Chapter 25 – Bizarre Exchange Ranking

Contribution points are a type of currency used within the Seek Tao Sect for purchasing goods, eating at the cafeteria, and conducting transactions with fellow disciples.

In addition, contribution points are also needed for the special rewards in the mission hall.

For example, the “Seek Tao Sect Leader Experience Day” is the most popular but unaffordable reward. As the name suggests, redeeming this reward allows one to be the leader of the sect for a day, attend meetings with elders, handle sect affairs, and enjoy the privileges of being the highest leader of the five major immortal sects…

There are many benefits, but unfortunately, the required contribution points are too high, and no one has been able to redeem it yet.

It is said that several senior brothers wanted to pool their resources to redeem it once, but they had a dispute over who would become the leader, and they ended up fighting and being carried to the Dan Ding Peak for treatment, attracting a crowd of onlookers.

Nowadays, these senior brothers are doing long-term missions outside and haven’t returned to the Seek Tao Sect for a long time.

For example, the “Medicine King Spirit Liquid” is an elixir specially refined by the high-level members of the Seek Tao Sect. It is unique and can be taken internally or applied externally. It can strengthen the body, increase qi, solidify the soul, and consolidate one’s cultivation. Although the contribution points required are not cheap, it is still one of the best-selling products and is very popular among senior brothers and sisters.

When used during a fight, it guarantees full energy and mana recovery and accelerates wound healing. Those who have used it all say it’s good.

Another example is the “Unexpected Accident Insurance” that can be purchased for just one contribution point.

“Hold on, why is there unexpected accident insurance?” Lu Yang felt that this term wasn’t very pleasant.

The senior brother who posted the mission said naturally, “It’s normal. There is no 100% safe means of transportation. Even the flying boats operated by the Land Money Chamber of Commerce may have accidents, such as crashing into a powerful individual, a malfunctioning component that causes a failed emergency landing, or the captain going on strike to demand a raise… These are all common accidents, but fortunately, there have been no fatalities, so there’s no need to worry.”

“After the president of the Land Money Chamber of Commerce discovered that flying boats would inevitably have accidents, he thought it was a risk and proposed that passengers contribute a small amount of money to a pool. If a flying boat has an accident, the chamber of commerce will compensate the passengers with a large sum of money from the pool.”

“On one hand, if the flying boat doesn’t have an accident, the passengers only lose a small amount of money. On the other hand, if there is an accident that causes delays for the passengers, they can also receive compensation.”

“The president of the chamber of commerce named this model ‘Risk Protection,’ or ‘Insurance’ for short, and promoted it widely in other businesses.”

“But don’t worry, our Seek Tao Sect won’t chill the hearts of our disciples. We have always been generous in terms of insurance. We have already purchased various types of insurance for you when you joined the sect, including unexpected accident insurance. The purpose of the reward section selling unexpected accident insurance is to increase the compensation amount.”

The senior brother had an expression that said, “We are a righteous immortal sect, not a demonic sect that lives and dies together. We will provide all necessary insurance.” He was quite reliable.

“Our cultivation world is really developing rapidly. Even insurance has become a thing,” Lu Yang’s mouth twitched. In his memory, insurance was a product of marine transportation in his previous life. He didn’t expect it to be a product of flying boat transportation in the immortal cultivation world.

He felt that this thing was too ominous and decided to buy something else.

In the cultivation world, one should be somewhat superstitious.

The senior brother seemed to have heard Lu Yang’s thoughts and said, “Some powerful individuals who don’t study cause and effect have proposed that buying insurance may establish a causal relationship with the risk and increase the likelihood of the risk occurring.””The Chamber of Commerce denied this possibility, and the two sides argued for a long time without a formal conclusion.”

“This topic is very researchable in the cultivation world. The conclusion is that if there is a causal relationship, that great power will favor you. If there is no causal relationship, the Falling Gold Commercial Club will favor you, and you will make a profit without losing money.”

Lu Yang thought to himself, “I need to research and find a causal relationship. The Chamber of Commerce is probably going to fleece me.”

“One contribution point can be exchanged for one hundred low-grade spirit stones, and one hundred and twenty low-grade spirit stones can be exchanged for one contribution point.”

“The Blood-Drinking Flying Sword, two thousand contribution points. The longer it is soaked in blood, the more powerful it becomes. Why does it not seem like a righteous weapon from the description?”

The senior brother explained on the side, “It doesn’t have to be soaked in human blood. Pig blood, cow blood, and duck blood will all do. I heard that the hot pot shop in the sect that sells Sichuan-style hot pot went to major mountain peaks to complain a few days ago and asked which bastard secretly soaked the Blood-Drinking Flying Sword in their duck blood?”

“After a thorough search, the culprit was found. The punishment given by the hot pot boss was to make him drink a pot of hot and spicy soup, and the scene was really… tsk, I think he won’t want to eat hot pot for the rest of his life.” The senior brother clicked his tongue several times, and his expression was quite subtle. I don’t know what he saw at that time.

Lu Yang continued browsing, “One bottle of Any Flavor Fasting Pill for one contribution point.”

“Ancestral Barbecue Recipe, one hundred contribution points.”

“The Floating Sword Formation, twenty-five contribution points. This formation can be engraved on a weapon, suspended on the back, and can be used at any time without the restriction of the scabbard. It also comes with a protective formation that can protect the sword from wind and sun.”

Lu Yang thought that this set of formations was quite practical and bought it happily.

This was a semi-hidden formation condensed in the air. When it fell on the ancient sword, it evaporated like a water droplet in the air and disappeared completely. The sword hung quietly behind Lu Yang, looking very handsome.

Lu Yang turned his body, and the ancient sword moved with him without any delay.

“Good stuff.”

“Ten Bulls Strength Pill? One hundred contribution points, one thousand contribution points, ten thousand contribution points? It’s a classic work of the pill refining master Wu Ming. After taking it, you can gain the strength of ten bulls and sweep through a thousand troops. It can be used from the Foundation Establishment to the Nascent Soul stage.”

Lu Yang suspected that if it wasn’t for that fellow Wu Ming senior brother with half poison and half medicine refining it, the price would be even higher.

But from the description, this pill was really good. It had a miraculous effect in battle, so he could buy one to try its effect.

“Tao Yaoye junior sister, sorry to bother you. Do you use contribution points to buy things? I want to borrow five contribution points from you and will return them to you after completing the task next time.”

Contribution points can be transferred between people.

Tao Yaoye needs a lot of contribution points to buy things, so it doesn’t matter if she loses or gains five contribution points.


Lu Yang quickly bought a Ten Bulls Strength Pill.

The senior brother who posted the task handed Lu Yang a small porcelain bottle with a golden pill inside. It reflected a faint light under the sunlight, and it was obviously not an ordinary product.

“I said before that I would celebrate your Foundation Establishment. I booked a table at the Hundred Fragrances Tower. Let’s go, I guarantee it’s all your favorite food.” Meng Jingzhou laughed heartily and warmly invited Tao Yaoye.

“Tao junior sister, do you want to come along?”

Meng Jingzhou, as the second-ranked disciple in the sect, is Tao Yaoye’s senior brother.

Although Tao Yaoye thinks that Lu Yang is afraid of heights, speaks lies, and poisoned her room without telling her, they are still friends who completed the task together.

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