Chapter 50 – What did the sages say?

The nature of the fox tribe is promiscuous, and this is reflected in their writing. They often write some unhealthy books, and if someone does something unspeakable to these books, the author can collect a trace of Yang energy.


Therefore, most of the unhealthy books circulating in the Central Continent are written by the fox tribe. Although the authorities vigorously publicize their harm and hold activities to destroy the books every few years, these books still flow in the black market and are banned repeatedly.


Meng Jingzhou was quite obsessed with these books when he was young, but he didn't know what unspeakable things were at that time, he just thought the books were good-looking.


He learned demon language in order to read the original version.


"You love learning so much?" Lu Yang and Man Gu were surprised. Cultivating immortality can enhance memory, and learning a language doesn't take much time.


But the problem is that Meng Jingzhou learned demon language before cultivating immortality, which is quite remarkable.


Meng Jingzhou didn't want to explain the reason, only saying that he was interested in the culture of the demon race.


Man Gu thought that Brother Meng was worthy of being Brother Meng, studying hard but not showing off, behaving humbly, with noble character, and worth learning from.


"What's written on the tiger skin?"


"Let me see… it's about ghostly things, avoiding yin and seeking yang… this is the method of driving ghost servants."


Meng Jingzhou quickly skimmed through it, and after a brief calculation in his mind, he quickly deduced the function of the secret technique.


"The old hunter should have been refined in this way."


"There are also requirements for refining ghost creatures. The difference in cultivation level should be two major grades, except for refining mortals. After reaching the seventh level of Qi cultivation, mortals' souls can be refined."


The technique of driving ghost servants is quite useless, and only people who are two realms weaker than themselves can be refined. Even if the ghost servant is refined, can it go into battle and kill enemies?


Like the battle with the tiger demon just now, if the ghost servant appeared, its effect would be even worse than cannon fodder, and it would not pose any threat.


"Do you need me to translate it all for you? This thing doesn't seem to be limited to race. Humans can also practice it, but the effect is best for tiger demons."


Man Gu originally wanted to ask what the use of learning this thing was, but he heard Lu Yang analyze, "We joined the demonic sect, and demonic methods are indispensable. This technique of driving ghost servants is just suitable as a facade. There are ready-made ghost servants in the hunter's residence. You translate the technique of driving ghost servants on the tiger skin, and the three of us will learn it together."


Originally, Lu Yang planned to eliminate the remaining ghost servants, but the situation has changed. After using up the ghost servants, it is not too late to disperse their souls.


According to the tiger demon, the ghost servants are all voluntary servants after death, driving ghosts and harming travelers.


They should all be killed.


"Okay." Meng Jingzhou agreed readily. He spread out paper, ground ink, and wrote the technique of driving ghost servants quickly.


"I won't practice it. I have a pure Yang spiritual root. Ghosts will quickly melt away when they see me like snow meeting the sun. I can't practice this pure Yin attribute spell."


Lu Yang and Man Gu didn't say much, and they practiced together.


Soon, a gust of yin wind hung in the cave, accompanied by faint ghostly wails, bringing endless coldness and bone-chilling coldness.Lu Yang felt his body light, his feet leaving the ground as he floated in the air like a ghost. He felt more aware than ever before, his senses sharp enough to detect any subtle details around him. He also felt that Meng Jingzhou was like a blazing fire, burning hot!


"Hmm? What's going on?" Lu Yang wondered, looking down to find his body still sitting on the ground.


"No, it's not that I can fly, it's that my soul has left my body!"


Meng Jingzhou noticed that something was wrong with Lu Yang and exclaimed in horror, "Only at the Yuanying stage can one's soul leave the body and travel thousands of miles. How come you're doing it now?"


"Quickly go back, you're only at the foundation building stage, and you haven't cultivated your soul yet. Your soul is easily damaged, and once it's damaged, it's hard to repair!"


Lu Yang also realized the problem and used the Ghost Servant's mantra to restore his soul to normal.


"How did you do that?" Meng Jingzhou had never heard of anyone at the foundation building stage daring to leave their body.


There was no such spell.


Lu Yang was also puzzled. "I just practiced the Ghost Servant's technique that you wrote. I feel like I completely understand it, and there's no problem. I just tried to operate it and see what it looks like, and it turned out like this."


Meng Jingzhou looked at Lu Yang strangely. "Could it be that you're using your own soul as the Ghost Servant and controlling yourself?"


He had never heard of anyone practicing like this, but given the current situation, there was only one explanation.


Lu Yang thought about it but couldn't come up with any other possibilities.


Lu Yang asked Meng Jingzhou to stay away from him and tried several times with the same result – he could leave his body.


"What's wrong with my spell talent?"


The two of them had no choice but to wait for Man Gu to wake up and ask if his situation was the same as Lu Yang's.


When Man Gu woke up and saw Lu Yang and Meng Jingzhou looking at him expectantly, he was confused.


"Did you learn how to use the Ghost Servant's technique?"


"I have some experience and should be able to control eight mortal souls."


"Can you control yourself and leave your body?" Lu Yang looked at Man Gu hopefully, hoping he would say yes, so he could prove that he wasn't practicing incorrectly.


"How is that possible? This is the Ghost Servant's technique. Can you really control your own soul as the Ghost Servant?"


Meng Jingzhou took a glance at Lu Yang and explained his learning process, which impressed Man Gu greatly.


Lu Yang had a quick mind and extremely high talent in learning spells, unmatched by anyone. Meng Jingzhou was talented and knowledgeable.


He had learned a lot on this journey, almost as if he had heard the words of the saints.


What did the saint say again?


Oh, right, the saint said, "If three walk together, there is someone can be my teacher."


"We should go find the ghost now." Seeing that there was nothing worth searching for in the cave, Meng Jingzhou called on his companions to leave.


"You guys go ahead, I'll take care of something and catch up later." Lu Yang asked Meng Jingzhou and Man Gu to leave first.


Meng Jingzhou and Man Gu didn't think much about it and left the tiger's den.


Once they were sure the two had left, Lu Yang's smile faded, and his expression gradually became calm.He walked towards the depths of the cave and saw a pile of bones like a small mountain. He sighed softly.


"Sure enough, it's here."


Lu Yang speculated when he saw various items. With the caution of a tiger demon, after eating people, it would definitely not throw the bones outside. This would easily expose itself. The prudent behavior was to leave the remains in the cave.


Reality also proved his idea.


These poor people who were deceived and eaten while passing through Songshan for various reasons and from different places, eventually found their final resting place in this small cave.


Lu Yang didn't say anything else. The Green Edge Sword cut through iron like mud, easily cutting off a large piece of rock from the rock wall.


He flattened the rock and silently recited the death mantra, setting up a tombstone for these poor people. He was silent for a moment, and it was unclear what he was thinking. Then he turned around and left.


"Sorry for the wait, let's go." Lu Yang greeted his two companions and left this unpleasant place.

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