Chapter 4 – First attempt

Sister Mei's charming eyes were still fixed on me.


"You're pretending to be stupid, aren't you? I have good luck, but I don't believe that my luck will be so good that I can get a Heavenly win with a hand of all one suit and seven pairs! Even if my luck is off the charts, why do you always accurately give me the tiles to meld or declare when we're playing, especially when Tao Hua and that guy are cheating together? You say you're not involved, but do you really expect me to believe that?"


I couldn't help but be stunned.


So Sister Mei had known all along that Tao Hua and that guy were cheating.


But even though she knew, why didn't she expose them and still played with them?


"I can't help it if you don't believe me!"


I didn't explain.


I didn't act polite or respectful towards Sister Mei just because she was my manager.


On the contrary, I treated her the same as before.


Cold and distant, as if I was talking to a stranger.


The reason for this was not that I didn't understand social etiquette or was deliberately pretending.


It was because Master Liu had once said that a professional swindler, in addition to having the technique to deceive the heavens and cross the sea, also needed to have a proud and unyielding spirit.


Otherwise, even if your skills were high, your boss would not have an ounce of respect for you.


They would only see you as a tool to make money.


And when something went wrong, you would be the one to take the blame.


Sister Mei didn't get angry at my indifference, instead, she smiled.


"Chu Liu, do you know? You're the only person in the whole Sky Like Bathing who dares to talk to me like this! Aren't you afraid that I'll kick you out?"


I remained silent.


"Put out your hand!"


Sister Mei suddenly said.


I glanced at her, not understanding what she meant, but I still extended my hand.


Sister Mei gently held my hand.


She occasionally caressed it with her fingertips.


Her hand was soft and smooth, like fine silk.


This action was somewhat ambiguous.


But Sister Mei seemed completely unaware.


Then, she slowly slid her finger across my palm.


It felt ticklish and itchy.


I didn't know what Sister Mei was doing, and I didn't ask.


I let her play with my hand.


After a while, Sister Mei finally spoke slowly.


"What a beautiful hand, it's a pity you're not a swindler!"


I was speechless.


Master Liu had said similar things before.


He said my hand was slender and heavy, perfect for hiding secrets.


It was a hand born to be a swindler's.


"Come, I'll take you somewhere…"


After letting go of my hand, Sister Mei stood up and picked up the car keys.


But she immediately stopped in her tracks and took out a bundle of money from the drawer, throwing it onto the mahjong table.


"Whether you cheated or not, I won the money today because of you. Consider this ten thousand yuan as lucky money for you…"


This money was rightfully mine.


I didn't refuse and collected the money.


Actually, I was still a little curious why Sister Mei, who clearly knew that Tao Hua and that guy were cheating, still played with them.


But if Sister Mei didn't say it, I wouldn't ask.


Sister Mei drove a red Audi A4.


I sat in the passenger seat, quietly looking ahead without saying a word.


After driving for a while, Sister Mei turned to look at me curiously and asked:


"Chu Liu, I'm a little curious. You rarely speak and never smile. Now that you're in my car, you don't even ask where we're going. Why are you so strange?"


I remained silent.


Seeing that I didn't speak, Sister Mei smiled lightly and said:


"The more you're like this, the more curious I become. Are you deliberately acting cool, or are you naturally indifferent?"


Looking outside the car, I said lightly.


"Actually, a woman shouldn't be curious about a man!"


I was young, but my tone was somewhat old-fashioned.


Sister Mei couldn't help but laugh.


She turned to look at me, teasingly asking:


"Oh, are you trying to say that because I'm curious about you, I might fall for you? I don't know where you get your confidence from, is that even possible?"


"Nothing is impossible!"


Sister Mei laughed again.


Her laughter was trembling with joy.


I knew why Sister Mei was laughing.


Although this laughter wasn't mocking, it still had a hint of ridicule.


As the manager of Sky Like Bathing, Sister Mei had seen too many men.


Officials, wealthy businessmen, and underworld bosses.


Among these people, there were many who wanted to get close to Sister Mei.


And compared to the people I had come into contact with, I was as insignificant as dust.


How could she possibly be interested in me?


After glancing at me, Sister Mei deliberately teased me:


"I'm getting more and more interested in you. Your little brain thinks so wildly. Okay, let's say, just say if, even if I were to fall for you and be with you, what would you use to support me?"




"Money? Where would the money come from? Are you counting on your monthly salary of a thousand yuan at the bathhouse? Then I'll have to go hungry, right?"


Women are practical.


But I understood her practicality.


Who doesn't like money?


I retorted:


"So you mean, as long as there's money, you'll be with me?"


"You're dreaming!"


Sister Mei disdainfully pursed her lips.


I could feel that although she didn't dislike me, my arrogant words still annoyed her a bit.


But her disdain successfully aroused my competitive spirit.




Then I want you to dream in my bed.


I didn't expect that the place Sister Mei took me to was an underground casino.


This casino was located in a hotel.


The security was tight, and you needed someone familiar to bring you in.


And you couldn't enter through the main entrance, you had to take the dedicated elevator in the underground parking lot.


The casino wasn't big.


But although it was small, it had everything.


Outside were slot machines, fishing games, and karaoke machines.


Inside were baccarat, blackjack, dice, roulette, and more.


Because it was dinner time, there weren't many gambling customers, only about a hundred or so.


Sister Mei was very familiar with this place. After taking me around, she pointed in the direction upstairs and said:


"The lower floor is for individual players, and the upper floor is for VIPs. There are all kinds of games inside. Customers can also organize their own games…"Sister Mei was talking about organizing a game, meaning that guests could bring their own people to play, and the casino could also find people to accompany the guests.


As for the gameplay, it was entirely up to the guests.


Poker, Pai Gow, Mahjong, Dice, anything goes.


As long as you have money, even if you want to play Rock, Paper, Scissors, the casino will find someone to play with you.


And for such games, the casino's income mainly comes from taking a cut.


I didn't understand why Sister Mei brought me here.


Did she think I was The Swindler and wanted to make money with me here?


Seeing that I didn't speak, Sister Mei immediately asked:


"Do you want to play a few rounds? I'll go get some chips."


I immediately shook my head.


"No, I've never played before!"


As soon as the words came out, I could see a faint disappointment in Sister Mei's eyes.


But what I said was the truth.


I really hadn't gambled in a casino before.


In all these years with Master Liu, he took me all over the region in southern China, to countless gambling partners and casinos.


But, he never allowed me to sit at the table.


In Master Liu's words, this was a practice of inner demons.


Because as soon as you sit at the table, you will definitely want to win.


And as soon as you want to win, you will definitely cheat.


When your skills are not stable, and your psychology is not strong enough.


Once you cheat, it's like entering hell.


Even if you're not caught this time, you will be caught sooner or later.


Only when you have cultivated your heart to be enlightened, even in the face of thousands of horses and soldiers, can you sit at the table and cheat.


Sister Mei seemed to be still not giving up, and asked me again:


"Chu Liu, do you want to earn more money?"

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