Chapter 37 – Medicine King Spirit Fluid

Under the brilliant night sky, the majestic figure of the Enlightenment Tree King blocked the moonlight. The Little Medicine Kings were soaking in the water, playing happily. Even Lu Yang joined in, and they all got along harmoniously, as if time had stopped.

After the Little Medicine Kings had finished washing and were sleeping soundly on the ground and on top of the wooden house, the Enlightenment Tree King didn’t idle. While they were sleeping, it collected the wooden barrels and water, which puzzled Lu Yang.

“What are you doing?”

The Enlightenment Tree King casually replied, “Oh, this is for Xiao Ba. He said bathwater is valuable, and Seek Tao Sect disciples like to use it.”

The branches of the Enlightenment Tree King moved, making a shrugging motion, indicating its helplessness towards the strange behavior of humans.

As a plant, it was difficult for it to understand some of the strange behaviors of humans. As far as it knew, humans loved to use its hair, i.e., leaves, to make tea, or use its skin to cook, claiming that it could enhance the flavor, something called cinnamon or something.

“Oh, by the way, Xiao Ba also gave the bathwater a nice name, called Medicine King Spirit Fluid. It seems that you humans are more cultured than us, and your naming ability is much higher.”

“Medicine King Spirit Fluid?”

Lu Yang unconsciously repeated the name, feeling that it was familiar, like he had seen it somewhere before. Then he quickly remembered where he had seen this term.

Wasn’t this the popular Medicine King Spirit Fluid on the contribution exchange list!

The Medicine King Spirit Fluid introduced on the list was a treasure specially refined by the high-level members of Seek Tao Sect. So, it turned out to be a special refinement!

Lu Yang began to have doubts about all sorts of strange things on the list. From the descriptions, there seemed to be no problem, but that didn’t mean there really were no problems!

In the following days, while Lu Yang was working hard to dig underground, he listened to the Little Medicine Kings’ constant chatter about herbal knowledge. Life was quite abundant.

“I remember there is a patch of Eight Treasure Lotus in front, pink and tender, very beautiful. Do you want to go see it?” Ginseng Baby said behind Lu Yang.

“…Shouldn’t the lotus be growing in the pond?”

“Yes.” Ginseng Baby nodded matter-of-factly.

“Then if I drill over, won’t I dive into the pond?”

Ginseng Baby suddenly realized, “Right. You make a good point.”


Following the direction indicated by Ginseng Baby, Lu Yang drilled out of the ground. Not far away was the beautiful Eight Treasure Lotus. The morning dew condensed and dripped on the tips of the petals, creating ripples in the water.

Eight Treasure Lotus had the effect of clearing heat, dispelling dampness, detoxifying, and nourishing the heart. It was often used in alchemy.

“I just don’t know why it’s called ‘Eight Treasure’.” Lu Yang thought of what he had read in the book.This is a mystery in the world of alchemy. Countless alchemists have written books and put forward various viewpoints. Some say that it is because the Eight Treasure Lotus has eight effects, hence the name Eight Treasure. Some say that the name of the Eight Treasure Lotus is derived from the Taiji Eight Diagrams. Others say that Eight Treasure refers to the eight meridians of the human body, and eating Eight Treasure Lotus can help open up the eight extraordinary meridians… In short, there are all kinds of theories.

Lu Yang tends to believe the first hypothesis. With eight effects, at least this first one sounds reliable.

“You’re talking about this? I know,” said the ginseng doll.

“You know?”

The ginseng doll put its hands on its hips and said proudly, “Yes, the Eight Treasure Lotus was discovered by Gu Yue. At that time, the two of us accidentally entered an undiscovered secret realm. Fortunately, our cultivation was profound, and the secret realm was not dangerous for us.”

“We played around in the secret realm, and when we got tired, we rested on the spot, ate, and slept to create an atmosphere.”

“When we were eating, Gu Yue found a pink lotus flower that he had never seen before. I asked him what he wanted to name these lotus flowers, and he took a glance at the Eight Treasure Porridge in his hand and casually said, ‘Let’s call it Eight Treasure Lotus.’”

“Later, he took a few lotus flowers away and propagated them outside, becoming the scale they are today.”

Lu Yang: “…”

This was not the first time he had heard Gu Yue’s stories. Each time, there was an unexpected ending.

Other little medicine kings had also traveled through mountains and rivers and experienced many things, but no one had experienced the excitement of the ginseng doll.

Through contact with the little medicine kings, they gradually accepted Lu Yang. Even when Lu Yang returned to his original size, they did not reject him. Instead, they found the big guy quite amusing.

A month passed in a flash. During this period, Ba Daye took away the empty spirit stones and the little medicine kings’ bathwater and brought back a large number of high-grade spirit stones, burying them in their original place.

Ba Daye also occasionally picked many medicinal materials and provided them to the Dan Ding Peak.

“Originally, Gu Yue was not called Gu Yue. His surname was Hu, and he called himself Hu Yuezi. He didn’t write his characters very well, and one time when he wrote his name, he wrote Hu too widely. People read it as Gu Yuezi, and he was an easy-going person, so he took the opportunity to call himself Gu Yuezi and never changed it again.” The ginseng doll continued to recite Gu Yue’s black history to Lu Yang.

Just then, Ba Daye sent a message to Lu Yang.

“Lu Yang, come out for a moment.”

When he arrived at the entrance of the medicine garden, he saw a loving couple. The husband was confident and sunny, while the wife was dependent like a little bird. However, the category of their clothes made Lu Yang unable to compliment them.

The couple was wearing clothes like swimming rings, bloated and could float even if they fell into the sea.This is their group’s clothing habits.

“These two are…”

“Let me introduce, these are your seniors, Silver Ring Heavenly King Yǐn.” Uncle Ba said.

Lu Yang suddenly realized that the couple had resolved their conflict and reunited, so he didn’t need to dig anymore.

However, they resolved their emotional dispute in just one month. The speed was really fast. He thought it would take at least forty to fifty episodes of a TV drama, with the female lead losing her memory and the male lead awakening her memory, leading to a happy ending.

“He is Lu Yang, you should have heard of him. He is the fourth disciple of the sect master, personally trained by Yun Zhi.”

“We’ve met the two seniors.” Lu Yang bowed, scaring Silver Ring Heavenly King Yǐn, who quickly lifted him up and didn’t dare to receive the bow.

“You are Yun Zhi’s junior brother. My name is Li Yin, you can call me Xiao Li. This is my wife Xiao Li.”

Who would dare to treat Yun Zhi’s junior brother as a junior?

Lu Yang didn’t know what kind of image Senior Sister had in other people’s minds.

“How did you solve your marital problems?”

“What’s so difficult about it?” A voice came from underground.

A couple emerged from the ground, looking exactly like Silver Ring Heavenly King Yǐn.

“Since my wife can split herself into two and become sisters, naturally, I can also split myself into two and create a brother.” Xiao Li proudly said.

Xiao Li and his wife were also very affectionate.

Uncle Ba nodded approvingly. This idea was his idea.

He was still very responsible. If he caused a problem, he would solve it.

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