Chapter 38 – The farewell scene is quite touching

Lu Yang was silent for a long time, not knowing how to evaluate this method that challenged moral ethics and thinking patterns.

“Well, the matter is resolved.”

He finally managed to utter this sentence.

Uncle Ba also thought that resolving the matter was a good thing, especially since it was his idea.

Uncle Ba patted Lu Yang’s shoulder. “The little medicine kings are mischievous. You’ve worked hard during this period. Take out your jade pendant.”

Lu Yang did as he was told, and Uncle Ba tapped the pendant. “The 300 contribution points for the task reward are already in your pendant.”

Effort pays off, and Lu Yang considered the 300 contribution points a huge fortune.

Then Lu Yang thought to himself that although 300 contribution points seemed like a lot, he probably couldn’t even afford the little medicine kings’ foot-washing water.

The exchange list clearly stated that the Medicine King’s Spirit Liquid was available in both regular and deluxe versions.

As Lu Yang understood it, the regular version was the little medicine kings’ foot-washing water, while the deluxe version was the bathwater.

“Say goodbye to the little medicine kings. Opportunities to enter the Medicine Garden are rare. You might not have a chance to come back in the future…”

Uncle Ba stopped midway through his sentence. He suddenly remembered that he had to let Lu Yang go if Yun Zhi allowed him to leave. He didn’t have the guts to intercept him.

“Ahem, anyway, go say goodbye first.”

Lu Yang responded with an “oh.” He had a feeling that Uncle Ba had something else to say.

Upon hearing the news that Lu Yang was leaving, the little medicine kings were somewhat reluctant to part.

“We were all friends. Take this old ginseng with you. Oh, it’s too valuable. I can’t bear to part with it.”

“My old ginseng skin… hurts too much. Forget it. I don’t have anything valuable here. I’ll just say goodbye to you verbally.” The ginseng doll bid farewell to Lu Yang.

It didn’t give anything to Master Gu Yue when it parted with him either.

“We’re all cultivators. One month is not long. Just go if you need to. Do we really need to say goodbye?” The Three Leaf Starry Sky Grass expressed its reluctance both explicitly and implicitly.

“My vine and leaves have too much vitality. If you take them, your body will undergo a mutation. As a precaution, I won’t give them to you.” During their time together, Lu Yang learned that the Qilin Immortality Pill was actually a green vine.

The Qilin Immortality Pill was true, but during the month they spent together, the little medicine kings suppressed the vitality in their bodies, afraid that Lu Yang might accidentally receive some.

If Lu Yang were to receive a part of their bodies, they would have to add several dozen layers of seals. Even if Lu Yang got it, he wouldn’t dare to use it.

“After saying goodbye, can’t you give us some gifts?” The End of Time Flower turned around and asked Lu Yang for gifts.

Lu Yang was infected by the atmosphere and tears welled up in his eyes. “Wait a while. I’ll make sure Senior Sister comes to visit you all.”

The little medicine kings quickly drove Lu Yang away.

The farewell scene was quite rushed.

…Not to mention the Medicine King’s Spirit Liquid, the three hundred contribution points are a huge sum of money for Lu Yang, who is only at the Foundation Establishment stage.

He was eager to try and went to the mission hall to buy something good.

He couldn’t always rely on his senior sister to give him things, he had to earn money through his own efforts.

“Hey, I was just going to find you at the Heavenly Gate Peak, didn’t expect to meet you here.” Meng Jingzhou was surprised to see Lu Yang walking out of the medicine garden, but then he realized that Yun Zhi was his senior sister, so it wasn’t strange.

There was also a Confucian-looking man standing next to Meng Jingzhou, with both literary and martial abilities.

The man in Confucian robes greeted them with a cupped fist, “Brother Lu, it’s been a long time since we last met. This is our first formal meeting.”

“Man Gu, it was unexpected that you would worship under the Fourth Elder’s sect.” Lu Yang returned the greeting and smiled, “Do you have something to tell me?”

“Can’t I come to see you if I don’t have anything?” Meng Jingzhou pretended to be angry.

“Come, let’s have some tea and sit down to talk.” Meng Jingzhou led Man Gu and Lu Yang to a tea house.

Meng’s family tradition was to discuss matters over a meal. If the discussion was pleasant, the Meng family would pay for the meal, and if it wasn’t, everyone would split the bill.

“What would you like to drink, gentlemen? We have all kinds of tea here.” The tea master asked skillfully.

Lu Yang couldn’t see through the tea master’s cultivation level.

Lu Yang whispered, “Brother Man Gu, do you know what level the tea master is?”

Man Gu also whispered, “As far as I know, our newly recruited disciples are the weakest in the sect, even the chickens on the mountain have a higher cultivation level than us.”

Meng Jingzhou ordered a famous tea.

“Then bring a pot of milk tea.”

The tea master suspected that Meng Jingzhou was here to cause trouble for the sect.

“Oh, I misspoke. I meant to say a basin of milk tea, a specialty from the far north.” Meng Jingzhou quickly gestured to show that he meant no harm when he saw the tea master’s unfriendly expression.

The tea master then understood that Meng Jingzhou wanted freshly made salty milk tea.

Soon, the tea master brought a hot iron charcoal basin filled with fried rice, butter, beef jerky, and milk skin, and then brought a pot of milk tea.

Lu Yang and Man Gu looked at each other, not knowing what to do, so they left it to Meng Jingzhou.

Meng Jingzhou first slowly fried the ingredients in the basin until the rice turned yellow, giving off a crackling sound, and then poured all the milk tea into the basin.

As the milk tea met the red-hot iron pot, there was a sizzling sound, and the fragrance of the milk tea wafted around their noses.

Lu Yang took a sip and smacked his lips. It was salty and had a strange taste, but it was delicious.

Man Gu took a sip and then drank the rest of the bowl in one gulp.

“Do you have a mission now?” Meng Jingzhou asked.

Lu Yang shook his head. He had just completed Uncle Ba’s medicine garden task and hadn’t found his next mission yet.”There aren’t many tasks suitable for us in the task hall. I wonder, if they’re not enough for us, are they enough for the previous senior brothers and sisters?”

“So I asked the senior brothers and sisters about it, and found out the inside story.”

“What did they say?”

“They said completing tasks issued by the task hall isn’t the only way to earn contribution points. If we find and complete tasks on our own and report the results to the sect, and the sect verifies the results, we will also receive corresponding rewards.”

“Do you know how the tasks in the task hall are generated?”


“There are three situations. First, based on the ‘Righteous Mutual Assistance Agreement’ between the Five Immortal Sects and the Great Xia Dynasty, when the Great Xia Dynasty needs cultivators but lacks manpower, they will ask for our help. However, this situation is rare.”

“Although we are all part of the righteous human race, it’s still embarrassing for the imperial court, which has been in existence for 100,000 years, to ask for help from the sect.”

“The second situation is when someone asks the Five Immortal Sects for help to ensure justice, but only if the Great Xia Dynasty is not involved, like the task of catching parrots.”

“The third situation is when the Seek Tao Sect discovers clues during their travels outside and releases them as tasks in the task hall. The sect will prepare corresponding rewards for these tasks.”

“This third situation is our hope.”

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