Chapter 48 – Nests

After the battle was over, the ten-headed water buffalo disappeared into thin air and returned to the spirit field.

“How are you feeling? Can you get up?” Man Gu came forward to check on Lu Yang. He was impressed by Lu Yang’s decisive blue sword strike that determined the outcome of the battle.

Although he and Meng Jingzhou were there to assist and helped injure the tiger demon, Man Gu suspected that even without their help, Lu Yang’s sword strike alone could have killed the tiger demon.

Lu Yang took a packet of Qi-recovering powder and quickly regained his calm breathing. His breath was steadily improving at a speed that could not be achieved by just a few Qi-recovering powders.

“I should have bought some Qi-recovering pills. This powder is too dry.” Lu Yang muttered to himself, then used the Condensed Water Technique to create a small water ball on his fingertip. The water ball extended into a two-finger-wide water column and entered Lu Yang’s mouth.

“Was that the technique of changing size?” Meng Jingzhou noticed that Lu Yang suddenly shrank and then suddenly grew bigger. He felt that this move was very familiar, as it was a spell that was performed by an uncle in his clan named “Changing Size”. However, as far as he knew, this spell was extremely difficult to practice and had a high threshold, and it was impossible to succeed in practicing it before reaching the Golden Dan stage.

“It’s a similar technique. The spell I used is called ‘Cheng Cun’.”

“Cheng Cun?” Meng Jingzhou was puzzled. As a member of the Meng family, he had heard of all the spells, but he felt particularly unfamiliar with this spell called “Cheng Cun”.

Could it be a spell created by Master Yun Zhi?

It made sense to think so.

“I am Lan Ting. I have met three fellow Taoists.” Lan Ting walked gracefully towards them.

“We are all disciples of Seek Tao Sect. This is Meng Jingzhou, and this is Man Gu.” Lu Yang introduced them. In the urgent situation just now, he had only introduced himself.

“I see. Thank you, Lan Ting, for your help. If those two tiger demons had attacked together, it would have been very troublesome, and the mission might have failed.” Lu Yang thanked her.

This was actually just a polite remark. The three of them still had some trump cards left.

“I see that this is your mission.” Lan Ting didn’t say much. She also came down the mountain this time to complete a secret mission. However, she was not familiar with this place and had not come down during the day. She encountered this situation unexpectedly on a rainy night and wanted to find a place to stay.

“I know a bit about rune magic. The tiger skins of these two tiger demons look good. Can I have them?” Lan Ting asked.

“Of course you can.” Lu Yang smiled. “Do you need anything else, Lan Ting?”

Tiger skin was valuable, but it was not as important as the favor that Lan Ting had done for them.

Lan Ting shook her head and did not make any more requests.

Man Gu had been living in the wilderness with his parents since he was young, and skinning animals was something he was very familiar with. He put two fingers together, which were sharper than a pig-killing knife, and quickly peeled off the two tiger skins intact.

After accepting the tiger skins, Lan Ting politely said goodbye to Lu Yang and the others, then disappeared into the deep forest.

The senior sisters had told him that when his mental strength was not strong enough, he should not approach the people of Seek Tao Sect rashly, lest he be assimilated.

“Jingzhou, do you want the tiger bones and tiger whip?”Meng Jingzhou was confused, “Why do I need tiger bones and tiger whip?”

Lu Yang smirked, “For enhancing male performance.”

“Get lost!”

With his pure Yang spiritual root, he didn’t need enhancement.

“Keep these two tiger monsters. They are important evidence for completing our mission.” Lu Yang took out his identity jade pendant and rubbed his thumb on it. The two tiger monster corpses were then stored in the jade pendant.

The jade pendant could also be used as a storage ring.

“Let’s go. The mother tiger monster made quite a commotion when it came. It knocked down many trees. We can follow the trail it left and find their lair.”

The two tiger monsters had been living in Songshan for years, so they must have a lair.

The heavy rain did not affect the three of them. They could easily avoid it with a rain avoidance spell.

Following the collapsed trees and shattered boulders, they soon found the tiger monster’s lair.

It was a three-meter-high cave that was pitch black and could not be seen inside.

“Does anyone have a torch?” Man Gu asked. They couldn’t see anything in the cave, and there might be some traps.

He had read in a book that this kind of eerie cave was the most suitable for traps. For example, if you accidentally stepped on a brick, arrow feathers on both sides of the wall would pierce you like a hornet’s nest.

Or suddenly poisonous gas would come out and kill you.

At worst, a boulder would roll over and crush you.

“Why do you have so many traps at home? Are you afraid of making it too convenient for yourself when you come home?” Lu Yang was speechless. He felt that Man Gu was always wandering off in strange places.

Although he said that, having a torch would create an atmosphere of exploration.

Outside the cave, the rain was pouring down, but inside, the three of them holding torches and discovering treasure created an exciting atmosphere.

“Who brings a torch when they go out?” Meng Jingzhou mocked. They were cultivators, and they had the control fire technique. Why use a torch?

“You need to open your mind.” Lu Yang said, taking out a fried dough stick. He lit a spark on it, and the whole stick caught fire.

It looked like it could burn for a long time.

Lu Yang held the burning fried dough stick and was not afraid of being burned. He was very proud.

The food in the cafeteria was really useful. Besides being able to eat and fight, it could also be used as a torch.

Man Gu suddenly realized that he could really learn something by following Brother Lu.

Lu Yang led the way with the burning fried dough stick, and Man Gu and Meng Jingzhou followed behind.

There were no traps as Man Gu had imagined, only the beasts’ lair.

The treasures of merchants, the books of scholars, and the martial arts secrets of warriors…

These things did not need to be handed over to the sect and were considered their spoils of war.

“Jewelry and antiques…” Among the three, Meng Jingzhou had the most knowledge and was responsible for identifying the origins of these items.

“A tea cup from a hundred years ago is not worth much.” For cultivators, a hundred years passed in the blink of an eye, and it was very short. Any item at home could have a history of over a hundred years.

In the world of cultivation, antiques were the least valuable things, and only mortals valued them.

“A rusty iron knife. What did the tiger monster keep this for, to sharpen its teeth?” Meng Jingzhou shook his head.

Lu Yang thought to himself, “Don’t underestimate a rusty iron knife. One strike and it could give you tetanus.”

“‘Pictographic Fist’? I remember it’s a kind of martial arts that imitates animals from the folk?” Meng Jingzhou flipped through a few pages, lost interest, and threw it to Lu Yang.Lu Yang was a bit interested and planned to practice in a few days when he had time.

“The Words of the Sage…” Meng Jingzhou sneered repeatedly. “What’s the use of two beasts holding onto The Words of the Sage? Aren’t they still beasts?”

The Words of the Sage is an introductory book for Confucian cultivators, recording the sage’s earnest teachings. Man Gu remembers the contents by heart and has a profound understanding of them.

Man Gu put away The Words of the Sage. It’s not that the book is particularly valuable, but its status is unusual, and it should be kept well.

This is respect for the sage.

“Hmm? There’s a letter here, written to the Tiger Demon?”

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