Chapter 13 – Draw in the qi to the body

Unlike cultivating strength, he could eat spirit beast meat to increase his strength and soak in medicinal baths to strengthen his body. However, when it came to cultivating control, he could only rely on himself.

This process required highly concentrated attention and could not be done carelessly. As his senior sister said, he had to “find the feeling and use his body to control his strength, not just his spiritual platform.”

What Lu Yang had to do was to not try too hard and naturally grasp the tofu.

At the end of the day, Lu Yang smelled strongly of tofu and his eyes were almost strained from concentrating on it all day. Fortunately, the puppet was experienced and slapped Lu Yang twice, which helped his eyes return to normal.

During dinner, Lu Yang looked at the table full of tofu in silence. Fried tofu, deep-fried tofu, steamed tofu, tofu pudding, soy milk boiled with tofu…

All the raw materials were tofu that Lu Yang had crushed during the day. Lu Yang heard that the tofu pudding and soy milk were given by enthusiastic shopkeepers. Lu Yang thanked them profusely.

Lu Yang knew that if he couldn’t control his strength for a day, he couldn’t eat anything else. In other words, he had to eat tofu every day.

Tofu was not an ordinary food. Long-term consumption could regulate a cultivator’s five elements balance, make their breath last longer, and increase their endurance during battles. The benefits were countless.

But no one could stand eating tofu every day.

Lu Yang had no choice but to bury his head and eat, thinking about how to better control his strength tomorrow.

As Lu Yang slept soundly, he felt a glaring white light shining on his face. It caused his upper and lower eyelids to stick together and his expression twisted. Slowly adapting to the strong light, he tried to open his eyes.

This was a white space surrounded by thick fog. Only a small area around Lu Yang was clear, and he couldn’t find the source of the light.

“Where am I?” Lu Yang was a little panicked. He was sleeping in the Seek Tao Sect, surrounded by countless experts. Who could silently bring him to this mysterious space?

Were they friend or foe?

A majestic voice came from the mist, distant and ancient, echoing through the river of time.

“Young man, this is a space temporarily built by me. No one can perceive it.”

Lu Yang’s heart trembled. The other party’s methods were unimaginable, and he could only hope that they had no ill intentions towards him.

“I have witnessed countless great cultivators who were peerless and had unmatched skills, but in the end, they were unable to escape the erosion of time. Their passion for fighting against the heavens and earth turned into a sigh before their death.”

“Even if they were the most brilliant of their time, I am still free and unfettered, existing forever.” The other party’s voice was hoarse and ancient, with a hint of weariness that seemed to have lasted for eternity.

The existence of this peerless expert was beyond Lu Yang’s imagination.”Today, I suddenly had a whim and calculated that you have a fate with me, so I brought your soul to this temporary inheritance space.”

“This space contains everything needed from the Qi refining stage to the Tribulation Crossing stage, including techniques, pills, manuals, and cultivation experiences. Each time you reach a new stage, you can unlock a part of my inheritance.”

Lu Yang breathed a sigh of relief. The other party seemed friendly, so he politely asked, “Who are you, Senior?”

The Senior laughed three times and walked out of the thick fog.

The Senior had a white complexion, fair skin, and a square head – like a block of tofu.

As the tofu Senior approached, he spoke faster and faster, “I am the Tofu Celestial, and this is all I’ve learned in my lifetime. The more tofu you eat, the faster your cultivation will improve. Your foundation will be solid, and you can challenge higher-level opponents. With left and right support, you will reach the pinnacle of the continent in no time…”

Lu Yang was scared out of his wits. He suddenly opened his eyes, got up from the bed, looked around in confusion, and saw darkness and silence. He breathed a sigh of relief.

“It was just a dream. Thank goodness.”

Lu Yang felt a cold sweat on his back and a lingering fear.

Yun Zhi slowly opened her eyes, and a blue light beam shot from her fingertip and returned from Lu Yang’s room.

“This way, he should be more diligent in his cultivation.” Yun Zhi murmured to herself.

When her master taught her, she had said that appropriate pressure could be turned into motivation, which could make people work hard.

Yun Zhi was a successful example of this, so she thought her master’s words made sense and used the dream spell to give Lu Yang a little pressure.

“The lines provided by Elder Ba are a bit embarrassing. I wonder how he usually says them.”

Yun Zhi was good at asking for advice from others. All the steps and lines in the dream were written by Elder Ba, who promised they would work.

After some time, Yun Zhi saw that Lu Yang could easily hold and throw tofu into the air, catch it steadily, and use it as a sandbag and puppet. The soft tofu seemed like a part of his body, and he could manipulate it freely.

“You can lift a feather as if it were heavy. You have completed this stage.” Lu Yang smiled. He was no longer the same person as before. With continued practice, his restless heart gradually calmed down.

He didn’t need any mantras or techniques to do this.

“What should I practice next?”

Lu Yang no longer pursued the same progress as his fellow disciples. He believed that Senior Sister’s arrangement must have its purpose.

Yun Zhi smiled, “Consolidate your Qi refining cultivation.” Lu Yang was stunned and pointed to himself, “Qi refining? Me?”He didn’t know when he had become a Qi Refining cultivator. Wasn’t it said in the book that one needed guidance from a senior, to learn the cultivation method, to close the five senses, and to clear the meridians in order to succeed in drawing in Qi?

If one had poor aptitude, then medicinal pills would be needed as assistance.

But he didn’t meet any of the requirements.

Senior Sister had never told him how to draw in Qi, nor had she taught him any amazing cultivation techniques. He had also never closed his five senses, nor used his sixth sense that he didn’t know where it was. As for the meridians, he didn’t remember ever clearing them.

However, disciples of the Seek Tao Sect did not need to use medicinal pills to draw in Qi. They were all exceptional geniuses, and if they needed medicinal pills to enter the Qi Refining stage, they might as well leave the Seek Tao Sect on their own.

Lu Yang believed that he wouldn’t need medicinal pills either. But the problem was, how did he become a Qi Refining cultivator?

“Three mornings ago,” Senior Sister reminded him.

Lu Yang suddenly remembered the morning three days ago.

He had woken up very early that day, faced the morning light, closed his eyes, and thought about how to grasp tofu. As his thoughts went deeper, he slowly lost his perception of the surrounding things, as if he had turned into a rising clear air, wandering between heaven and earth. Then his consciousness sank and returned to his body. He suddenly felt refreshed, as if there was a warm breath flowing in his Dantian.

It was also during that time that he successfully grasped the tofu.

He remembered that Senior Sister wasn’t present when he was practicing grasping tofu. It turned out that Senior Sister had been observing him in a place he didn’t know.

“It seems that that feeling is drawing in Qi,” Lu Yang murmured, immersed in it.

That feeling was really wonderful, as if he was in the clouds, wrapped in warmth, and feeling so comfortable that he didn’t want to open his eyes.

Unknowingly, he had already fulfilled his small wish, drawing in Qi and becoming a Qi Refining cultivator.

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