Chapter 39 – Junior brother, do you know if the Seek Tao Sect is a reputable sect?

“Of course, not everything can be considered a task. The three types of tasks mentioned earlier all have a prerequisite, which is to defend the righteous path.”

“Coincidentally, Brother Man Gu found a task that suits us. He couldn’t complete it alone, so he called us.”

Man Gu nodded without saying much, showing the modesty of a gentleman.

“When should we leave?” Lu Yang asked.

“How about tomorrow morning?” Meng Jingzhou suggested.

This was exactly what Lu Yang had in mind. He wanted to exchange something at the task hall before they left. He felt itchy holding onto his contribution points.

“Ice-cold gourd. The water in the gourd will cool down quickly, providing a refreshing sensation. It’s the perfect choice for those who like to drink cold water. It costs three contribution points.”

“Multi-functional folding knife. It includes ear spoons, nail clippers, markers, compasses, and other functions. It’s a must-have for outdoor travel and costs ten contribution points.”

“Futu Dragon Blood Blade. It was once a magic weapon of a demonic cultivator. Its bloodthirstiness was stimulated by dragon blood, and its ferocity was suppressed by the Buddhist teachings. It can cut through bones like cutting through tofu. Now, the demonic aura has been completely eradicated, and the ferocity has been completely suppressed, but its sharpness has slightly decreased. It costs three hundred contribution points.”

“Fragment of Mo Ke Heart Method. It’s a fragment of a heart method left by a self-immolated ascetic monk. It’s suspected to be an original heart method, but the original version can no longer be verified. This fragment can help subdue the mind and quickly enter a meditative state. It costs one thousand five hundred contribution points.”

Lu Yang looked at several items in a row, but none of them suited him. He asked the senior brother who was on duty.

“Senior brother, I’m going out to train tomorrow and want to buy some self-defense items. Do you have any recommendations?”

The senior brother was tall and muscular, with a rough face that could stop a crying child. He looked like someone who had been eliminated by a chivalrous hero.

The senior brother glanced at Lu Yang and felt that he was a stranger. He immediately realized that Lu Yang was a newly recruited junior brother.

He felt relieved that he was finally called senior brother after so many years. He asked, “How many contribution points and spirit stones do you plan to use?”

“Three hundred contribution points, no spirit stones.”

“My surname is Li, and my single name is Dan. You can call me Senior Brother Li. You’re in the Foundation Establishment stage, and the items you can use are not of a high level. You won’t need too many contribution points.”

Li Dan seemed fierce, but he was actually a very enthusiastic person. He skillfully scrolled through the exchange list and introduced various protective equipment. “The Hundred Battle Heart Protection Mirror can be worn on the chest and can withstand a peak Foundation Establishment stage attack once. It only costs two hundred contribution points.”

Just as Lu Yang was considering whether he should buy one for self-preservation, he heard a timid voice say, “Junior Brother Lu, you don’t need to buy the Heart Protection Mirror here. The scallion pancakes in the cafeteria can also withstand a peak Foundation Establishment stage attack, and they’re cheaper than this.”

The voice became smaller and smaller, almost the size of a mosquito’s wings. If Lu Yang hadn’t already reached the Foundation Establishment stage and had keen senses, he wouldn’t have been able to hear it clearly.

“Senior Sister Zhou Lulu?” Lu Yang was surprised to see Senior Sister Zhou Lulu here.

When he first entered the Seek Tao Sect a month ago, he would ask Senior Sister Zhou Lulu whenever he didn’t understand something in the scripture room. After being confined to the Tianmen Peak by Yun Zhi for a year of cultivation, he hadn’t seen her again. It had already been a year.

“Senior Sister.” Li Dan was only one year older than Lu Yang and called Zhou Lulu senior sister.

“It’s… it’s me,” Zhou Lulu said nervously. She had just completed a task and came to exchange her reward. She happened to run into Lu Yang.”You…you guys continue looking, I…I just have a small suggestion, no other meaning.” Zhou Lulu faced the gaze of the two and kept her distance, lowering her presence. She would exchange after Lu Yang finished exchanging.

Neither of them paid any more attention to Zhou Lulu.

“This is the Colliding Mountain Hammer. With one strike, it can cause a vibration effect that can disrupt the rhythm of the opponent’s formation and spell drawing. It has a certain restraining effect on both formation and spell cultivators. However, cultivators who are proficient in formations and runes have firm wills and can remain calm in the face of danger. They can adjust their rhythm even when faced with interference, so the effect of the Colliding Mountain Hammer will be greatly reduced. It costs 270 contribution points.”

Lu Yang nodded. This was also a good thing. He might encounter opponents who specialized in formations and spells.

Apart from cultivators who have immersed themselves in formations and runes for decades, the Colliding Mountain Hammer can still be effective.

Zhou Lulu’s senior sister muttered softly beside them, “The fried dough sticks in the cafeteria can have a similar effect.”

They ignored her.

“Senior Brother Li, do we have any small gadgets that can secretly attack others?”

Senior Brother Li said sternly, “Junior Brother, do you know that Seek Tao Sect is a righteous and prestigious sect?”


“You have to ask this question quietly.”

Lu Yang responded with an “oh.”

Senior Brother Li pressed the list and scrolled through various product introductions. He found the right opportunity, clicked on the list, and continued to introduce, “This is the Shattered Jade Needle. It is as thin as a cow’s hair and becomes extremely sharp after being infused with spiritual energy. It can pierce through barriers, but it is difficult to master and requires a lot of practice. It is also expensive.”

“This is the Strange Door Nail. When facing a strong enemy, seize the opportunity to grab a handful and throw them into the opponent’s seven orifices to win by surprise. It is easy to use and reasonably priced.”

Lu Yang nodded. This thing was really not expensive and could even be considered a great value for its price.

“The rice in the cafeteria is better than this.” Zhou Lulu’s senior sister reminded them.

Senior Brother Li could no longer tolerate Zhou Lulu’s whispering. He suddenly turned around and frightened Zhou Lulu.

Zhou Lulu lowered her head and didn’t dare to look at Senior Brother Li’s muscular face. She didn’t mean to cause trouble, but the food in the cafeteria was really useful. She wanted to recommend it directly to Lu Yang but felt embarrassed.

Seeing Zhou Lulu’s reaction, Senior Brother Li also knew that she had no ill intentions. He slowed down his tone unconsciously and said, “Senior Sister Zhou, I know you are from the Hundred Refinements Peak, but you can’t harm the new junior brother just to bring business to your peak!”

“And think about it, Lu Junior Brother. Besides being cost-effective, durable, multi-functional, and able to be used as both a weapon and food, what other benefits does the food in the cafeteria have?”

Lu Yang: “…”

Aren’t these benefits enough?

Senior Brother Li thought for a moment and realized that besides the food’s appearance not being suitable for combat, there really were no other drawbacks.

“How about Senior Sister Zhou takes Junior Brother Lu to the cafeteria?”

Zhou Lulu’s eyes lit up and she quickly took Lu Yang to the cafeteria.

Lu Yang found that Zhou’s strength was terrifyingly strong and he couldn’t break free. He didn’t know what realm Zhou was in.

“Senior Sister Zhou, are you from Hundred Refinements Peak?”

The Hundred Refinements Peak, under the name of the Fifth Elder, had two functions: refining and cooking. Most of the time, these two functions were the same thing.

Zhou Lulu answered, “Yes, I am a disciple of Hundred Refinements Peak.”

“But I often see you reading books in the Scripture Pavilion, and they are not books about refining?”

Lu Yang couldn’t help but feel puzzled. Shouldn’t disciples of Hundred Refinements Peak learn refining?

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