Chapter 28 – I heard that you have been eating tofu every day for a while?

Lu Yang and the other two silently withdrew their gazes, trying to lower their presence.

Looking at the fierce expressions of the five senior brothers, they might have the impulse to kill and silence them.

“By the way, do you want to guess what good thing I got for you? It must be something you like to eat,” Meng Jingzhou whispered, afraid of attracting the attention of the five senior brothers who were fond of killing pigs and vegetables.

Lu Yang was at a loss. How did Meng Jingzhou know what he liked to eat?

“How do you know what Senior Brother Lu likes to eat?” Tao Yaoye asked in an even softer voice.

Meng Jingzhou gestured with a thumbs up and showed a brilliant smile with eight teeth. “I asked Senior Sister on purpose.”

Lu Yang suddenly had a bad feeling.

“Stewed tofu!”

“Freshly made tofu pudding!”

“Tofu mixed with scallions.”

“Mapo tofu.”

As the waiter recited the dishes, one by one, a complete tofu feast with color, fragrance, and taste was presented in front of Lu Yang. Even Tao Yaoye, who was not very interested in tofu, wanted to have a good meal when she smelled the fragrance.

With every shout, Lu Yang’s face turned paler.

Meng Jingzhou was a little proud. “Senior Sister said that you haven’t eaten anything else for a while, and you eat tofu every day. You even talk about ‘Tofu Lord’ in your dreams.”

“I thought you must like eating tofu very much.”

“Don’t be too moved. My family told me that when you invite someone to dinner, you should inquire about their preferences first to show sincerity. Although I don’t agree with my family’s views most of the time, I agree with this point.”

“I specially came to Bai Xiang Tower and ordered a table of tofu feast. Don’t underestimate these dishes. They all use rare and precious soybeans, and the side dishes are all aged spiritual herbs. The water used is pure water melted from the marrow of the extreme north’s ice… “

Lu Yang’s face turned whiter than tofu in an instant.

How did you find out about my preferences!

After the diners left Bai Xiang Tower with their satisfied stomachs, the waiter quickly cleaned the tables and chairs and finished picking up the bowls and chopsticks. He then remembered Lu Yang’s question.

After taking the Enlightenment Pill, was it considered eating or fasting?

This seemingly ordinary question was hiding a mystery. The more he thought about it, the more philosophical it seemed.

It seemed that the newly recruited disciples were extremely insightful and would definitely make a name for themselves in the future!

“Hey, Chef, I have a question for you.” The waiter came to the kitchen and threw the question to the pig-killing chef.

The kitchen was hot and humid, and even a Qi Refining cultivator would suffer. Those who were lucky would only get a fire poison disease that would torture them for a lifetime, while those who were unlucky would have their five internal organs burned through, leaving only a skeleton.

To cook heavenly treasures and immortal herbs, ordinary fire from the mortal world was not enough. Not to mention, even to burn the hair of a wild boar in the Nascent Soul stage, at least the flame of the Golden Core stage was needed. Such flames were naturally terrifying.

Ignoring the terrifying high temperature in the kitchen, the waiter used the towel on his shoulder to fan it casually, and the high temperature disappeared without a trace, replaced by a sense of coolness.

“What’s up? Do you want to learn how to kill pigs from me?”

The waiter glared. “Why would I want to learn that? I thought of a philosophical question related to cooking and wanted to test you.”

The chef, who was washing the stove, laughed, stopped washing, threw the brush aside, and crossed his legs. “Ask away.”

“If you take the Enlightenment Pill, is it considered eating or fasting?”

The chef snickered, and just as he was about to answer, he was dumbfounded.

Yeah, was it considered eating or fasting?

The chef looked at the waiter suspiciously. “No, your intelligence is obvious to all. How could you come up with such a question with your intelligence?”

The waiter was angry. “I’m telling you, don’t underestimate me, the pig-killing chef!”

“So, did you come up with this question?”

“Not really.”

After discussing for a while, the two of them felt that it was too early for them to think about this kind of problem with their brains, so they brought the problem to the landlady.

The fragrance of tea floated in the air, forming ancient and mysterious characters, obscure and enigmatic. The landlady boiled the kettle, prepared the tea, warmed the cup… and tasted the tea. Her movements were like flowing clouds and water, pleasing to the eye.

The landlady was a graceful and luxurious beauty, fair as jade, with a faint star pattern on her forehead.

She helplessly looked at the shopkeeper and the chef, thinking that they had too much free time to be pondering such boring questions.

“Don’t be fooled by the name of the Fasting Pill. Its function is not to fast, but to refine food into a pill that slowly breaks down in the stomach, achieving the effect of not eating for a long time.”

“The Fasting Pill is essentially food.”


The chef pondered for a moment. “I understand. So the alchemist who refines the Fasting Pill is actually in the same profession as me.”

The shopkeeper sneered and mocked, “Don’t flatter yourself. You are at most in the same profession as the fire fan boy.”

The chef became furious and picked up a pig-killing knife, ready to hack at the shopkeeper.

The shopkeeper was no pushover either. He shook the towel on his shoulder hard, making a slight metallic collision sound. The towel instantly turned into a white iron rod.

The two of them fought with knives and sticks, like hooligans, using all kinds of dirty tricks. The landlady looked helpless. Even if these two were cheap labor, she couldn’t hire them if they kept causing trouble.

The landlady blew gently towards the tea fragrance. The fragrance was rich and lingering, confusing the two of them. When they came to their senses, they were already downstairs.

The landlady’s cold voice sounded displeased in their ears. “Go downstairs and fight. If you break anything, it will be deducted from your salary.”

Lu Yang didn’t know what happened at the Hundred Fragrance Building after they left. When he finished the Foundation Establishment banquet and returned to the Tianmen Peak, his face was as white as if he had just died three days ago.

Senior Sister wore an indigo long dress and a simple Taoist hairpin, sitting cross-legged three feet off the ground, meditating and cultivating. She looked like a fairy who was beyond the mundane world, not contaminated by a trace of worldly dust.

Yun Zhi slowly opened her eyes. There seemed to be a thousand worlds contained in her eyes, shining like the night sky. A hallucination flashed by, and Lu Yang rubbed his eyes. He saw Yun Zhi calmly looking at him, without any unusual phenomena in her eyes.

Was it an illusion?

“Why is your face so pale?”

Lu Yang said irritably, “You’re asking knowingly. Meng Jingzhou heard from you that I ate tofu for a while, so he celebrated my Foundation Establishment by inviting me to a table of tofu.”

Lu Yang suspected that his dear Senior Sister was behind this.

“Meng Jingzhou asked me what you ate the most. In my impression, you ate several barrels of tofu while practicing with tofu. I just told him what really happened. What’s the problem?”

“What about the Tofu Celestial…”

Before Lu Yang could finish speaking, Yun Zhi replied in a flat tone, “You shouted in your dream and obtained an inheritance, and shouted the words ‘Tofu Celestial’. I am just relaying what you said.”

Lu Yang silently looked at Yun Zhi’s innocent and desireless eyes, feeling defeated.

He always suspected that his Senior Sister was playing tricks on him, but he had no evidence.

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