his little brother, and then went back after explaining things.

When Qin Yuanhao passed by the “One More Time” barbecue restaurant, he stopped for a moment.

“I closed myself off for only four days, and a new barbecue restaurant opened? And it’s so popular?”

Qin Yuanhao had the idea of eating there. It didn’t matter if there were many people, he could just cut in line. It was already good enough that a Foundation Establishment cultivator came to this small place to eat, so why bother waiting in line?

In the end, Qin Yuanhao dismissed the idea. Barbecue was something that needed to be eaten with a group of people to create an atmosphere. Eating alone was ultimately less enjoyable.

“Let’s go.”

Qin Yuanhao went home.

Lu Yang returned to the barbecue restaurant to help out, and as soon as he arrived, he saw Meng Jingzhou performing a stand-up comedy routine. The diners were cheering and shouting for an encore.

Lu Yang took a deep breath. You two really want to make this barbecue restaurant big and strong.

Meng Jingzhou felt Lu Yang’s piercing gaze and quickly shut up, obediently becoming a waiter and ignoring the diners’ calls.

After working for a while, the diners gradually left and the barbecue restaurant finally quieted down.

The two ghosts cleaned up the grill and dishes, counted the food consumed today, estimated the amount of food needed to be purchased tomorrow, and sat on the second floor, discussing their gains for the day.

“How much money did we make today?” Meng Jingzhou rubbed his hands excitedly. Starting a business from scratch gave him a great sense of accomplishment.

“Who told you that was our gain!” Lu Yang slammed the table and glared. “Did you forget why we’re here?”

“To open a chain store?” Man Gu still wanted to expand his family business.

Lu Yang no longer bothered with these two idiots and took out three pieces of paper, recounting what they had tracked tonight.

“A blank piece of paper?”

Meng Jingzhou looked at the paper front and back, but couldn’t see anything.

Lu Yang didn’t know how to use the paper either. “Qin Yuanhao had someone spread these papers in the black market. There must be information on them, but we don’t know how to read it.”

“Is it a special communication method among demonic cultivators?”

Meng Jingzhou nodded, agreeing with Lu Yang’s guess. “Very likely. These sneaky guys always like to use some sort of code.”

“So the problem isn’t in the code, but on the paper.”

Lu Yang thought for a moment and roasted the paper over the charcoal fire.

“What are you doing?” Man Gu was confused.

Lu Yang roasted the paper seriously and said casually, “I read in a book that if you write with sugar water on paper and dry it, there won’t be any visible words. But if you remove the water in the sugar, the brown text will appear.”

Translated by: kiyoshi_twkMeng Jingzhou and Man Gu found this knowledge point very interesting.

After about five minutes of roasting, there was nothing on the paper, so Lu Yang had to give up this method.

Lu Yang summoned a small ball of water in his palm and squeezed it hard, causing a mist of water to spray onto the white paper.

“What are you doing now?”

Lu Yang explained, “Special liquids such as shower gel and laundry detergent have good water absorption. By using these special liquids to write, nothing can be seen after drying. Only by sprinkling water on the paper and using the principle of different water absorption rates can the words be revealed.”

Although the Central Continent seems like ancient times, it is not. Due to the existence of spells, or intentionally or coincidentally, many things that do not belong to ancient times have appeared here.

For example, shower gel and laundry detergent mentioned by Lu Yang.

Unfortunately, nothing was revealed on the paper.

Lu Yang did not give up. After pondering for a moment, he thought of a new method.

“Since this is a way of communication between the demonic path, perhaps we need to use the usual methods of the demonic path to unlock it?”

Lu Yang bit his thumb and a few drops of blood dripped onto the paper. The blood seemed to come alive and moved around on the paper.

“Indeed, this is the demonic path’s method of sacrificing and refining paper. It cannot be judged by common sense.” Lu Yang breathed a sigh of relief, he had finally succeeded.

There seemed to be invisible grooves on the white paper. When the blood flowed through the grooves, it filled them and formed words.

“On the first day of April, the Eternal Sect will recruit disciples at Yanjiang Dock. The specific location will be announced one hour before the recruitment.”

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