Chapter 49 – Evil cult

“Who would write a letter to the tiger demon? Doesn’t it always hide from cultivators and keep its whereabouts secret?”

The three of them couldn’t understand. With the tiger demon’s cautious attitude, outsiders shouldn’t know of its existence.

“Nian Nian, what does the letter say?”

Meng Jingzhou cleared his throat and read with an emotional tone, “Dear Brother Tiger, it has been a while since we’ve seen each other. How have you been?”

“Brother Tiger acts cautiously and doesn’t want to reveal himself to righteous cultivators. He only targets mortals, and his step-by-step cultivation method is admirable. But this way of cultivation is still too slow. Now that the world is about to change, with various factions eyeing the central continent, Brother Tiger should take this opportunity to leave his homeland and infiltrate Song Mountain.”

“Be cautious…you two, don’t crowd me. Can’t I read it to you?” Lu Yang and Man Gu squeezed Meng Jingzhou in the middle and looked directly at the contents of the letter.

“You’re reading too slowly.”

“I’ll read faster, you two move aside.”

Meng Jingzhou pushed the two of them away and continued reading, “Although being cautious is not a big mistake, in this world that is recovering, being bold is the only way to seize opportunities, take a chance, refine your bloodline, become a pure-blooded poor demon, and establish yourself in this world.”

“I dare to suggest that Brother Tiger and his mate join my Yanjiang Sect to hunt cultivators and plan great things together!”

“There is a token in the letter. Brother Tiger can hold it and come to Yanjiang Sect to find me. I can directly recommend Brother Tiger to become an official.”

“Your little brother, Qin Yuanhao, pays his respects.”

The letter wasn’t long, but it revealed a lot of information.

Lu Yang analyzed, “The letter says that the tiger demon doesn’t want righteous cultivators to know of its existence, which doesn’t conform to normal speech habits. Usually, people don’t directly refer to ‘righteous cultivators’ unless the writer is opposed to them. Is Qin Yuanhao a demonic cultivator?”

This could also explain why some cultivators knew of the tiger demon’s situation but didn’t report it.

In the central continent, righteous cultivators held an absolute advantage, while the demon, devil, and ghost factions were natural allies. For example, the tiger demon didn’t directly harm people but let ghosts lure them over.

The tiger demon had poor demon bloodline and was definitely at the Golden Core stage. It was reasonable for demonic cultivators to try to recruit it.

“So, Yanjiang Sect is a demonic stronghold?”

Meng Jingzhou nodded, “The demonic sect likes to use place names as their strongholds. We just don’t know which demonic sect Yanjiang Sect belongs to.”

Just like how righteous cultivators had the Five Immortal Sects, demonic cultivators also had their own sects called the Four Major Demonic Sects.

Demonic sects were religions, not sects, and the biggest difference was whether they believed in a powerful existence.

The beliefs of the Four Major Demonic Sects weren’t entirely the same. Some said that the beliefs of the Four Major Demonic Sects represented four immortals, while others said that the four beliefs were just four incarnations of a certain immortal. There were many different opinions.

Demonic sects revealed very little information to outsiders, and their whereabouts were mysterious. The Great Xia Dynasty and the Five Immortal Sects had searched for their headquarters together many times but never found them.Whenever righteous cultivators remove a large number of demonic sect strongholds, the demonic sect followers will spring up like mushrooms after rain, and they cannot be killed.

The demonic sect is mysterious, with strange methods and ruthless hearts, which makes people shudder. In fact, it is because the righteous path is too strong that the demonic sect dare not show their faces and can only use covert means.

As long as one can find the demonic sect’s lair, there is no need for the five major immortal sects to take action. The Great Xia Dynasty will send troops to take them down within five days, and in one month, all their dens will be destroyed.

This is the confidence of the righteous path.

The demonic path is ultimately something that cannot be openly accepted.

Lu Yang shook the envelope and took out a bone card with a special true energy left by a demonic sect follower named Qin Yuanhao. It cannot be imitated by outsiders.

Man Gu asked, “Can we use this card to join the demonic sect?”

Finding the demonic sect’s stronghold is a great achievement, far more valuable than getting rid of two tiger demons.

Lu Yang shook his head. “No, if we use his card to join the Yanjiang Gang, Qin Yuanhao will know.”

“And we don’t know where the Yanjiang Gang is, how can we join?”

“What should we do then?” Man Gu asked.

“Since it’s called the Yanjiang Gang, it should be in Yanjiang County. We can go there and ask if there is anyone named Qin Yuanhao, track him down to the Yanjiang Gang, and claim to be his old friend in front of the tiger demon. Our cultivation level won’t be higher than the tiger demon’s, but we can kill him. Then we can use the card directly and say that we came to join Qin Yuanhao but didn’t expect him to be dead.”

“Good idea.” Meng Jingzhou and Man Gu’s eyes lit up.

“Keep looking, see if we can find anything else.” Lu Yang urged Meng Jingzhou with enthusiasm.

Meng Jingzhou found a palm-sized, bright red grass with a somewhat demonic feeling.

“Why is the Blood Jade Grass red?” Meng Jingzhou was puzzled. The main function of the Blood Jade Grass is to detoxify, and its leaf veins are blue-green, like a river flowing on the ground. Why is this one red?

Lu Yang squatted down to identify it and then said, “You forgot that the main function of Blood Jade Grass for humans is as the main material for detoxification pills, but it’s not the same for the demon race.”

“Blood Jade Grass has the effect of refining bloodlines. It’s possible that the tiger demon has been using blood to ripen the Blood Jade Grass, making it adapt to the Qiongqi bloodline. Looking at this, in a few months, the Blood Jade Grass will be fully mature, and after the tiger demon takes it, the Qiongqi bloodline will be refined, and it will be able to form a pill.”

The “Blood” in Blood Jade Grass is named after this.

Lu Yang learned about Blood Jade Grass from the Medicine King since he was young.

“Now this Blood Jade Grass cannot be refined into detoxification pills anymore, only for the demon race to purify their bloodlines.” Lu Yang said.

“In that case, you should keep it and take it out to sell at the sect’s monthly market. It should fetch a good price since many people in the sect raise demon beasts, and herbs that can enhance bloodlines are in high demand in the Seek Tao Sect.” Meng Jingzhou handed the herb to Lu Yang and Man Gu.

There are many people in the sect who raise demon beasts, and herbs that can enhance bloodlines are in high demand in the Seek Tao Sect.Lu Yang and Man Gu pushed each other away, but in the end, Man Gu accepted the Bi Blood Grass without being polite to Lu Yang.

Meng Jingzhou reminded Man Gu, “Don’t eat the Bi Blood Grass. The ancient Mán tribe is a branch of the human race, and the Bi Blood Grass is useless for your bloodline.”

Man Gu sighed regretfully.

According to legend, the ancient Mán tribe originated from a romantic proposal. In the ancient times, the human race was still living in tribes. The strongest in the tribe was called a warrior.

One day, two tribes met. A male warrior from one tribe fell in love with a female warrior from the other tribe and proposed to her, “Smile for me, little girl. If I am pleased, I will marry you.”

The female warrior smiled mischievously and threw a stone at him. They fought each other, and in the end, the female warrior won and dragged the male warrior into her house, where they spent the night together.

Ten months later, the first Mán tribe warrior was born.

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