Chapter 56 – As a little brother, I must strictly follow the orders of the boss

It’s true, the main cooking method of the Barbarian tribe is barbecue.

Man Gu’s pupils ignited with raging flames, his fighting spirit soaring.

Lu Yang: “……”

Why are you getting fired up here? We’re here to infiltrate the Demon Sect, not to open a branch for your family!

Lu Yang sighed. If Man Gu didn’t want to lower the quality, then they could only raise the price.

“Two guests, what kind of wine do you want?”

The two Jianghu heroes were also bold and shouted, “The stronger the better, I am known as the one who can drink a thousand cups without getting drunk in the Jianghu!”

The other also shouted, “I am known as the one who can drink ten thousand cups without falling down in the Jianghu!”

Lu Yang thought to himself, can you two handle two pots of alcohol from me?

In the end, Lu Yang served them two pots of strong liquor, hoping that their drinking capacity was as good as they boasted.

Lu Yang greeted the guests at the door, shouting, “Please take a number and wait in line, do not cut in line. We have prepared free tea and snacks for everyone. Please be patient, a table will be available soon!”

“Also, there are no discounts for introducing customers to our store. Please don’t bring new customers over!”

Lu Yang didn’t know if it would work, but he shouted a few times first. He couldn’t really open a chain store.

The customers in line were not peaceful, and questions kept coming.

“Can we make a reservation in advance?”

“Can you deliver to our door?”

“Can we rent out the entire place?”

In addition to the Jianghu heroes, there were also cultivators with a lot of money.

“You can make a reservation, and if it’s not too far away, we can deliver it, but there will be an additional service charge. Renting out the entire place is also possible.”

Lu Yang hoped that someone would rent out the entire place, so that he could have a more relaxed time.

“Attention, Qin Yuanhao has left his mansion.” Lu Yang and Man Gu received a transmission from Meng Jingzhou at the same time. Lu Yang unexpectedly felt a sense of relief.

“I’ll follow him. You come down and replace me. Also, Man Gu, watch him carefully and don’t cause any trouble.” Lu Yang had mastered the shrinking and inching spells, giving him an advantage in both combat and tracking.

Lu Yang couldn’t shrink into the ground in front of everyone, so he went to the backyard where there were only two ghosts.

The two ghosts were busy barbecuing, sweating profusely and moving so fast that they almost created afterimages. They must have never experienced such a fulfilling and busy life before.

By the way, the two ghosts were wearing the clothes of the merchant they possessed in their previous life. In order to avoid customers getting drunk and running to the backyard to find that the ghosts were wearing the wrong clothes, the three of them spent half a day figuring out how to change the ghosts’ clothes.

From Taoist methods, to chanting by monks, to researching legends and finally, the two ghosts became dispirited.

Fortunately, Lu Yang discovered the most straightforward method – burning the clothes and giving them to the ghosts.The two ghosts were busy with their work and didn’t notice Lu Yang’s arrival. Lu Yang easily shrank into the ground and carefully followed Qin Yuanhao.

Meng Jingzhou quickly changed clothes and replaced Lu Yang, saying while eating lamb skewers, “These lamb skewers are delicious, sir.”

“Speaking of these lamb skewers, they have quite a story. Listen to me slowly. There was a day when a golden light shone on the northern grasslands, and a baby was born…”

Qin Yuanhao walked in the shadows, his figure seemingly merging with the night. Even passing pedestrians did not notice his presence.

“Is it a technique related to shadows or darkness?” Lu Yang secretly observed and collected information as much as possible.

In order to create his own technique, Lu Yang had read extensively and understood various techniques.

Lu Yang continued to follow Qin Yuanhao.

Qin Yuanhao walked on a muddy path and came to a winding alley. The sour smell emanating from it could even be smelled by Lu Yang hiding underground.

Lu Yang heard Qin Yuanhao’s footsteps getting faster and knew that he was not in a good mood.

Qin Yuanhao frowned, not liking this place. He glared and kicked open a room door, waking up a sleeping subordinate.

“You still have time to sleep!”

The subordinate quickly got up, trembling, not knowing why his boss was angry.

They worked hard and never dared to be lazy. Was it wrong to sleep at night after working all day? On the contrary, the boss stayed up all night and didn’t get up until the afternoon. Their schedules were much more regular than the boss’s.

Qin Yuanhao kicked the subordinate to the wall and angrily said, “Why hasn’t anyone reported to me these past few days? Where are the people you were supposed to find?”

The subordinate felt like his chest was hit by a huge hammer and said grievously, “Boss, you said if we couldn’t find the person, we shouldn’t come to see you.”

“If we can’t find the person you asked for, it’s wrong not to come to see you. How can you blame us for following your orders?” The subordinate cried out, feeling wronged. He did whatever his boss said, but he still couldn’t satisfy him.

Qin Yuanhao: “…”

He actually thought the subordinate made sense, but he still wanted to hit someone. What should he do?

“Why didn’t you write a letter if you didn’t come to see me?”

“But you also said that important matters must be reported in person.”

“I also said that special circumstances require special treatment!” Qin Yuanhao shouted.

“You did say that, but you also said that special circumstances need to be discussed internally, and then decided by you personally.”

“Did you discuss it?”

“We discussed it two days ago and agreed that this was a special circumstance that required your decision.””Why didn’t I see you guys make a decision for me?”

“You said important matters must be reported in person. We couldn’t find the person spreading rumors, so we couldn’t come to see you.”

Qin Yuanhao: “…”

Am I going to be stuck here all day?

Qin Yuanhao took a deep breath and reminded himself repeatedly that he couldn’t kill anyone. Although these little brothers were not flexible, they were loyal to him and strictly followed his orders without any deviation.

Killing them would make the others feel cold.

Moreover, there weren’t many trustworthy subordinates to begin with. If he killed them, he would have none left.

“So how did the search for this person go? If you can’t find the person, at least you should have some clues, right?” Qin Yuanhao stared at his little brother. If he dared to say that they hadn’t found any clues, he wouldn’t live to see another day!

Does he really think I won’t kill?

The little brother muttered under his breath and said that they couldn’t find the person despite searching for four days. “You know the person you’re looking for is quite distinctive. Anyone who shows up in the street will attract attention. We’ve only found one person who fits the criteria of being eight feet wide and eight feet tall, but he doesn’t have any freckles on his face and doesn’t eat children. He’s quite good-looking.”

“Who is it?” Qin Yuanhao thought to himself that regardless of whether the appearance matched, he should just kill someone with a similar build to make an example out of them and prevent others from looking down on him.

“It’s the mascot for the tofu seller on Front Street.”

“I’ll kill you!”

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