Chapter 12 – Lift heavy as if it’s light, lift light as if it’s heavy

This water tank weighs at least 200 jin! Despite Lu Yang’s love for playing in the mountains since he was young, climbing trees, swimming in rivers, catching birds, and fishing, he still couldn’t lift such a heavy water tank.

Yun Zhi drew a symbol on the water tank, and its weight suddenly decreased to a level where Lu Yang could lift it with one hand.

She took out a puppet to supervise Lu Yang.

“Try lifting it for a day and see the effect.”

Yun Zhi left with a casual remark and disappeared into the clouds. Lu Yang and the puppet looked at each other, sighed, and tied his shirt around his waist, beginning the arduous task of carrying the tank.

The puppet supervised on the side, and Lu Yang continued to lift the tank after a short rest, squeezing out every bit of his strength.

When his arms were too weak to lift, the puppet fed him two large tonics. When his arms were sore and unable to move, the puppet fed him two more. When Lu Yang was tired and wanted to sleep, the puppet fed him two more…

After a day, Lu Yang’s legs were trembling, his arms hanging down, and he couldn’t feel the existence of his arms at all. When his body swayed to the left, his left arm swung like a pendulum, and when his body swayed to the right, his right arm also swung. Then he fell to the ground with a thud.

As usual, the puppet fed him two large tonics, but seeing that Lu Yang had no response, he had to end the day’s training, find a small cart, push Lu Yang back, and even covered him with a grass mat.

When he smelled the aroma of food, Lu Yang’s body reacted and he began to salivate. His consciousness gradually became clear.

Finally, he could eat. Lu Yang breathed a sigh of relief. If he couldn’t eat, he would have thought he had not joined an immortal sect, but had committed a heinous crime and was imprisoned in a water dungeon.

Under the sect master’s tutelage, he didn’t have to worry about food. Rare and exotic ingredients were turned into delicious dishes, silently improving Lu Yang’s body.

Lu Yang still couldn’t lift his arms, and the puppet fed him the whole time.

After dinner, Yun Zhi boiled a large pot of body-refining potion and let Lu Yang take a bath in it. When Lu Yang smelled the scent of the spiritual medicine in the air, he almost fainted.

“Take this.” Yun Zhi handed Lu Yang a hollow reed pipe.

“What’s this for?”

“When you soak in the body-refining potion, you need to soak your whole body. Your head will definitely be outside when you take a bath, so when you bite the reed pipe, your head can be immersed in the potion and you can breathe through the pipe.”

Lu Yang thought Yun Zhi was a great senior sister, thinking so thoughtfully, even if she was punishing him, it was for his own good.

After Yun Zhi left, Lu Yang stripped naked, bit the reed pipe, and jumped into the wooden tub. Then came the heart-rending sound of a pig being slaughtered.

“Senior sister, did you use boiling water for the bath?!”

Yun Zhi came to the small courtyard. The breeze blew away the scent of the medicine bath on her body, and she began to think about what else she had not considered.

She grew up in an immortal paradise and only interacted with cultivators. After joining the Seek Tao Sect, she focused on cultivation and rarely dealt with mortals, so she knew very little about them.

To teach Lu Yang, she specially brought many books describing mortals, and when Lu Yang was learning about cultivation knowledge, she was also learning about mortal common sense.

However, it was clear that the books describing mortals did not mention the temperature of bathing water for mortals.

Hearing Lu Yang’s hoarse screams, Yun Zhi thought for a moment. It was too late to lower the temperature of the water now, so she could only…

Yun Zhi took out a bottle of burn ointment from her sleeve, placed it at the door, and knocked.

“Junior brother, I put the burn ointment at the door. Remember to use it.”After a period of time, with the help of endless cultivation, spirit beast meat, and special medicinal baths, Lu Yang finally grew from an ordinary mortal with burns and peeling skin to an excellent folk artist skilled in playing with water jars.

Three water jars weighing two hundred catties each were thrown back and forth by Lu Yang, forming an arc in the air.

At the same time, Lu Yang could also walk in circles on the edge of the water jar, performing the Bagua steps with ease.

He could even flip the water jar over and stand on the rolling jar, effortlessly playing with three other water jars!

With just this skill, he could attract cheers from the crowd on the street!

“Not bad, your body refining progress is faster than I expected.” Yun Zhi clapped lightly, giving Lu Yang great confidence.

Although Yun Zhi rarely appeared, she had been paying attention to Lu Yang’s progress all along.

“Can I cultivate immortality now?” Lu Yang put down the jar, eagerly asking and waiting for the answer without even breathing.

During this time of body refining, Meng Jingzhou had approached him, but after a few words, he was chased away by the puppet.

He had heard that Meng Jingzhou, Man Gu, and others who were in the same period as him had already started to cultivate immortality, meditating and practicing every day, transcending the mundane world. Only he was still struggling with body refining, which made him somewhat anxious and felt that he was left behind too much, causing a great psychological gap.

Yun Zhi did not answer, but took out a piece of tofu from her storage space. The tofu was extremely soft, trembling in Yun Zhi’s fair palm like a water-filled balloon.

“Turn your palm down and grab it.”

Lu Yang thought it was not difficult and obediently followed her instructions, but when he grabbed the tofu, his fingers moved slightly, and the tofu was crushed and fell to the ground.

Yun Zhi continued to hand Lu Yang a piece of tofu, indicating that he should continue.

Lu Yang also did not believe in bad luck. He thought the first time was an accident and the second time would be fine.

But the tofu was still crushed and impossible to hold.

After the third failure, Lu Yang knew the problem. His strength was too great, and he could not control it. All the items around him were used by cultivators. If he used ordinary items, he had to be careful not to accidentally break chopsticks or bowls.

Moreover, his strength grew too fast, and his mind had not caught up with the speed of his body. His fingers would spasm from time to time, which was the reason.

Therefore, it was not easy to hold a soft tofu.

Yun Zhi no longer handed Lu Yang the tofu. She held the tofu in her hand and shook it casually. The tofu swayed but did not fall apart.

Suddenly, Yun Zhi let go, and the tofu fell. She then quickly caught it again!

Lu Yang widened his eyes and tried to catch the falling tofu. But was it so easy?

Under the strength of his senior sister, the soft tofu was no different from a piece of iron, but she could play with it at will.

“You have already achieved lifting heavy as if it were light, but you still have a long way to go to lift light as if it were heavy.”

Lu Yang remained silent. He knew that he was still far from the end of his body refining. Cultivation was not something that could be rushed. Meng Jingzhou and others were trained by their small family since childhood, which allowed them to cultivate immortality directly.

It was not easy to catch up with these people.

He remembered what his senior sister had said. She said that cultivation was a lifetime pursuit, and temporary advantages or disadvantages were not important. What was important was who could laugh until the end.Lu Yang took a deep breath and realized that his previous mentality was wrong. He promptly adjusted his mindset and stopped pursuing progress in his cultivation.

Then he saw Senior Sister pushing a cart of tofu with puppets.

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