Chapter 33 – Pharmacies

Lu Yang followed the pace of the ginseng doll, looking around at the lush herbs with a novel perspective.

The sunlight shone through the gaps in the grass leaves, revealing speckled light spots on Lu Yang’s body.

After shrinking in size, in Lu Yang’s eyes, the herbs became trees that blocked the sunlight, much taller than him.

Soon, the two encountered a turbulent stream, which contained natural spirituality that nurtured the herbs. Part of the purified herbs would also flow into the stream, benefiting each other.

“This is the river guarded by the River Spirit,” the ginseng doll introduced.

Surrounding the Seek Tao Sect was a stream that was sometimes fast and sometimes slow, with its source being an endless spring.

That spring was ancient, existing even before the establishment of the Seek Tao Sect. It was blessed by heaven and earth and produced a bit of spiritual light.

For inanimate objects, the greatest opportunity was to gain spiritual wisdom, and this bit of spiritual light was crucial.

If the spiritual light was absorbed and became spiritual wisdom, it would leap to become a favored child of heaven and earth.

If the spiritual light dissipated into heaven and earth, it was unknown how many years of hardships it would take to produce this bit of spiritual light again.

In the chaos of the world, inanimate objects could be swept away by the current and destroyed in the battles of cultivators, losing all hope of gaining spiritual wisdom.

The probability of the spiritual light dissipating was much greater than the probability of it being absorbed.

Fortunately, the predecessors of the Seek Tao Sect passed by this place and discovered this situation. They used spells to lock this bit of spiritual light in the spring, which then gave birth to a real spiritual wisdom.

The spirit of the spring felt gratitude towards the predecessors of the Seek Tao Sect and voluntarily guarded the sect.

This stream flowed through various parts of the Seek Tao Sect, protecting it on the outside and becoming a source of vitality on the inside.

The spirit of the spring was also called the River Spirit.

If viewed from an ordinary person’s perspective, the stream in front of Lu Yang and the ginseng doll was only two zha wide, and the flow rate was not fast. It was just a creek.

After shrinking, this kind of creek seemed particularly exciting.

A wooden board was placed on the creek as a bridge. It looked like it was built in advance by the alchemists who passed by here.

When Lu Yang crossed the creek, he didn’t know if it was an illusion, but the flow rate seemed to be increasing, as if it was… excited to see him?

Lu Yang wasn’t sure.

He also saw a magnificent city wall not far away, made of blue stones, each stone larger than his body.

After getting closer, he found that it was the wall of the medicinal garden.

The ginseng doll dug a few times at the base of the wall, revealing transparent stones that seemed to have had something drawn out of them, leaving behind empty glass.

The ginseng doll’s roots stretched out, flexible like tentacles, stringing these transparent glass pieces together.

“This is…” Lu Yang raised his eyebrows, feeling that this thing was familiar.

“I remember these things being called spirit stones by your human race.”

Lu Yang suddenly realized that these were spirit stones that had been drained of their spiritual energy, but he had never seen such high-quality ones before.”Do you like these things? Xiaoba often buries these stones at the base of the wall. When the stones are empty, he lets me collect them and takes them all at once.”

Lu Yang understood that planting herbs required a massive amount of spiritual energy. The spiritual energy in the herb garden was not endless, so the Seek Tao Sect buried spirit stones in the garden to provide essential spiritual energy.

No wonder he felt an exaggerated abundance of spiritual energy as soon as he entered the herb garden. It turned out that it was fed by spirit stones.

The spirit stones used in the herb garden were definitely not low-level. They might even be extremely rare top-grade spirit stones.

The ginseng doll strung the spirit stones together with its roots, walking ahead while Lu Yang followed behind.

As they walked, the ginseng doll chatted with Lu Yang.

“There is a large array covering the herb garden under our feet called the Evergreen Array. It can help our herbs grow healthily. These transparent stones are part of the array.”

Lu Yang had heard of the Evergreen Array. It was the top-level array used in cultivating spiritual medicine and was expensive to construct. It required a massive amount of spirit stones every year.

“By the way, Xiaoba said that our Seek Tao Sect is quite poor. They can barely make ends meet to support us. When they held a Cuju match, a group of people fought to the point of bloodshed just to grab a ball. Is that true?”

Lu Yang didn’t dare to respond. This Uncle Ba looked kind-hearted but had no qualms about deceiving the Medicine King.

“This is the Illusion-Breaking Immortal Wood. It has the ability to break through illusions and reveal the truth. If you are under an illusion, holding this wood tightly with your hand can break the illusion.”

Lu Yang followed the ginseng doll’s gaze and saw a cactus.

“That’s the Sunburst Flower. It is one of the necessary materials for practicing the Fiery Yang Body. Besides its ability to enhance the Fiery Yang Body, adding any fire attribute elixir can also increase a trace of the true meaning of Fiery Yang, which is very beneficial for cultivators with fire attribute spiritual roots.”

“The highest quality of the Sunburst Flower is the Ninth Revolution. The Ninth Revolution Sunburst Flower has an effect on the Tribulation Crossing Stage. This entire area is filled with Sixth to Eighth Revolution Sunburst Flowers.”

“That’s the Enlightenment Forest. The leaves can be soaked in water to gain enlightenment, and the wood is also a raw material for making top-grade magical treasures. I heard it was sold at sky-high prices in the outside world. Xiaoba picks a large amount of Enlightenment Leaves every autumn for you to use.”

Lu Yang had read many descriptions of the Enlightenment Tree in books, using various flowery words to describe it as a fairy species and divine wood. The rise of the human race in ancient times was closely related to the Enlightenment Tree.

However, this was the first time he had seen a real Enlightenment Tree.

To Lu Yang, who was only three inches tall, the dozens of meters tall Enlightenment Tree looked like a legendary building that led to the sky. Looking up, the roaring of the Great Dao was deafening.

“I heard from Xiaoba that low-level cultivators should not take Enlightenment Leaves. Their Dao hearts and foundations are lacking, and taking them too early is like pulling up seedlings to help them grow, which is not conducive to future cultivation and enlightenment.”

“It’s like how we shouldn’t use too much fertilizer when we were herbs as children.””The older the age of the tree, the better its ability to comprehend the Dao through its leaves. The oldest tree in the Dao Comprehension Tree is even older than me and is also the Medicine King. You will see it soon.”

“This is called the Acacia Grass, one of the main ingredients for refining the Acacia Moon Pill. When the moon is full, if two people in different places take the Acacia Moon Pill at the same time, they can communicate with each other across time and space.”

“In ancient times, there was a pair of lovers. The man was the son of a clan leader from a prominent family, while the woman was a slave. They met when the man was out hunting and fell in love at first sight, promising to spend their lives together.”

“However, as the son of a clan leader, he had no right to choose his own spouse, let alone marry a slave. He was forced to marry the daughter of another prominent family, and the two families became even closer after the marriage.”

“The man defied his family and eloped with the woman on the day of his wedding. The elders of the clan were furious and sent experts to hunt them down. The woman was killed, and she died in the man’s arms. Overcome with grief and anger, the man committed suicide. Their blood mixed and stained a wild grass, which became the Acacia Grass.”

Lu Yang was drawn in by the story and asked subconsciously, “Is this really a true story? It’s so touching.”

“It’s fake. Someone made up the story to sell Acacia Grass at a high price. I was there when they were making it up.”


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