Chapter 34 – The little medicine kings

“In the past, when I traveled through Central Continent, I made a name for myself. If someone hadn’t spread the word about the potency of my Yang-enhancing pills, forcing me to seek refuge in Seek Tao Sect, I would still be traveling now.”

“The person who traveled with me was also a powerful figure in your human race. His name was Shuiyue Ju Shi. When he brought me to Seek Tao Sect, he even said he would write about me in his book, so that the world would remember me.”

Shuiyue Ju Shi was a famous traveler in Central Continent. He loved to travel and explore, leaving his footprints in Central Continent, Demon Realm, and Buddha Country. There were legends about him in various places.

Legend has it that he served as a court historian in the Great Xia Dynasty, recording in detail the romantic affairs of the emperor with the common people, as well as how many illegitimate children he had.

He was kidnapped by a dragon princess in Demon Realm and forced to marry her, but he escaped and was chased to Buddha Country.

In Buddha Country, he pretended to be a monk and cheated people. Whenever someone found a logical flaw in his words or encountered an unsolvable problem, he would say, “The Buddha says it cannot be said.” Later, this phrase became widely circulated in Buddha Country.

Shuiyue Ju Shi wrote about his experiences and observations, and his books were quite popular in the world of cultivating immortality.

Although there was no record of his cultivation level in any classics, Lu Yang thought it should be quite high. If his cultivation level was a little lower, he would have been killed long ago.

Ginseng Baby was a very good teacher. Many of the things it talked about were its own experiences, and even some of the herbs in the medicinal garden were discovered during its travels with Shuiyue Ju Shi. Lu Yang listened with relish.

Lu Yang and Ginseng Baby arrived at a small hut built of flowers and plants. The closer they got to the hut, the more they could feel the almost substantial life force contained within it, making Lu Yang’s heart skip a beat.

“No! “Lu Yang covered his chest, his body trembling uncontrollably.

Thump, thump, thump… Lu Yang’s heart beat faster and faster, as if there were countless little bugs flying around his ears, buzzing non-stop.

Listening carefully, Lu Yang felt a chill in his heart and a cold sensation on his back. Those were not the sounds of small bugs at all, but the voices of countless people inside his body!

Ginseng Baby was the first to notice that something was wrong with Lu Yang. It shouted loudly, “Hey, hey, hey, there are outsiders here. You guys be careful and hide your life force quickly!”

Lu Yang activated his cultivation technique to calm his boiling blood, and the voices gradually disappeared.

Lu Yang knelt on the ground, panting heavily. What had just happened was not an illusion. There was really something inside his body. What was it?!

Ginseng Baby put down the empty spirit stone and ran to Lu Yang with an apologetic tone.”Sorry, I didn’t expect you haven’t reached the Yuan Ying stage yet.”

Unlike humans, Medicine King only looks at the age, not the cultivation level. The ginseng doll couldn’t tell Lu Yang’s cultivation level, but just found him pleasing to the eye.

“What was that just now?” Lu Yang was still in shock, as if he had just walked through the Nine Hells.

“Xiao Ba and the female demon have too high cultivation levels in your human race, which made me neglect the influence of our vitality on you.”

“Our vitality is too vigorous, vigorous enough to make every organ of yours generate its own will and become a brand new individual. When you reach the Yuan Ying stage and your acupoints are perfect and your golden body is leak-free, you will no longer be affected by our vitality.”

Hearing the commotion of the ginseng doll, countless three-inch-high herbs bounced and jumped to Lu Yang’s side.

“Ginseng King, is this a human? Why is he so small?”

“What do you mean so small? He is clearly the same height as us. Are you also small?”

“It must be a spell. Human spells are very magical. There’s nothing strange about shrinking or growing. I have even seen spells that can change gender and turn into a human or a demon.”

“This person’s cultivation level doesn’t seem to be very high. Has he not reached the pregnancy period yet?”

“What pregnancy period? Lin King, your memory is getting worse. That’s called the Yuan Ying stage.”

“He seems to be unable to stand still. Let’s carry him into the house.”

The little Medicine Kings whispered and discussed among themselves, making Lu Yang feel uncomfortable with the buzzing in his ears.

They lifted Lu Yang over their heads and carried him into the small house built with flowers and herbs.

The Wudao Tree King stood outside, scratching its trunk, and the leaves rustled. Its size was too big to enter the small house.

Only when Lu Yang entered the small house did he realize that it was not built with flowers and herbs, but with ancient wood. Under the influence of the vitality of the little Medicine Kings, the ancient wood grew new leaves and flowers in spring, covering up the original appearance of the ancient wood.

Lu Yang felt much better and slowly got up to identify these Medicine Kings.

Coincidentally, he didn’t recognize any of them.

“Human, what’s your name?” A small grass with three tender leaves asked, silver all over, with a little starlight on the surface of the leaves, like a miniature universe.

“I’m Lu Yang, may I ask what senior’s name is…” Lu Yang asked politely. According to age, the little Medicine Kings were not only his seniors, but also the seniors of all members of the Seek Tao Sect.

“It’s the Three-Leaf Starry Medicine. We all call it the Star King.” Another little Medicine King spoke quickly. It was a colorful flower with five petals corresponding to the five elements, and the center of the flower was divided into black and white. There was a little black in the white and a little white in the black, like a Tai Chi symbol, like an ink painting, extremely beautiful, making people involuntarily immersed in it.”I am the End of Time Flower. You can call me the End King. Everyone says that I am the most beautiful flower. I think someone is jealous of my charm and wants to bring me down. As a humble medicine king, I believe that I am only the second most beautiful flower in the world…” The End of Time Flower kept talking non-stop.

Lu Yang stared at the End of Time Flower for two seconds, his pupils gradually dilating, somewhat incredulous. Although he did not know what the End of Time Flower looked like, he had heard of its name.

“The End of Time Flower, the flower that only blooms at the end of the world, when all living beings are suffering, and it blooms in the most beautiful posture, even time freezes for it, right?”

It’s no wonder Lu Yang was so surprised. According to ancient records, the blooming of the End of Time Flower is equivalent to the end of the world, and it’s like the entire world is undergoing a reshuffle.

But according to historical records, such a major event has never happened in the world!

The End of Time Flower scratched its nectar and said in distress, “Someone said that, but I remember that I bloomed peacefully, and everyone was happy. I didn’t see any disasters. It’s probably just a rumor about me blooming.”

Just as Lu Yang was about to ask something else, he heard another little medicine king speaking.

“Lu Yang, what are you doing in the medicine garden? Did Xiao Ba ask you to come and pick medicine?” A green little qilin asked, like a jade carving, exceptionally delicate, not like something from the human world.

Lu Yang was shocked again, “Qilin?!”

What is a qilin? It is the most mysterious monster, and the world may not be able to find one or two of them. They are much rarer than the Crossing Tribulation period. Only scattered records in ancient books can find their traces. How could Seek Tao Sect have one?

The ginseng doll explained, “It is the Qilin Immortal Pill. Its current form is its dharma image. Your cultivation is not enough. When you reach the Nascent Soul period and cultivate the Heavenly Eye, you will be able to see its true form.”

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