Chapter 55 – Thriving and prosperous business or trade

He glanced at Lu Yang and then at Meng Jingzhou, slowly asking, “Did you guys come up with these names?”

Lu Yang nodded, “I came up with ‘One More Barbecue’.”

Meng Jingzhou also nodded, “I came up with ‘Thanks for Your Patronage Barbecue’.”

Man Gu felt that his ‘Sheep Sheep Sheep Barbecue’ name was too ordinary.

Man Gu was the first to open the store name that Lu Yang came up with. According to the rules, the barbecue restaurant was called “One More Time”.

“By the way, which one of you has a method to conceal your aura?” Lu Yang asked.

While on the street, Lu Yang noticed that many people’s breathing methods had different affinities with spiritual energy, which meant that they were cultivators. However, when he used his spiritual sense to scan them, he couldn’t judge their cultivation level.

It was reasonable for one or two people to have a higher cultivation level than him, but it was impossible for everyone to have a higher cultivation level than him.

Yanjiang County was different from Taiping Township. There were many cultivators, but it wasn’t to the extent where everyone had reached the Foundation Establishment stage.

After a little thought, Lu Yang understood that a cultivator’s status was determined by their cultivation level. If they wanted to travel the world without being bullied, they either had to have outstanding cultivation or be able to conceal their cultivation level, making the other party afraid to act recklessly.

By going out without any concealment, it was like telling everyone that they were inexperienced.

If they wanted to blend into the demonic cult, they had to pretend to be experienced.

“I do have one. It’s something we used when hunting in our hometown.” Man Gu took out a roll of sheepskin from his pocket.

“The prey in the wilderness is very cunning. When they see any movement, they run away. In order to hunt successfully, we have to conceal our aura and ambush them in advance.”

Man Gu’s Man tribe was a large tribe in the wilderness, and he had the highest bloodline status.

Not only did the Man tribe’s Qi refining and Foundation Establishment stage members hunt, but even the Golden Core stage members who had opened their spiritual orifices also went out to hunt.

For the Man tribe, prey was not just for filling their stomachs, but also for the effects of heavenly treasures and earth treasures.

“But when using this secret technique, you can’t move, or it will break the effect.”

The greater the restriction, the greater the effect. For a single concealment, the effect of the sheepskin roll’s concealment was among the top three.

“I have a common concealment spell here that is one level higher than yours and can only be detected by someone with a much higher level than you.” Meng Jingzhou took out a bamboo slip from his jade pendant, which had a faint bamboo fragrance even though it had been placed there for a long time.

The quality of the bamboo could also tell how extraordinary the spell recorded on the bamboo slip was.

Meng Jingzhou’s jade pendant also contained many spells and abilities that he had brought from home, so many that he didn’t have time to learn them all.

Lu Yang looked at Meng Jingzhou strangely, “Didn’t you run away from home? Where did you get all these good things?”

“My little sister secretly gave them to me.”


The three of them began to learn the concealment spells. All three of them were geniuses, and this kind of small spell was simple and easy to learn. It was too simple for them. After more than half an hour, they had learned most of it, and the rest was just practice.

Lu Yang thanked them with clasped hands, “When I learn new spells, I’ll definitely teach them to you!”

Despite not saying anything, Lu Yang knew that these two concealment spells were definitely rare. The trust that these two had in him was evident.

Meng Jingzhou laughed heartily and said that Lu Yang didn’t need to worry about it, and Man Gu said something similar.

“Huh, I remember this was a teahouse. Now it’s a barbecue restaurant?” Under the cover of night, two Jianghu heroes stumbled upon the disappearance of the original teahouse and its replacement with a barbecue restaurant with an interesting name.

“One More Time Barbecue, it smells so good.” Jianghu hero A sniffed, and the scent of barbecue wafted over, making him unable to resist, and his mouth watered.

“Want to eat?”

“Let’s go in.”

The two of them agreed and walked into the barbecue restaurant.As soon as they entered the barbecue restaurant, the two were shocked by the lively atmosphere. The diners were eating and drinking heartily, laughing and talking loudly, and the sound was so loud that it could overturn the roof. A sturdy man holding skewers ran in and out, undoubtedly the waiter.

“Is this newly opened restaurant so popular?”

The two were a little excited. If this kind of restaurant could be popular, there must be a reason for it.

The two were lucky to have the last empty table.

They sat down, and another waiter named Lu Yang, with a standard smile of the service industry, came over with a small notebook and asked, “Hello, what would you like to eat?”

“Two pots of wine, a plate of boiled peanuts, thirty lamb skewers, thirty beef skewers, and two grilled potatoes… all mildly spicy. We can’t handle too spicy.”

While Lu Yang was taking notes, he transmitted to Man Gu, “Can you adjust your recipe a bit? The barbecue is too delicious, attracting so many people. How can we monitor Qin Yuanhao?”

Lu Yang didn’t expect Man Gu’s secret recipe to be so effective. On the first night, a few customers came. On the second day, a few tables came. On the third day, the tables were already full. Now, on the fourth day, after the two Jianghu warriors took the last table, there were people waiting outside.

Lu Yang suspected that on the fifth day, people would have to make reservations or share tables to eat. In thirty days, they could open a chain store in the neighboring county, two hundred chain stores in the northern part of the central continent in a year, and in three years, it would be popular throughout the central continent. In five years, it could be listed… if there was such a concept.

Is there anything wrong with Man Gu’s recipe? Did he put some prohibited items in the sauce?

This is a joke. Lu Yang and Meng Jingzhou have tasted Man Gu’s barbecue, and there are no prohibited items. It is indeed delicious, but they did not expect it to attract so many customers.

Later, Lu Yang figured it out. He had always eaten top-notch delicacies on Tianmen Peak, and his taste buds had already been spoiled. If he could say it was delicious, Man Gu’s barbecue recipe must have something unique.

In short, they definitely couldn’t let the store continue to be popular.

“Downstairs seems to be busy. Do you need me to go down and help?” Meng Jingzhou’s lazy voice sounded in their ears.

Now only Meng Jingzhou is monitoring Qin Yuanhao on the second floor.

“You stay upstairs and monitor Qin Yuanhao honestly. Don’t come down and cause trouble!” Lu Yang warned. If Meng Jingzhou came down, he would do more than just be a waiter.

According to his understanding of Meng Jingzhou, he could even perform a solo stand-up comedy while serving dishes.

Meng Jingzhou yawned heavily, making people drowsy. “But it’s really boring on the second floor. It’s been four days, and Qin Yuanhao has no plans to leave home. He either meditates or meditates. He doesn’t even have any entertainment.”

“I think we might as well pretend to be wandering Jianghu artists. I’ll go to Qin Yuanhao’s house to perform solo stand-up comedy, and you can perform carrying a large barrel. While distracting his attention, Man Gu can install a listening talisman or something.”

Lu Yang and Man Gu ignored Meng Jingzhou.

The best way to deal with a talkative person is to ignore them.

Seeing that no one paid attention to him, Meng Jingzhou had to change the subject. “Man Gu, are you really not considering making the skewers taste worse?”

Man Gu had his own persistence. “As a family of barbecue, eighteen generations have been barbecuing. I cannot ruin the reputation of the barbecue Man clan in my generation!”

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