Chapter 5 – Three card poker

No one dislikes money.


I am no exception.


But I didn't understand what Sister Mei meant, so I asked her:


"How do we make money?"


Sister Mei looked around the casino and pointed to two people behind the blackjack table, saying:


"Do you see them? The one in the white shirt and black vest is the casino dealer. The one standing next to her is the lender. I know the owner of this place. As long as you're willing, I can introduce you to work as a lender here. In our Sky Like, you earn a monthly salary of one thousand, but as a lender, you can earn three thousand five, plus the tips from the customers who win. Your monthly income will not be less than five thousand. If you do well and become skilled, you can even become a casino dealer, and your income will double, earning over ten thousand a month!"


The lender that Sister Mei mentioned is to quickly calculate the amount of money the customers win or lose and handle the payouts. This job relies on mental calculations and reaction speed.


For me, it's not difficult at all.


But I still shook my head and said:


"Thanks, Sister Mei. I don't want to do it!"


My refusal clearly caught Sister Mei by surprise.


Her eyes were full of disbelief.


"You don't want to do it? Do you know how many people dream of this job? If it weren't for me seeing that you are steady and quick in your actions, and I felt that you could handle this job, I wouldn't have called you here. And you actually say you don't want to do it?"


Sister Mei asked.


"Yes, I don't want to do it. Compared to here, I prefer working in the bathing area!"




Sister Mei asked again.


"Because in the bathing area, I can see you every day!"


My answer made Sister Mei somewhat speechless.


The look in her eyes changed from curiosity to looking at a fool.


Of course, I was just joking.


I spent thirteen years learning the swindler techniques, but now I'm just a lender in the casino.


If Master Liu found out, he would definitely break my legs.


Unlike in the Sky Like, where I can be the lowest-level attendant.


After all, I don't know anything there.


But once I enter the casino, this place must be under my control.


In the casino, I can only have one identity.


That is, Master!


Master Chu Liu!


While Sister Mei looked helpless, my phone suddenly rang.


I bought this phone last month, it's a second-hand Nokia 3310 from a colleague.


When I answered, I heard Hou Jun's voice on the other end.


"Chu Liu, the usual place, Hui Mai Supermarket, come quickly, we're about to start a game!"


Hou Jun is the team leader of our male bathing area.


He looks fair and tender, and he knows how to talk, which makes Sister Mei support him.


As for the "usual place" he mentioned, it's a small supermarket opened by one of his friends.


After work, he would gather some colleagues there to play three card poker.


And I often go as well.


After saying hello to Sister Mei, I left directly.


The Hui Mai Supermarket that Hou Jun mentioned is a small supermarket on the street.


When we play, we usually go to a small room in the back.


By the time I arrived, there were already five or six people in the small room.


I know all of these people.


In addition to a few service attendants from our bathing area, there is also Hou Jun's childhood friend, Zheng Cheng, nicknamed Old Hei.


Old Hei is tall and strong, with a fierce appearance and a muscular body.


Anyone who looks at him would feel a bit intimidated.


According to Hou Jun, Old Hei used to be in the provincial Sanda team and was very skilled. He was supposed to join the national team.


But for some reason, he slept with a leader's mistress in the Sports Bureau.


When the leader found out, he was furious and directly fired him.


After returning to our Harbin North city, he had nothing to do and just kept hanging out.


When he had nothing to do, he would go to the bathing area to find Hou Jun.


He also played three card poker with us when we played.


Hou Jun usually comes alone, but this time he brought his girlfriend Chen Xiaoxue.


Chen Xiaoxue is a masseur in our bathing area and looks pretty good.


However, she speaks sarcastically and has a somewhat snobbish attitude.


She doesn't even spare a glance for us low-level service attendants.


If a service attendant occasionally greets her, she would turn up her nose and pretend not to hear.


After seeing enough people, Hou Jun called the boss to bring the poker cards and start the game.


This game is not big, with a five yuan minimum bet and a ten yuan maximum bet.


In other words, the maximum bet is only ten yuan.


But if someone bets ten yuan passively, those who have seen the cards have to bet twenty to follow.


Listening to it, it doesn't sound like a big game, but after one game, there is often a win or loss of one or two thousand yuan.


You see, the monthly salary of these service attendants is only one thousand yuan.


Often, after one game, they lose a month's salary.


But in this game, I never cheat.


It's not because I'm kind-hearted and can't bring myself to do it.


It's because even without cheating, I can still win money.


I can rent a house outside instead of living in the company-provided dormitory.


I rely on the money I win in this game.


Actually, it's not because I'm lucky or my skills are particularly brilliant.


It's just that there are people here who know the cards, and coincidentally, I also know them.


The person who knows the cards is Hou Jun.


Every time he asks the boss for poker cards, they are marked cards, also known as magic cards.


These cards look exactly the same as normal cards.But in reality, there was a subtle mark on the back of each card.


Through this mark, one could recognize the suit and points.


This kind of cheating method, which couldn't even be considered basic, naturally couldn't fool me.


So I didn't need to cheat at all, I could still win money.


However, in order not to alert others, I would deliberately lose a few games.


This way, I could ensure that no one would suspect me, and I could smoothly make some pocket money from this game.


The card game began, and everyone, as usual, was playing with full concentration.


Hou Jun knew the cards, but he had a problem, his eyesight wasn't very good.


Sometimes after he looked at one or two people's cards, he couldn't see the others'.


After all, people who often play cards are used to keeping their poker cards together, it's impossible to spread out three cards. Hou Jun could only see the top one at most.


Plus, Hou Jun's luck wasn't very good today. Although he knew his hole cards, he didn't know what the other three cards were. He followed without seeing a few times and lost all of them.


In normal card games, Hou Jun usually won.


Today, after losing a few hundred yuan, his mentality began to collapse, and he started to curse non-stop.


This round was dealt by a colleague from the bathing center, he started dealing the cards.


I was lucky, I got a flush of clubs A, J, 10.


Hou Jun's luck seemed a bit worse, he got a flush of spades K, 9, 7.


Because I was sitting diagonally opposite to Hou Jun, and Old Hei was next to me.


With the burly Old Hei blocking, and the distance was a bit far.


When the cards were dealt to me, Hou Jun couldn't see clearly at all.


I quickly put the clubs A at the bottom and the clubs 10 at the top.


So even if Hou Jun saw my clubs 10, it didn't matter.


Seeing that he had a flush of spades K, Hou Jun started to act.


"Damn it, I've lost several rounds without seeing today, I don't believe I'll lose this round too? I bet 10 yuan…"


Saying that, he threw in 10 yuan.


The next two players both folded.


And the player before me, who had also lost money and was eager to break even, followed without seeing for ten yuan.


Both Hou Jun and I knew his cards, it was a pair of 7s.


When it was my turn, I also followed without seeing for ten yuan.


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