Chapter 27 – Breakthrough in Baixiang Building

The relationship between the royal family and the Meng family is close, and there are often marriages between them.

The Meng family has many talented individuals. Whenever people think that the Meng family’s heritage is exhausted and the future generations are unable to support it, a genius will emerge and uphold the Meng family’s legendary status.

Therefore, there is a rumor that the Meng family has connected its clan fortune with the national fortune of the Great Xia Dynasty. As long as the Great Xia Dynasty does not perish, the Meng family will not disappear.

“It’s not that exaggerated.” Meng Jingzhou laughed and humbly said, “I didn’t expect you to guess that I am the genius who emerged from the Meng family.”

“No, we didn’t think you were a genius,” Lu Yang spoke the truth. If the unscrupulous Meng Jingzhou were to uphold the Meng family’s legendary status, it would end there.

If they were talking about geniuses, Lu Yang, who will one day uphold the Seek Tao Sect’s legendary status, was the true genius.

The two of them praised themselves and belittled each other, completely forgetting the feathered and immortal Tao Yaoye, who was more talented than the single dog spiritual root and sword spiritual root.

Fortunately, the two of them did not dwell on this issue for too long. A majestic and wild aura spread from downstairs, impacting the entire Bai Xiang Tower.

If the Bai Xiang Tower was not sturdy, this aura alone could have collapsed an entire building!

Lu Yang and the others felt as if their heads were hit by a heavy hammer, their minds went blank, and their internal organs were squeezed together by a big hand, causing extreme discomfort.

The person next to them had a higher cultivation level, at the Golden Core stage, and was in a better state, but not by much.

“Someone has broken through to the Yuan Ying stage?!” A senior sister at the Yuan Ying stage was not affected and exclaimed in surprise. Upon closer inspection, this aura had a hint of wildness.

The food at the Bai Xiang Tower is not just delicious. One dish can increase cultivation, or make a technique run a few more meridians. If properly matched, the food can stimulate each other’s effects, making the effect even better.

“I’ve heard that one meal at the Bai Xiang Tower can break through a major realm in cultivation. I thought it was just a rumor, but it’s true today!”

“I wonder which junior brother or sister is lucky enough to break through here.”

When most people break through, they usually seclude themselves to seek peace and quiet. The bustling atmosphere of the Bai Xiang Tower, with its scattered thoughts, is not conducive to breakthroughs.

Breaking through in this environment is enough to show how much the food at the Bai Xiang Tower can help in cultivation!

The waiter lightly pressed down, and the pressure of the Yuan Ying stage disappeared. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief and then looked at the waiter in surprise.

In their eyes, the waiter was only at the Golden Core stage, but this casual display of strength clearly surpassed the Golden Core stage.The level of the shopkeeper was disguised.

Someone whispered to their companion, “I heard from the elders that he was already a shopkeeper when the Hundred Fragrance Tower first opened a thousand years ago. A thousand years have passed, and he’s still a shopkeeper, his appearance unchanged.”

It was normal for cultivators to maintain their appearance, but it was rare for it to remain unchanged for a thousand years.

The shopkeeper seemed apologetic, “I’m sorry, it’s probably because a certain customer was too excited during their breakthrough and forgot to restrain their aura. Please forgive us.”

A senior brother who had just entered the Golden Core stage reminisced about the breakthrough aura from earlier, his eyes brightening, “This aura exudes a hint of wildness, like the ancient dragon race has reappeared. It must be a body cultivation senior brother who broke through. Let’s quickly comprehend this aura. It might be very helpful for improving our physical fitness!”

“Yes, yes, this is a great opportunity given by the heavens. We should seize it.” The companions echoed and began meditating together.

The five of them lifted their hearts to the sky, slightly floating in the air, closing their eyes and not speaking. Cool and refreshing Qi rushed in from all directions, particularly comfortable.

Even if one was not a body cultivator, cultivators still attached great importance to their physical fitness. If one’s magical power was enough but their body couldn’t keep up, they could easily be ambushed and killed with one move. Or if the opponent was good at close combat, they would die as soon as they got close, without even the chance to escape.

Therefore, the Seek Tao Sect attached great importance to the physical fitness of its disciples.

The ancient dragon race was known among demonic beasts for their great supernatural powers and invincible physical bodies, and was one of the top clans. If one could comprehend a hint of ancient dragon Qi, it would greatly benefit their physical body. If they could take the opportunity to comprehend a dragon race supernatural power and make it their own, it would be an extremely rare opportunity!

It was rare to see five Golden Core stage cultivators not eating, meditating together.

Lu Yang was very impressed by their sensitivity to opportunities.

“Should we also take this opportunity to comprehend it?” Tao Yaoye suggested.

Lu Yang was surprised, “Can you feel the ancient dragon Qi that the senior brothers are talking about?”

“Why not give it a try? It won’t hurt.”

Just as Lu Yang and the others were considering whether or not to meditate and comprehend the wild aura of the ancient dragon race, there was a hurried sound of footsteps climbing the stairs.

A green-faced and sharp-toothed wild boar appeared, its eyes full of panic and anger, making everyone feel a strong sense of danger.

What a fierce and terrifying demonic beast, its level surpassing most of the people present!

Moreover, the wild boar’s aura was unstable, as if it had just broken through!The shopkeeper frowned, a small vortex forming in his hand. Just as he was considering whether or not to take action, a flash of a blade appeared. The cold blade aura was like a whip, carrying an intense breath of fire. With one slash, the wild boar was beheaded, its head rolling far away until it reached Lu Yang’s feet.

The pig’s head stared at Lu Yang, refusing to close its eyes in death.

Despite the bloody scene, not a drop of blood was spilled. The extremely hot blade aura instantly cooked the severed head of the wild boar, filling the air with the scent of roast meat.

At this moment, the owner of the blade appeared. He was a chef that could be found anywhere, wearing a tall hat and a specially made apron, holding a pig-killing knife. His face was full of flesh, and when he smiled, he looked like a bandit ready to rob someone.

“Sorry, sorry, everyone was startled. I was just about to slaughter this dragon descendant wild boar. Perhaps my killing intent was too strong, and it triggered a life and death crisis in this animal, activating a trace of ancient dragon blood and breaking through to the Yuan Ying stage.”

“This is our fault, it won’t happen again. Please forgive us!”

The chef held the pig-killing knife, his face grinning, his tone very sincere. Even if the people didn’t want to forgive him, they had to forgive him.

The chef picked up the pig head from Lu Yang’s feet and dragged it back to his body, the pressure disappearing.

The five Golden Core senior brothers were a bit embarrassed. They continued to ponder cultivation, but not pondering cultivation was also not the answer.

One of them slammed the table and said, “Fuck, bring us a dish of pig killing with that pig just now!”

The price of pig meat in the Yuan Ying stage was outrageous, not to mention a wild boar with ancient dragon blood. They would have to slap themselves awake just to be able to eat this dish.

Even if they had to slap themselves, they had to eat it. If they didn’t eat this Yuan Ying stage wild boar, their Dao hearts would be unstable, and this bad mood would give them internal injuries.

The shopkeeper draped a towel over his shoulder, a smile on his face as he loudly shouted, “Okay, five guests, one more dish of pig killing!”

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