Chapter 28 – Righteous and confident

The dealer’s hands were both on the card table.

There was no sign of anything unusual.

Just as I was puzzled.


The second finger of the dealer’s left hand slightly bent inward.

This movement was very small and very subtle.

Even if someone saw it, it was just a normal action.

But the bald man suddenly took out another chip worth ten thousand and placed it directly in the betting area.


Doubling in blackjack in the casino.

In reality, it’s a bet on a single card.

For example, if you have two cards in your hand that total 10 points.

You believe that the next card you draw will definitely be a high card.

You can choose to double and place a bet again.

The betting amount is the same as before.

After doubling, you can only draw one more card.

Regardless of the card’s value, you have no chance to draw another card.

The dealer dealt the cards, and the bald man drew an 8, totaling 20 points.

And the banker had 18 points.

The bald man won again.

Seeing this, I couldn’t help but sneer in my heart.

I had been looking in the wrong direction for the swindler.

The real swindler was not the bald man, but the dealer.

The bald man was just a tool for the dealer to transfer chips.

The reason I didn’t notice the dealer before.

It was because Su Mei gave me a wrong lead.

She said that this dealer had been with our beautiful boss for several years and was absolutely trustworthy.

She didn’t expect that the real swindler was the one she trusted.

But I still had a doubt.

The card shoe was black and opaque, and there was no problem with the cards.

So how did the dealer recognize the cards?

Could he also use his memory while shuffling to remember the position and points of each card?

But if he had such a skill, why would he still be a dealer?

He could have been a spotter, helping the casino and making big money.

In the next few rounds, my attention was all on the dealer.

After watching for a while, I finally figured out the trick.

I found that every time the dealer and the bald man cooperated.

He always deliberately or unintentionally looked at his watch.

There are no clocks in casinos around the world.

The purpose is to make the gambling customers forget the time and immerse themselves in the card table.

And dealers are not allowed to bring mobile phones when they are working.

The dealer’s uniform also has no pockets.

The main reason is to prevent them from hiding chips.

But in order to control the time of the card game, dealers are allowed to wear watches.

The problem with this game lies in the dealer’s watch.

There should be a detector on the watch.

That is to say, the dealer uses the watch to know the points.

Then use gestures to tell the bald man whether to draw a card.

But I was still a bit puzzled.

Around the year 2000, this kind of detection equipment was expensive.

Without tens or hundreds of thousands, it would definitely not be affordable.

Even if you want to buy it, it’s hard to find a channel.

A dealer, with a low social status and not much money.

How could he get such a delicate detection watch?

After casually playing a few more rounds, I got up.

I sent a text message to Su Mei, asking her to meet me outside the gambling den.

“Did you find the problem?”

As soon as she saw me, Su Mei couldn’t wait to ask.

I nodded.


“Then I’ll arrange for someone to catch them red-handed right now!”

“Wait a minute……”

I knew that Su Mei was a bit anxious.

After all, the bald man had already taken away nearly a million from their game.

But their cheating was different from others.

As long as the watch is taken off, they can’t deny it.

“Sister Mei, I suggest you better not make a big fuss about catching them. The bald man is probably about to leave, you can arrange for someone to stop him at the door. As for the dealer, wait for him to finish this round. When it’s time to change the dealer, take him away. But be sure to be careful, don’t scare the snake in the grass and give him a chance to destroy the watch!”

Doing so is also for the reputation of the casino.

The dealer’s cheating has nothing to do with the gamblers.

But when gamblers hear about it, they will feel uncomfortable.

After all, no one wants to gamble in a place where there are swindlers.

“The dealer?”

Su Mei stared at me with her beautiful big eyes, looking at me incredulously.

She had just thought that the one I said was caught was only the bald man.


I nodded.

I explained in detail the way and method of the two people’s cheating.

After listening, Su Mei was so angry that she gritted her teeth.

“This traitor, rebel. Today I must make him pay the price!”

Saying that, Su Mei handed me the key to her office again.

“Chu Liu, you go to my bathing office and wait for me. I’ll be there as soon as I arrange the people. If they don’t admit it, you’ll be responsible for breaking the point for me!”

I nodded.

I went straight to Su Mei’s office.

The office was pitch black.

I didn’t turn on the light.

I walked to the window and looked at the lights and wine below.

In the empty office, there was a faint fragrance.

I knew it was Su Mei’s body scent.

Su Mei is very beautiful.

You could say she’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.

But tonight, to be precise, in a while.

This woman will belong to me.

I got Su Mei in this way.

Some people will definitely think it’s despicable.

But I don’t care.

The only purpose of my thirteen years of learning the swindler techniques is to win.

Win money, win women, win the world.

And to win over the person who caused my father to lose his hands and feet.

Although I don’t know who he is yet.

I lit a cigarette and took a puff.

The door was pushed open.

In the darkness, a familiar fragrance wafted over.

“Why don’t you turn on the light?”

Su Mei was back.

Behind her, several security guards were escorting the bald man and the casino dealer.

I didn’t turn around.

I was still standing by the window.

I didn’t want the dealer and the bald man to see me.

Even though I knew that more and more people would find out about my identity as The Swindler.

But I still wanted to hide it as much as possible.

Through the fitting mirror next to the office desk.

I could see everything in the office.

The bald man was already scared pale, trembling like a sieve.

But the dealer, his face was as calm as a lake.

Su Mei sat down in her place.

Her gaze was cold, occasionally looking at the dealer and the bald man.

After a while, Su Mei slowly spoke.

“Tang San, you know the rules of the casino, right?”

“I know!”

The dealer named Tang San responded calmly.

So calm that I even began to doubt whether I had caught the wrong person, whether he had not cheated at all.

But this thought only flashed through my mind.

I couldn’t be wrong.

It could only be said that his psychological quality was very good.

“What happens when a cheater is caught?”

Su Mei asked coldly.

“Chop off the hand!”

Tang San answered calmly.

As soon as his words fell.

The bald man couldn’t help but shiver.

It was clear that he was scared.

Scared to death!

And Su Mei obviously didn’t expect Tang San to be so calm and answer so straightforwardly.

“Good, it’s good that you know. Tang San, you’ve been with General Zou for several years. If it weren’t for the shortage of staff at the new gambling den, you would have been promoted by now. How would you say Xiao Xian, or General Zou, treats you?”

This was the first time I heard the name Zou Xiaoxian.

She must be our legendary beautiful boss.

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