Chapter 3 – Move mountains and unload hills

The game started, and I didn't rush to cheat.


I played according to the normal route.


Maybe Sister Hua and the man opposite us took me and Sister Mei as easy targets.


The number of times they asked for tiles became more frequent, and their actions became bolder.


As a result, after a few rounds, Sister Mei lost over ten thousand yuan again.


Occasionally, I would win a few rounds and control my losses to around one or two thousand yuan.


As time passed and it got later, the game was coming to an end.


In the last round, it was Sister Mei's turn to be the banker.


Before she could roll the dice, Sister Hua said:


"I have to go to work soon. In the last round, don't say I won any money. You guys can win as much as you want. Sister Hua can afford it…"


Sister Hua put on a generous look.


I knew the time had come.


It was time for me to make a move!


But my goal today was not for me to win, but for Sister Mei to win.


I had a good impression of Sister Mei. When I first came to Sky Like, I was responsible for receiving male guests at the bathhouse.


Because I never smiled, a drunk customer complained about my attitude.


According to the rules, I should have been fired.


But Sister Mei gave me a chance and let me work in the logistics department.


She gave a way for me to make a living.


And now, it was time for me to repay her favor.


Sister Mei rolled a seven with the dice and drew tiles in front of me.


Before she could draw, I quickly pushed the pile of tiles forward.


This was a normal action on the mahjong table.


But this normal action had a profound meaning.


While pushing the tiles, I quickly concealed the previously arranged same suit pairs in my hand. Using the time it took to push the tiles, I placed these tiles in the position where Sister Mei was supposed to draw.


This ensured that every tile Sister Mei drew would be a same suit pair.


This technique was called "Move Mountains and Unload Hills" in The Swindler Sect.


It referred to the act of moving and rearranging tiles without anyone noticing.


If the number rolled by Sister Mei's dice was not the tile in front of me, I could still use this technique to ensure that Sister Mei would draw tiles with four or more same suit pairs.


The tiles were all drawn, and it was Sister Mei's turn to play.


But Sister Mei looked at her tiles with a surprised expression, as if she couldn't believe it.


She didn't move for a while.


"Why don't you play your tiles? Are you so bad that you don't even know how to play when you're losing?"


Sister Hua lit a cigarette and swayed in front of her, urging Sister Mei impatiently.


The man opposite us also said:


"Hey, Su Beauty, are you thinking about men or something? Hurry up and play…"


Sister Mei looked up and glanced at me.


But immediately, she looked at Sister Hua.


Before she could speak, Sister Hua said discontentedly:


"Why are you looking at me? Do I have mahjong on my face? Play quickly…"


Sister Mei still looked surprised.


Looking at Sister Hua, she said with a somewhat incredulous tone:


"I won, a heavenly win, all one suit pairs, and all simples…"


A heavenly win referred to winning directly after drawing tiles as the banker.


And the probability of a heavenly win was extremely low. Someone calculated that it was about one in 330,000.


Adding the all one suit pairs and all simples, the probability became even lower and more terrifying. But Sister Mei claimed that she had a heavenly win.


"Don't joke around. I think you're just bluffing…"


Sister Hua and the man didn't believe it at all. They both thought Sister Mei was joking.


But Sister Mei slowly pushed the tiles down.


There were seven pairs of tiles without any ones or nines, neatly arranged.


"It's impossible!"


Sister Hua and the man exclaimed at the same time.


As if not believing their own eyes, they leaned over Sister Mei's tiles and carefully examined them one by one.


But no matter how they looked, the tiles wouldn't change.


All one suit pairs, which was worth 32 fan counts, and a heavenly win was worth 168 fan counts in our rules. In other places, a heavenly win could be worth 108 or 32 fan counts. Different places had different rules and fan count calculations.


Adding 32 and 168 together, and adding two fan counts for all simples, it was a total of 202 fan counts.


In other words, they each lost 20,200 yuan.


Sister Mei had previously lost over 20,000 yuan, and now she won it all back and even won nearly 20,000 yuan.


And that didn't include the 20,000 yuan I should pay.


Sister Hua and the man's faces became even more unpleasant.


After cheating so hard and working for the whole afternoon, they ended up losing.


Suddenly, Sister Hua turned her head and glared at me, saying loudly:


"Young virgin, do you have something going on with Su Mei?"


My heart skipped a beat.


Did Sister Hua find out?


Where did I go wrong?


Did I underestimate Sister Hua?


Did she figure out that I cheated?


But that shouldn't be possible, right?


"What could we have?"


Sister Mei quickly explained.


Sister Hua rolled her eyes and snorted.


"Hmph! I think you two have something going on. Su Mei, did you sleep with this young virgin? Otherwise, how come your luck suddenly improved when he came?"


Hearing Sister Hua's words, my heart instantly relaxed.


Sister Mei didn't mind Sister Hua's joke and said to herself:


"After playing mahjong for so long, it's my first time winning a heavenly win, and it's a heavenly win with all one suit pairs. I still can't believe it…"


Sister Hua clicked her tongue but still paid the money.


Sister Mei continued to be the banker.


In this round, I didn't let her win too big. She only won a normal all pungs.


In the next few rounds, Sister Mei won a few more rounds in a row.


Although they weren't big wins, she still won a total of eight or nine thousand yuan.


The mahjong round ended amidst Sister Hua's grumbling.


Not only did they spit out all the money they won, but they also each lost over ten thousand yuan.As the two left, only Sister Mei and I remained in the office.


I stood up and placed the remaining few thousand yuan in front of Sister Mei, saying:


"I'm sorry, Sister Mei, I lost more than three thousand for you, not even counting the Heavenly win…"


Sister Mei didn't look at the money, nor did she speak.


Instead, she was sizing me up.


In her gaze, there was curiosity, and confusion.


After a while, she suddenly asked:


"Chu Liu, how long have you been at Sky Like?"


"Half a year!"


"You never seem to smile, do you?"


I remained silent, not answering.


Seeing my father mutilated and dying in front of me, living under others' charity and enduring torment, not even knowing where my own mother was, I really didn't know what in this world could make me smile.


Seeing that I didn't speak, Sister Mei asked again.


"How do you think I treat you?"


"Not bad!"


I answered honestly.


"Then I want to ask you something, can you tell me the truth?"


"Go ahead!"


"Do you Start a game?"


I was taken aback, looking up at Sister Mei.


The so-called "Start a game" is a slang term in the northern Blue Path.


It means that the other party knows Gambling skills, and can Cheat.


I had thought that Sister Mei was just a manager of Bathing, who liked to play Mahjong in her spare time.


I didn't expect that as soon as she opened her mouth, it was Blue Path slang.


Could it be that she was also a Swindler in the Blue Path?


But she didn't look like it at all.


I shook my head.


"Sister Mei, I don't understand what you mean…"


Sister Mei laughed.


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