Chapter 15 – Mission Hall

Since then, Lu Yang’s life has been quite fulfilling. In the early morning, he sits on the mountaintop, facing the sky with his five hearts and basking in the morning light. In the morning, he practices swordsmanship to cultivate his sword with his heart. At noon, he lies on a tree for a short nap, and in the afternoon, he fights against puppets, getting beaten up by them. After dinner, he studies by candlelight and completes the homework assigned by his senior sister.

After a year, Lu Yang’s cultivation has steadily improved.

“Look, isn’t that the fourth disciple of the sect master, Lu Yang, with the sword spiritual root?”

In the mission hall, Lu Yang wears a white robe, his eyes bright, and a red tassel hanging from the hilt of his sword at his waist, making him particularly eye-catching.

Anyone who sees him would praise him as a talented young man.

Most of the disciples of the Seek Tao Sect know each other, especially in a place like the mission hall. When they meet someone unusual, they will always talk more, just to satisfy their curiosity.

Lu Yang, who was the first in the entrance trial, has the sword spiritual root and has attracted the River Spirit and Dai Bufan, who have good temperaments. He has also joined the sect master’s sect and has been personally trained by his senior sister. All these reasons have made him shine among the new disciples and gained great fame.

Even Tao Yaoye, who has a fairy-like appearance, is not as famous as Lu Yang.

“That Lu Yang who was personally trained by his senior sister? Oh, it is indeed him.”

“I heard that he just reached the Foundation Building period a few days ago, one year after joining the sect.”

“Foundation Building period, no wonder he came to the mission hall. It seems that he wants to take on tasks to gain experience.”

Lu Yang is used to being stared at like a precious animal by his senior brothers. They are right. Seven days ago, he successfully reached the Foundation Building period, and then spent seven days consolidating his cultivation before officially leaving seclusion. According to his senior sister’s instructions, he came out to gain more experience.

In the mission hall, Lu Yang saw all kinds of tasks, from killing powerful monsters in the Nascent Soul period to finding lost pets.

For example, the task he was looking at required finding a dual cultivation technique, a legitimate one.

Dual cultivation techniques can be divided into two types: legitimate and illegitimate. Legitimate dual cultivation techniques involve mutual assistance between men and women and harmonizing the yin and yang.

Illegitimate dual cultivation techniques don’t need to be explained.

The task was posted by a fox demon who had registered with the Seek Tao Sect.

Although the Seek Tao Sect’s duty includes exorcising demons and eliminating evil, they don’t always kill indiscriminately. For monsters who are innocent and have not harmed humans, they will not subdue them. On the contrary, they will register them and grant them legal status.

This fox demon is one of them.

Her name is Su Yan, a fox who lives in the deep mountains and forests. When she was playing, she got caught in a trap set by a hunter in the mountains. Fortunately, a disciple of a prestigious family saved her and made the hunter waste a day for nothing.

Later, Su Yan ate a transformation fruit in a secret cave, activating the bloodline hidden in her body and becoming a fox demon.

Su Yan wanted to repay the disciple who saved her, so she transformed into a human and went to him. At that time, the disciple had become the head of the family and had seen countless beautiful women, but none of them could compare to Su Yan’s beauty.

The two of them got married naturally.

Then the problem arose.

Fox demons have a natural charm that absorbs yang energy uncontrollably. When the couple had sex, the husband was always the one who lost yang energy.

Fortunately, yang energy can be restored, and it’s not fatal. They just need to reduce the frequency of sex.

The newlyweds didn’t want to limit their sex life, but they had to.The frequency increased, and her husband became increasingly haggard, which made people gossip.

Therefore, Su Yan hoped to cultivate a orthodox dual cultivation technique to control her foxy body.

This task had been hanging for a long time, and no one had taken it.

It was not that the dual cultivation technique was rare, but whoever completed the task would mean that they possessed a legitimate dual cultivation technique. People would involuntarily wonder if they had an illegitimate dual cultivation technique.

If your senior brothers and sisters asked you for an illegitimate dual cultivation technique, would you say you have it or not, and give it or not?

How would your senior sisters and junior sisters look at you?

“This task is good, I’ll take it.”

Someone behind Lu Yang said, and from the sound of it, it was Meng Jingzhou.

Meng Jingzhou was the most suitable person to take on this task. With his Meng family identity, he certainly did not lack dual cultivation techniques, and with his pure Yang spiritual root, he definitely did not have an illegitimate dual cultivation technique.

Even if Meng Jingzhou had an illegitimate dual cultivation technique, it would be useless.

Meng Jingzhou had built the foundation earlier than Lu Yang. This was his third task.

“You’ve built the foundation too?” Meng Jingzhou smiled. They both had variant single spiritual roots, and their talents for cultivation were not much different. Lu Yang built the foundation later than him, which was somewhat unexpected.

Thinking of his experience being tortured by his senior sisters in the past year, Lu Yang sighed, “I finally built the foundation.”

“After completing the task, let’s have a good meal. I’ll treat you.” Meng Jingzhou took full control. He had plenty of spirit stones.

After Meng Jingzhou left, Lu Yang continued to browse the tasks posted on the wall.

“There are traces of demon worship in the north, and it is recommended that cultivators at the Golden Core stage or above investigate. The task reward is four hundred contribution points, and if additional information is found, the reward will be increased.”

“Li Hong, a Taoist priest from Shanhaiguan, lost a pet and needs someone to find it.”

Lu Yang paused, feeling that this task was good. Searching for cats and dogs was not dangerous, and then he looked further down.

“A mid-Yuan Ying stage demonic beast, a bimodal fierce tiger, is missing. The task reward is five thousand contribution points if found.”

Lu Yang shrank his neck. A mid-Yuan Ying stage demonic beast, a bimodal fierce tiger with ancient bloodlines, was not something he was qualified to deal with. Next, next.

“There is a strange spiritual energy fluctuation in Kunyun Mountain during the day and night alternation, indicating an undiscovered cave. It is recommended that cultivators at the late Yuan Ying stage or above investigate. The task reward is eight thousand contribution points, and if the cave is valuable, the reward will be increased.”

This was another task that had nothing to do with Lu Yang.

If one could travel around the rivers and lakes at the Qi Refining stage in the outside world, they would be called a master. At the Foundation Building stage, they could dominate a small area and be revered for generations. At the Golden Core stage, they could call themselves a true immortal and establish a sect.

But in the Seek Tao Sect, even an ordinary disciple was at the Golden Core stage, and could easily hit a large group of people with a brick… With their cultivation level, they would throw the brick back.

All Seek Tao Sect disciples were elite, and before Lu Yang and the other newly recruited disciples appeared, the Seek Tao Sect did not even have the Qi Refining and Foundation Building stages. The lowest cultivation level of disciples was the Golden Core stage.

No matter how successful one was in the outside world, they had to behave themselves when they returned to the Seek Tao Sect.

Therefore, there were not many tasks suitable for the Foundation Building stage. Lu Yang looked at several in a row, either requiring a Golden Core stage cultivation level or a Yuan Ying stage cultivation level.

He also noticed a special task.

“Long-term task: Collect martial arts that the Seek Tao Sect has not yet recorded, and the reward will depend on the content of the martial arts.””Also: Please do not accept this task, Sister Yun Zhi. The Scripture Pavilion has opened a Yun Zhi area, and you can directly place the written exercises in this area.”

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