Chapter 54 – Christen a store

After knowing the target location, Lu Yang and the other two met up and analyzed:

“From Qin Yuanhao’s walking posture and breathing frequency, he should have reached the later stage of Foundation Establishment.”

“The place he lives in is just an ordinary courtyard, not very big, and it doesn’t look like there are any servants. He lives alone.”

“Let’s stay nearby and observe him for a while. First, we can observe his habits so that we won’t be clueless if we enter the Demon Cult in the future. Second, we can follow him and see if we can find the base of the Yanjiang Gang.”

Man Gu was puzzled: “Qin Yuanhao has so many underlings. Why don’t we follow them to find the Yanjiang Gang’s location?”

Meng Jingzhou vetoed this method. He knew more about the Demon Cult: “Those people have no cultivation base. They are Qin Yuanhao’s underlings, but they are not members of the Demon Cult. It’s not easy to join the Demon Cult, and whether these people know that Qin Yuanhao is a member of the Demon Cult is uncertain.”

“But where can we hide and observe him? There are no inns nearby, only a few tea houses and taverns. What can we do at night?”

The Demon Cult likes to act at night.

Lu Yang was also a bit hesitant, but suddenly he saw a tea house with a rental sign out of the corner of his eye, and his eyes lit up.

“This tea house is in the perfect location. We can use the second floor to observe Qin Yuanhao. We can rent this tea house and pretend to run a shop to observe Qin Yuanhao’s movements!”

Meng Jingzhou nodded, then asked: “What kind of shop should we open?”

“Although it’s a disguise, we still need to make it look convincing. I’m not good at making tea, so we definitely can’t continue to run a tea house. My family has an elder who is good at language-based spells. I learned how to speak, learn, and sing from him for a while.”

Meng Jingzhou was very dedicated: “I suggest we open a crosstalk hall. I can perform solo crosstalk.”

Lu Yang admired Meng Jingzhou’s versatility: “But crosstalk is lively during the day and there won’t be many people at night. The best way is to find a nighttime business, an entertainment venue that’s lively and where people can drink and have fun, so that everyone can enjoy themselves. This way, we can observe Qin Yuanhao on the second floor, and he won’t notice us.”

Meng Jingzhou blushed as he listened, hesitated a bit, but was mostly excited: “A nighttime business? Are you thinking of opening a…?”

Lu Yang nodded: “Yes, I’m thinking of opening a barbecue restaurant.”

Meng Jingzhou: “Yes, that’s what I was thinking too.”

Lu Yang had a good idea. Barbecuing was simple and easy to learn, and even if he made mistakes and burned the food a dozen times, he should still be able to get the hang of it.

“I can take care of the barbecuing.” Man Gu smiled confidently and even took out a piece of paper from his pocket with the words “Ancestral Barbecue Recipe” written on it.

Lu Yang and Meng Jingzhou were very familiar with this recipe. Wasn’t this the ancestral barbecue recipe that required 100 contribution points to exchange on the ranking list?Man Gu laughed honestly: “When I was in my hometown, I often roasted wild beasts to eat, like black bears, wild boars, and little rabbits. I noticed that Seek Tao Sect buys a lot of food, but there aren’t many barbecue shops. So, I hung up my ancestral barbecue recipe for everyone to see on the exchange list.”

Lu Yang was puzzled at the time. Who would hang their barbecue recipe on the exchange list? It’s like you put it up there yourself!

“Did anyone buy it?” Meng Jingzhou asked curiously.

Man Gu honestly replied: “A senior brother told me that he bought the barbecue recipe and went on a mission with a senior sister in the wilderness. This senior brother used the barbecue to capture the senior sister’s heart.”

Meng Jingzhou: “…”

I shouldn’t have asked.

Man Gu smiled slightly and said, “And there’s another advantage to opening a barbecue shop.”

“What is it?”

Man Gu summoned two ghosts and said, “I don’t have to do it myself. I let these two ghosts barbecue in the kitchen, and I don’t even have to pay them. It’s very convenient.”

This way, they don’t even need to hire waiters. It saves money and is very thoughtful.

Man Gu has learned a lot from Lu Yang and Meng Jingzhou over the past few days, but Lu Yang firmly denies that Man Gu learned anything from him.

Man Gu spent the night researching the secret recipe. Man Gu’s hometown is in the wilderness, and many of the original barbecue recipe materials are unique to the wilderness. Man Gu needs to study which things can be replaced.

“By the way, do you guys eat roasted insects and cow eyes?” Man Gu suddenly asked.

Lu Yang and Meng Jingzhou shook their heads, advising Man Gu to stick to things that most people can accept.

Man Gu nodded and thought for a moment. Firstly, he is a normal person, and secondly, he can accept these things, so normal people can accept them too.

Argument settled.

Man Gu kept a series of barbecue ingredients with regional characteristics, such as roasted insects and cow eyes, on the menu, hoping that people in Yanjiang County would like them.

The next morning, Meng Jingzhou showed his extraordinary financial power and bought the entire teahouse.

“Wait, weren’t we supposed to rent it?” Lu Yang was surprised. They only have a few months to complete their mission. Are you going to run a teahouse for the rest of your life?

Meng Jingzhou confidently said, “I always use my own things. If I can buy it, I will never rent it! We can always sell it after we finish our mission.”

After the original teahouse owner saw Meng Jingzhou pay so generously, he quickly packed up and left.

After the owner left, a very serious question was posed to the three of them: what should they name the barbecue shop?

“I suggest calling it Meng Xiao Er’s Barbecue Shop.” Meng Jingzhou said.

Lu Yang glanced at Meng Jingzhou and sneered, “Your name is too common. I suggest calling it Three Bowls Over the Hill Barbecue Shop. Eat skewers, drink wine, and then go up the mountain to fight tigers. It’s very appropriate.”

Meng Jingzhou and Man Gu shook their heads, thinking that the name wasn’t suitable.Man Gu uncommonly proposed a different viewpoint: “The name ‘Three Bowls Across the Hill’ is too long. Why don’t we use our tribe’s style and call it ‘Ha Ha Ha BBQ’ or ‘Hee Hee Hee BBQ’?”

Lu Yang had heard of the naming method of the Wilderness Barbarians. This naming method was quite advanced even in the ideologically advanced Seek Tao Sect: Hei Hei Hei Weapon Shop, Hou Hou Hou Tavern, Ao Ao Ao Brothel…

“How about calling it ‘Crossing Tribulation Period BBQ’?”

“Why not call it ‘Becoming Immortal BBQ’?”

“I think ‘Light Boat BBQ’ is good.”

“Who gave the BBQ restaurant such an elegant name?”

The three of them discussed for a while, but in the end, they had to admit a fact that none of them could come up with a name.

“Let’s each write a name on a piece of paper, and whoever gets picked will be the winner.” Lu Yang proposed a solution, which was agreed upon by the other two.

Considering that Lu Yang and Meng Jingzhou were not very simple-minded, it was safer to let Man Gu draw the paper.

Man Gu clasped his hands and wrapped three small pieces of paper. He shook them up and down and opened his thumbs, and two of the small pieces of paper flew out.

He opened one and saw a note that read “Try again.”

Man Gu was puzzled as he opened the other piece of paper, which read “Thank you for your patronage.”

Man Gu: “???”

For a moment, Man Gu’s head couldn’t turn around. He was supposed to be naming the restaurant, not drawing a lottery… right?

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