Chapter 35 – Enchantress

The Qilin Immortality Pill… Lu Yang was startled when he heard these five words. The Qilin was extremely rare, and so was the Qilin Immortality Pill. Throughout history, there were only a few of them, and even the records about the Qilin Immortality Pill were scarce. Some even said that there was only one Qilin Immortality Pill in the world.


The Qilin Immortality Pill was in reincarnation.


In ancient times, there was a speculation by the great sages that there was no Qilin in the world at all, and that the Qilin was just a delusion. The records of the Qilin sightings were actually sightings of the Qilin Immortality Pill.


Without opening the Heavenly Eye, people easily mistook the Qilin Immortality Pill for the Qilin, just like how Lu Yang was mistaken for one now.


"Uncle Ba asked me to come here to loosen the soil for the land."


"Oh, so you're here to loosen the soil. Do you know the Five Elements spells?" The little medicine kings were all very happy to hear this.


Finally, someone came to do the work.


Lu Yang looked conflicted. "I wouldn't say I'm very good at it. I learned it accidentally, and I'm not sure if it counts as Five Elements spells. But I can burrow underground."


Lu Yang thought he was using spatial spells, but it just looked a lot like Five Elements spells.


"It doesn't matter if it counts as Five Elements spells. The important thing is that you can burrow underground," said the Great Demise Flower nonchalantly.


After the earthworm couple went on vacation, they always heard the complaints of the herbs, saying that the land was too hard, uncomfortable to grow, and not breathable. They wanted to breathe by pulling their roots out and soaking up the sun, which made the little medicine kings very troubled.


Now this problem could be solved.


Very few people knew about the existence of Medicine Kings. Lu Yang didn't recognize any of them before, but the little medicine kings had incredible medicinal properties. If they appeared outside, it would be enough to drive the powerful cultivators crazy.


No, there was one he recognized.


Lu Yang recognized the sunflower in the Great Demise Flower's hand. The petals opened and closed, and the black skin fell off, leaving the white flesh as the Medicine King's nourishment – it was eating sunflower seeds.


And the sunflower seeds were scattered all over the ground.


Who knows if this counts as cannibalism.


"Oh, this is called a sunflower." The Great Demise Flower noticed Lu Yang's gaze and introduced it.


Lu Yang thought to himself that he knew that.


The Medicine Kings were not very big, and instead of eating sunflower seeds, it was more like they were holding and gnawing on them. It was clear that the Great Demise Flower was enjoying its meal.


"Demise King, you're littering again. I've told you so many times. We are plants, don't imitate humans and eat seeds. Even the seed shells can be eaten!" The Qilin Immortality Pill was furious, reprimanding the Great Demise Flower for imitating the human race recklessly.


The Great Demise Flower did what it wanted. "I grew the sunflower myself. I can eat it however I want. Can you control me? Pah."


This made the Qilin Immortality Pill angry, and it pounced on the Great Demise Flower. The two little Medicine Kings started fighting, pressing each other down, but there was no real harm.


The Ginseng Baby and the Three-Leaf Star Grass were not surprised and urged Lu Yang to demonstrate how to burrow underground.


"Don't mind them. When they get tired, they'll stop."


Outside the wooden house, Lu Yang saw a towering tree with roots as thick as thighs, full of energy and dense leaves rustling.


"The Enlightenment Tree?"


Lu Yang was quite surprised. Even if he returned to his normal size, this Enlightenment Tree could still be considered as towering as the sky, with dozens of people not able to embrace it, let alone now when he was only three inches tall.The Dao essence flowed throughout the entire Enlightenment Tree, and the rustling of its leaves sounded like the Dao's music. It seemed as though all the great paths converged within it, molding it into a mysterious and solemn tree that was untouchable.


"This is the Enlightenment Tree that I told you about. We call it the Tree King. Its innate talent in the Dao is unparalleled," said Lu Yang.


If the Enlightenment Tree's leaves could help people understand the Dao, then how high would its innate talent be in cultivation if it became a spirit? Lu Yang couldn't even imagine.


Although the Medicine Kings appeared frail, they each possessed their own unique abilities and techniques that were not to be underestimated.


Without life-saving skills, relying solely on the mercy of humanity, one could not survive until now.


The big tree laughed and cursed, "You bastard, you're praising me again. I am unparalleled, but what about that female demon's talent?"


"Who is the female demon?" Judging from the tone of the little Medicine Kings, she didn't seem like a good person.


"Other than Little Ba, only the female demon can come to the Medicine Garden. She's especially powerful, and we can't beat her. She can pluck whatever she wants, and no medicine can stop her!"


"My old ginseng roots were broken off by her, and I was in bed for several days in pain." The ginseng doll angrily denounced the female demon's cruel behavior.


"She plucked off several stars on my leaf surface. Look, are these stars dimmer than the others? I don't even know how long it will take for them to grow back!" In the description of the little Medicine Kings, the female demon had committed countless evil deeds, and every medicine deserved to be punished.


"What's even more infuriating is that she said she was going to take these things back to soak in the bath. Can you imagine? She's actually going to bathe with a part of our bodies. She's too perverted!"


"Oh, by the way, I heard from Little Ba that the female demon has a high position in your Seek Tao Sect. Her name is Yun Zhi."


Lu Yang: "…"


He found that he wasn't surprised by this answer at all. Was it because of his senior sister's question or his own problem?


Lu Yang laughed awkwardly and didn't know what to say. "Um, that… the senior sister you guys mentioned, I think I know her. She's my senior sister."


The Tree King laughed heartily, indifferent. "That's nothing. Everyone knows that all Seek Tao Sect disciples call her senior sister. Do you think that if you say you're her junior brother, we'll blame you? You're underestimating us Medicine Kings. We've lived for countless years. How could we care about a mere human?"


Lu Yang was relieved to see that the Tree King was so understanding. "That's great. It seems that even if she and I both worship the same master, it won't be a big deal."


The Tree King's laughter abruptly stopped, and even the breeze that brushed past them came to a halt. The leaves no longer rustled.


The ginseng doll waved its roots, its calm expression now bearing a hint of a fierce smile.


The stars on the Three-Leaf Starry Grass's leaves revolved like a volcano about to erupt, seeking revenge.


In an instant, killing intent filled the air.


Lu Yang calmly explained, "Don't act rashly. Do you really think that just because I'm the female demon's junior brother, I'll stand on her side?"


The ginseng doll looked at Lu Yang with suspicion, slowing down the speed of its waving roots. "Isn't that so?"


The Tree King and the Three-Leaf Starry Grass also refrained from attacking for the time being.


"You're completely wrong!" Lu Yang said firmly, clenching his fists tightly and revealing a painful expression of a past that was too painful to recall. "That female demon's actions are simply outrageous. Even I, not to mention you, have suffered greatly from her!""On the surface, I may seem to be flourishing with a bright future ahead, but who can I turn to for the torment I have endured!"

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