Chapter 27 – Twists and turns

But Su Mei had said that the poker cards in the casino were specially customized.

And they were under strict supervision.

Even the casino dealer had no chance to touch them before going on stage.

And I had just taken a careful look.

There was indeed nothing wrong with these poker cards.

I could be sure of that.

So how did this bald man cheat?

This bald man was interesting.

My interest in him grew stronger.

In this round, the bald man continued to place a bet of ten thousand.

I was quietly observing the bald man while preparing to place my bet.

Before I could put down my chips.

Suddenly, someone patted my shoulder heavily from behind.

Turning around, I saw Hou Jun standing behind me.

His eyes were coldly fixed on me.

I knew that Hou Jun had been transferred to work in the casino.

Judging from the color of his vest, he should now be at the level of a service supervisor.

“What’s up?”

I asked coldly.

“Come with me…”

I didn’t want to bother with him.

The bald man had placed a big bet in this round.

Normally, he would definitely cheat again.

But when Hou Jun called me, everyone at the gambling table, including the casino dealer, was looking at me.

It seemed that I couldn’t justify not going with him.

When we moved aside, Hou Jun asked in a low voice:

“Did you take Old Hei to the supermarket to recognize the poker cards?”

It seemed that the small boss of the supermarket had told Hou Jun about the day Old Hei and I went there.

I didn’t hide it and nodded coldly.


“What the hell are you trying to do?”

Hou Jun asked me angrily in a low voice.

I couldn’t help but frown.


Hou Jun was indeed shameless!

He cheated his best brother with the swindler’s poker cards.

And he dared to ask me what I wanted to do?

The blackjack table had started dealing cards.

And the position I had left was taken by another gambling customer.

Such a good opportunity to observe was ruined by Hou Jun.

I was angry and looked at Hou Jun, spitting out two words:

“Get lost!”

Hou Jun was stunned.

He didn’t expect my attitude to be so tough.

But immediately, he raised his voice and deliberately said loudly:

“Chu Liu, I know you’re a little swindler. I’m telling you, if you dare to cheat in our gambling den, don’t say I didn’t warn you!”

The Swindler.

It was the most sensitive word in the hearts of all casinos and gambling customers.

Sure enough, as soon as Hou Jun’s words fell.

Everyone’s eyes were on me.

Including the bald man.

And the lights in the casino.

I knew that Hou Jun wanted to drive me out, but he didn’t have the authority to do so.

So, he used this method to make me leave in disgrace.

Because once he said that.

Not to mention the gambling customers, even the attention of the lights would be on me.

When a person gambles with countless eyes on his back, suspecting that he is cheating.

Even if you have good psychological quality, even if you don’t cheat, you will inevitably feel uncomfortable.

“What’s going on?”

The security manager of the casino, accompanied by two thug-like men, strode over.

As soon as he got to my side, he stared at me menacingly and asked.

“Did you cheat?”


This is a real idiot!

What kind of security is this, asking the other party if they cheated as soon as they came up.

Even if they cheated, could they admit it directly?

This gambling den really raised a bunch of wastes!

The number of gambling customers watching the excitement was increasing.

The security also realized that this was not the way to go.

He was just about to take me away.

When a group of people, surrounding a coldly beautiful woman, quickly walked over.

And the security and Hou Jun, as soon as they saw this woman, immediately said respectfully:

“Sister Mei!”

This woman was Su Mei.

She must have known about the incident here through surveillance.

So she rushed over.

Su Mei deliberately acted as if she had run into me by chance.

“Chu Liu, why is it you?”

“I came to play a few rounds after work, but Hou Jun and this security guard said I was a little swindler…”

I said lightly.

Su Mei frowned slightly.

Looking at Hou Jun and the security guard, her face was icy.

“Nonsense! Although Chu Liu is a waiter at Sky Like, when he comes to the gambling den after work, he is a customer. You guys have no evidence, but you say he is a swindler. How can you let the customers play if you do this? I’m telling you, this is the first time. If there is another time, all of you will get out!”

Hou Jun and the security guard lowered their heads, and no one dared to say anything more.

Su Mei waved her hand again, signaling the two to get lost.

Then, she turned to the gambling customers who were watching the excitement and said politely:

“It’s nothing, everyone continue to play!”

The surroundings returned to the usual hustle and bustle of the casino.

Su Mei looked at me and asked me a question on purpose:

“How is it? Did you win or lose?”

I knew that what Su Mei was asking about winning or losing was not about chips.

But she was asking me if I had figured out how the bald man cheated.

I shook my head with a cold face and said:

“I lost!”

“Well then, keep playing…”

Su Mei glanced at me and then turned to leave.

I could feel that Su Mei’s heart was a bit complicated.

On the one hand, she hoped that I could catch the swindler.

After all, the swindler was too damaging to the casino.

In addition to losing money, it would also cause the reputation of the casino to decline and the number of customers to decrease.

And there was one more point, which was the most critical.

If the swindler couldn’t be caught, it would lead to more and more swindlers from all over the world gathering here.

When this place becomes a paradise for swindlers.

The only solution is to close down.

On the other hand, Su Mei didn’t want me to succeed.

Because if I succeeded, she would have to keep her promise and spend the night with me.

As soon as Su Mei left, I started wandering around the gambling den again.

After a while, seeing an empty seat at the bald man’s blackjack table, I went over and sat down.

When I was at the same table with the bald man before, he didn’t even glance at me.

But because of what just happened, as soon as I sat down, the bald man surprisingly offered me a cigarette and started chatting with me.

“What happened just now? Do you know that kid?”

I knew that the bald man was fishing for information.

He was also afraid that I was a spy hired by the casino.

And Hou Jun, not knowing the details, might have given me away.

This bald man was quite suspicious.

Taking a puff of the cigarette, I casually said while placing my bet with the chips:

“I know him, we used to work at the same bathing place, the Sky Like upstairs. He was my team leader, and I offended him. He’s deliberately causing trouble for me…”

The bald man responded with an “Oh”.

His expression immediately relaxed, and he stopped paying attention to me.

Glancing at the bald man, he had about seventy to eighty thousand in chips in his hand.

If I couldn’t catch him cheating again,

He might leave today.

This round, he still placed a bet of ten thousand.

And I still placed a small bet, 200.

The casino dealer dealt the cards in turn, and when it was the bald man’s turn,

He had two cards, a 7 and a 5, totaling 12.

Normally, he would need to draw another card.

But because he was the last one, looking at our draws, if none of us drew a 10,

He could choose not to draw, trying to leave the ten for the banker, waiting for the banker to bust.

The bald man was still thinking.

And I was no longer staring at the bald man’s hand, but at his eyes.

If he knew the cards, he would definitely look at the card shoe.

But strangely, the bald man didn’t look at the card shoe.

But his eyes were always on the casino dealer.

To be precise, he was looking at the dealer’s hand.

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