Chapter 26 – The origin of the Meng family

Within the Seek Tao Sect, there were many industries, and everything from food to entertainment was available. Cultivating immortality wasn’t about being shut in and practicing in boredom, as that wouldn’t make one an immortal. All the entertainment industries that should exist did exist.

For example, there was the Sichuan-style hotpot mentioned earlier, and the Hundred Fragrance Tower that the three of them were going to.

Lu Yang heard that the Seek Tao Sect wasn’t like this in the past. Back then, cultivation was just cultivation, and they didn’t have all these miscellaneous things that would affect one’s heart in seeking the Tao.

Later, the old sect master and the previous elders retired, and the new sect master and eight elders took their place. The Seek Tao Sect was suddenly renewed, encouraging everyone to cultivate when they should cultivate and relax when they should relax, combining work and leisure.

In their words, if these things could affect one’s heart in seeking the Tao, then what was the point of seeking immortality?

Lu Yang felt that the current atmosphere of the Seek Tao Sect was not right, and when he became a high-ranking member of the Seek Tao Sect, he would definitely rectify it.

The Hundred Fragrance Tower was bustling with noise and excitement. Many Seek Tao Sect disciples liked to gather here to eat and exchange their experiences in cultivation and mission completion after finishing their tasks or practicing hard.

Not to mention anything else, the taste alone was better than the canteen’s.

“Waiter, the No. 9 table that I reserved earlier, three sets of utensils, and the dishes should be the ones I ordered before.”

“Okay, please wait here.”

After going upstairs, the aroma of the food from the other tables wafted over, making people’s appetites open up unconsciously.

Lu Yang stared at the waiter for a long time, only retracting his gaze when the waiter disappeared at the stairway. He found that he couldn’t even see through the waiter’s cultivation level.

Lu Yang and Tao Yaoye looked around curiously. Lu Yang had food at the Tianmen Peak, and Tao Yaoye could cook for herself, so they didn’t need to come here.

Meng Jingzhou was quite familiar with this kind of place. “Have you never been here before? Let me tell you, there are so many delicious things here that you can’t even imagine. There’s nothing you can’t eat, just look at the menu.”

Lu Yang took the menu and opened the first page, quickly being attracted by its content.

There were no dishes on the first page, only a prominent reminder: “This store only sells finished products, not ingredients. Please understand.”

The second page was the main course, with dishes priced in contribution points and spirit stones.

“Steamed Thunder Tribulation Liquid: the essence of thunder tribulation left behind by cultivators when they cross the tribulation, greatly beneficial to comprehending the way of thunder and lightning.”

“Braised Ice Abyss Elephant: the Ice Abyss Elephant, living in the coldest place in the extreme north, is the dominant species of the extreme north. An adult Ice Abyss Elephant can crush glaciers with a single step and withstand avalanches without falling.”

“Scrambled Eggs with Tomatoes: this store has various types of eggs, such as regular chicken eggs, Eight Treasures Chicken eggs, and Golden-winged Peng eggs.”

Seeing the prices, Lu Yang couldn’t help but be amazed. These things were obviously not for Foundation Establishment cultivators like them, who couldn’t even afford them.

But there were also things he could afford, like the Stir-fried Fasting Pill.

Seeing Lu Yang’s gradually furrowing brow, Tao Yaoye thought he was scared off by the prices and couldn’t help but laugh, “What’s wrong? Did you encounter a problem?”

“You see, the meaning of fasting is to eat the spiritual energy of heaven and earth instead of food. By taking the Fasting Pill, one can fast.”

“That’s right.” Tao Yaoye nodded.

“Then, if you eat the Stir-fried Fasting Pill, is it considered eating or fasting?”

Tao Yaoye and Meng Jingzhou were both stunned. At first, they thought this question was inexplicable, but upon further thought, they found it inexplicably profound.The three of them called the waiter over and asked if he knew the answer to this question. The waiter was also stumped. He had been working here for so long and had never encountered a customer asking such a question before.

“Is your contribution enough to cover the high prices here?” Lu Yang didn’t think too much about the question of the fasting pill, but was worried that they wouldn’t have enough money to eat.

Meng Jingzhou had only completed three missions and didn’t earn much contribution points in total.

It seemed like Meng Jingzhou’s style to invite himself, Tao Yaoye, and Lu Yang to have a big meal and then wash dishes to pay for it.

“What contribution points? Of course, we use spirit stones.” Meng Jingzhou sounded like a rich man.

Tao Yaoye looked at Lu Yang with a little surprise, not understanding why he was worried about Meng’s family’s finances. “Haven’t you heard of Meng’s family?”

The central continent was so vast that even cultivators could not explore it in their lifetime. There were many families with the surname Meng, and Lu Yang had no idea which one Meng Jingzhou’s family was.

He had known Meng Jingzhou for so long and had never heard him talk about his family.

” The most famous one.”

Lu Yang’s pupils shrank in surprise. He finally knew which Meng family Meng Jingzhou was from.

There were many Meng families, but the most famous one was undoubtedly the Meng family in the imperial city.

“The one that once fought with the ancestor of the Xia Emperor to establish the Great Xia Dynasty?”

Lu Yang was truly shocked. The Meng family in the imperial city had a great background. One hundred thousand years ago, the previous dynasty was in turmoil, and the Meng ancestor and the Xia Emperor ancestor rose up, fought and conquered the world, creating a legendary story that was still active in teahouses and on theatrical stages today.

At that time, the previous dynasty was in turmoil, and demons and sea beasts left their respective territories, hoping to get a piece of the central continent, where the spirits and talents gathered.

The Meng ancestor rose from the eastern ancestral land, conquered the west and fought for countless miles, killing demons and beasts that fled to the demon domain and the sea, and making traitors and bandits bow down.

The Meng ancestor led his army for thousands of years, conquering half of the central continent, making him one of the two overlords in the world. The other overlord was the Xia Emperor ancestor, who conquered the other half.

The Xia Emperor ancestor also expelled barbarians and beasts, ending the chaos and ruling half of the country. The achievements of the two were difficult to compare.

At that time, people thought that the two overlords would either rule half of the central continent separately, or engage in a great war for the world.

So, various military strategists began to simulate the war, calculating which side had the advantage, and how the weaker side could win.

What people didn’t expect was that both the Meng ancestor and the Xia Emperor ancestor believed that the continent had been in chaos for a thousand years, with countless lives lost and blood flowing. If they continued to fight, they didn’t know how many more years of chaos there would be, and how many more people would die.

They fought to restore peace to the world, not for the throne.So the ancestors of the Meng family and the Xia Emperor gave up their armies and engaged in a decisive battle in the vast starry sky as cultivators. In that battle, the heavens and earth shook, the sun and moon lost their light, and a great star fell. In the end, the Xia Emperor’s ancestor prevailed with superior skills and became the ultimate victor.

The ancestor of the Meng family was willing to admit defeat and stepped down.

At that time, the Xia Emperor’s ancestor publicly declared that as long as Da Xia existed, the Meng family would never perish.

And indeed, after the establishment of Da Xia, the Meng family settled in the imperial city and did not suffer any suppression.

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