Chapter 14 – Senior Sister is right

Ninety-nine percent of cultivators in the world of cultivation are in the Qi Refining stage, so they are accustomed to dividing it into nine levels. The later stages are divided into three small levels: early, middle, and late.

However, Seek Tao Sect is different. The Qi Refining stage is just the threshold for Seek Tao Sect disciples, so why bother to divide it into levels?

There are no small levels in Seek Tao Sect, only the Qi Refining stage.

“Do other people also cultivate by absorbing Qi into their bodies like this?” Lu Yang asked curiously. If everyone cultivates like this, why is his progress the slowest?

Yun Zhi shook her head. “This is the initial cultivation method of the ancient ancestors. They sensed nature and integrated with it, absorbing spiritual energy into their bodies and becoming cultivators in one leap.”

In the beginning, there was no need for guidance from predecessors or secret manuals. All they had was continuous enlightenment and trial and error with their bodies.

“As for the meridians, they have already been completely opened when you soaked in the medicinal bath, and the spiritual energy flows smoothly. In your integrated state, the route of the spiritual energy flow within your body is the most suitable for you, surpassing any level of cultivation method.”

In the world of cultivation, cultivation methods are divided into five levels: Yellow, Profound, Earth, Heaven, and Immortal. But in Yun Zhi’s eyes, there are only two types of cultivation methods: those that suit oneself and those that do not.

“Any cultivation method was not specifically designed for you when it was created. There are many cultivation methods that are suitable for Sword Spiritual Roots, and I have a box of them, but none of them are suitable for you.”

“From today on, I will give you a long-term task to create your own cultivation method.”

Yun Zhi’s self-created cultivation method was not meant for Lu Yang to explore alone. She would also guide him, but the difficulty of this task could be imagined.

Creating a cultivation method is something that only the elders of the world of cultivation can do.

Lu Yang’s mouth twitched. “The predecessors who created cultivation methods have such a high position. They have a broad understanding of each realm and are qualified to create cultivation methods. As a junior who has just absorbed Qi into his body, it’s too… “

Yun Zhi interrupted Lu Yang’s complaint. “Creating a cultivation method is not as difficult as you think.”

“Do you know that Seek Tao Sect has a rule that after the Foundation Building stage, every disciple needs to complete a task issued by the Task Hall to fulfill their duty to the righteous path?”

Lu Yang nodded. He had heard of it.

Other sects also have similar mechanisms that require disciples to complete tasks. After all, sects do not raise idle people. Contributing to the sect can reflect your value.

But the Five Great Immortal Sects are different. They require their disciples to issue tasks, not to contribute to the sect, but to contribute to the righteous path.

The Five Great Immortal Sects lead the righteous path, not just in words.

“Ordinary tasks require going down the mountain, slaying demons, exorcising ghosts, and saving people. I don’t like the worldly atmosphere, so I chose another way to complete the task.”

“What is it?”

“The Task Hall has a fixed task to back up a cultivation method that Seek Tao Sect has never recorded. It also counts as completing the task.”

“What about you, senior sister?” Lu Yang had a bold and absurd idea.”So, in order to deal with… completing missions, I created many techniques myself and then lied to them, saying that I found them in the ruins.”

“Unfortunately, I was later exposed.”

“How did they find out?” Lu Yang asked.

“The parrot followed my reported mission and I went through all the ruins, but I didn’t know which one to fabricate next.”

“So, you see, creating techniques is not difficult.”

Yun Zhi appeared and spoke with reason and evidence, convincing people.

Lu Yang opened his mouth, wanting to say “Senior Sister, I thought you were an honest person, but I didn’t expect you to lie” “Senior Sister, your talent is extraordinary and cannot be compared to us ordinary people” “What you call creating techniques is called fabricating techniques in my opinion.”

Lu Yang met Yun Zhi’s cold eyes and said one sentence that summed up everything he wanted to say.

“Senior Sister is right.”

“You have become a cultivator, but you are still far from being a qualified sword cultivator. This book is for you.”

Senior Sister handed him an ancient book made from the skin of some unknown monster, large, thick, and heavy.

“Record of the Demon Realm?” Lu Yang opened the ancient book and a strong aura hit him. Various images of demons leapt off the pages, and he could faintly hear the roar of the demons.

This ancient book was absolutely invaluable!

Lu Yang thought for a moment. Sword cultivators needed sword intent, but he had just started cultivating, so how could he cultivate sword intent?

He had heard that ancient sword cultivators had comprehended their first sword intent while fighting against demons, facing the danger of life and death, and confronting the ferocity of demons.

So, the answer was obvious. He needed to visualize the images of the demons, comprehend their ferocity, extract their essence and discard their dross, and condense the essence of countless demons into his own sword intent.

Although this method was difficult, it was perfect for him, a sword spiritual root cultivator.

He could also see Senior Sister’s earnest expectations for him.

“I understand.” Lu Yang nodded, understanding Senior Sister’s meaning.

Yun Zhi looked at Lu Yang, not knowing what he had understood. She waved her hand, and the puppet brought over another cart of tofu.

“It’s good that you understand.”

“To become a sword cultivator, you need to be ‘qualified’. Take this Qingfeng Sword and your next step is to carve the tofu into the shape of demons with the tip of your sword. The images of the demons are in the book.”

Yun Zhi took out a sharp sword that emitted a cold light from her storage space. The hilt of the sword was engraved with the words “Qingfeng.”

Lu Yang: “…”

Tofu again?

Could it be that the nightmare he had that night was not a nightmare but a premonition, implying that he would become the Tofu Heavenly Venerate in the future?

Damn it, he couldn’t have such thoughts.

Lu Yang quickly drove this terrible idea out of his mind.

He took the Qingfeng Sword and his first impression was that it was a very light sword.

In fact, it was not that the Qingfeng Sword was too light, but quite the opposite. The Qingfeng Sword was not suitable for cultivators in the first three levels of Qi refining because it was too heavy and they couldn’t lift it.

Lu Yang was different. After carrying water jars for training, he had developed so much strength that he didn’t even realize it. Frankly speaking, he didn’t need any technique. With a simple punch, he could make cultivators in the first three levels of Qi refining feel cold to the bone….

Perhaps it was because he had entered the Qi Refining stage and his talent in swordsmanship gradually emerged, coupled with his ability to control his strength to the point of lifting a feather as if it were heavy, Lu Yang found it easy to use the Qingfeng Sword.

In just over ten days, Lu Yang was able to carve out the shapes of demonic beasts from tofu, as well as the shapes of himself and his senior sister apprentice. He could even carve out the nine lotus-shaped peaks of the Seek Tao Sect.

After learning from the folk performers, Lu Yang acquired a new skill and was able to show off his skills in the kitchen, achieving some success.

Without speeding up, he really couldn’t eat any more tofu.

After completing this stage, his senior sister apprentice appeared and encouraged him before taking out a sesame seed.

“Sword cultivators also need to train their eyesight. Now I will throw this sesame seed into the tofu dregs, and you must find it in the shortest possible time.”

Lu Yang knelt down with a thud. “Senior sister apprentice, please use a different method!”

His senior sister apprentice looked calmly at the pleading Lu Yang, her eyes calm and unruffled.


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