Chapter 29 – Cocky and complacent

“Very good!”

“Very good? You know what’s good? Then why did you betray us and cheat in your own gambling den?”

Su Mei was clearly furious.

And my gaze immediately turned to the mirror.

Tang San’s calmness made me somewhat suspicious. Did he move that watch?

Without evidence, Su Mei would have no way to deal with him.

But the watch was still on his wrist.

Why was Tang San still so calm?

Could it be that I was mistaken?


Absolutely impossible!

“People strive for higher places, water flows to lower ones. Why would I do it? Of course, for money!”

I didn’t expect Tang San to admit it so openly.

And when he spoke, he was brazenly looking at Su Mei.

It felt as if he wasn’t the one who made the mistake, but Su Mei.

Su Mei suppressed her anger and said:

“Hand over that cheating watch of yours!”

Without hesitation, Tang San took off his watch and placed it on Su Mei’s desk.

“This is not a watch, it’s a detector. If you like it, it’s yours…”

At this point, Tang San was somewhat arrogant and provocative.

Su Mei, in her rage, looked even more stern.

I knew that Tang San’s hand was definitely not going to be spared today.

Sure enough, Su Mei waved her hand and said to the security:

“Take him away, deal with him according to the rules. Chop off his hands, soak them in Liu Jin River for three days, let him sober up…”

Several security guards immediately grabbed Tang San and the bald man, ready to take them away.

The bald man, already scared to a pulp, was screaming and crying.

On the other hand, Tang San suddenly shouted.

“Su Mei, you can’t touch me, I’m going to make a call! I’m going to call General Zou!”

Su Mei’s face was cold as ice.

“Making a call won’t help, General Zou is on a business trip. I’m in charge here!”

Tang San immediately shouted again:

“I’m not calling Zou Xiaoxian, I’m calling another General Zou, the Second Boss…”

Second Boss?

Also surnamed Zou?

I was a bit confused.

Could it be a relative or family member of the beautiful boss?

Su Mei, who had just been stern, was also stunned.

She stared at Tang San, her eyes filled with a hint of fear and confusion.

After a long time, Su Mei didn’t speak.

And Tang San, with wide eyes, continued to shout:

“Su Mei, if you dare not let me make this call, and dare to lay a hand on me, I tell you, you, Su Mei, can’t bear the consequences…”

Su Mei slowly stood up.

I was standing behind her.

But I could clearly feel Su Mei’s tension.

Surnamed Zou, the Second Boss.

Who is this person?

He even made a shrewd person like Su Mei so nervous?

“Give him a phone, turn on the speaker!”

Taking the phone, Tang San skillfully dialed a number.

Then, he turned on the speaker.

As soon as the call was connected, a lazy male voice came from the other end.

“Who is it?”

Even on the phone, Tang San was groveling.

“Second Boss, it’s me, Tang San…”

“Tang San?”

The Second Boss thought for a moment, as if he just remembered who Tang San was.

“Oh, what’s the matter?”

“Second Boss, I’ve been caught. Now Su Mei wants to chop off my hands. Second Boss, you must save me…”

Tang San was just a insignificant character.

In front of this Second Boss, he was as humble as a dog.

“Caught? The detector watch I gave you was exposed? Who exposed it?”

The so-called exposure.

It’s a slang in the Blue Path.

It means that the cheating method has been seen through.

So this exquisite detector watch was given to Tang San by the Second Boss.

The Second Boss didn’t seem to care about Tang San’s life or death at all.

What he was more interested in was who had exposed his detector watch.

“Second Boss, I’m not sure about that…”

“Heh, I underestimated this Su Mei. I didn’t expect her to have an expert by her side. Give the phone to Su Mei…”

Tang San immediately stepped forward and handed the phone to Su Mei.

I could feel that Su Mei was very reluctant.

But she didn’t dare to refuse.

“Second Brother…”

Su Mei called out.

But the person on the other end snorted coldly and said directly:

“Second Brother? You’re not worthy to call me Second Brother?”

Su Mei immediately corrected herself.

“Second Boss!”

The person on the other end was still unyielding.

“Tang San is my man. You let him go now. If you dare to touch a hair on his head, don’t say I didn’t warn you!”

The Second Boss’s tone was domineering.

And Tang San, hearing this, looked smug.

Su Mei’s face turned even more unpleasant.

After a moment of silence, she said:

“Second Boss, Tang San betrayed us and cheated. It’s against the rules to let him go like this!”

“Rules? Heh! I tell you, in Harbin North, I, Zou Tiancheng, am the rule. Su Mei, let me tell you, you little bitch, you’re just Zou Xiaoxian’s watchdog. If you don’t let him go, I’ll make you bleed, understand?”

Su Mei’s face turned pale with anger.

Her hand holding the phone was trembling uncontrollably.

In her solemn gaze, intense hatred was evident.

Yet, she seemed to dare not defy the will of this Second Boss.

Taking a deep breath, she finally spoke slowly:

“Alright, I understand, Second Boss!”

She hung up the phone.

Su Mei sat in her office chair, her face cold.

One could sense Su Mei’s inner conflict.

To let go, or not to let go?

After a while, Su Mei waved at the security guard and said:

“Let them go…”

As soon as she finished speaking, Su Mei leaned back in her chair.

The sense of helplessness and powerlessness was somewhat heartbreaking.

The security guard and Tang San both left.

In the office, only Su Mei and I remained.

Su Mei remained silent.

And I, I sat to one side, silently smoking.

I was somewhat curious, who exactly was this Second Boss?

He didn’t seem to care about Su Mei, let alone our beautiful boss, Zou Xiaoxian.

In his tone, there seemed to be deep resentment.

But if Su Mei didn’t say, I certainly wouldn’t ask.

“Master Liu, Master Chu Liu…”

Su Mei suddenly looked at me and called out.

I knew that she was fulfilling her promise.

After all, I had caught The Swindler.

She had lost our gambling round.

“No matter what the outcome is, you helped me catch The Swindler today, and for that, I thank you. Rest assured, even though I’m not part of your Blue Path, I understand the principle of accepting defeat in a gamble. The car you want, I’ll have someone arrange it tomorrow. The latest model, fully equipped…”

At this point, Su Mei suddenly paused.

We both knew.

This wasn’t the most important thing.

The final bet was what mattered most.

Clearly, Su Mei was very nervous and somewhat reluctant.

She hesitated for a moment before saying faintly:

“Don’t you want me? Fine, I lost, I admit it. Tell me, where do you want to take me?”

The destination would either be home or a hotel.

I didn’t answer, but instead asked her:

“Where do you want to go?”

Su Mei gave a bitter smile.

After thinking for a moment, as if she had made a great decision, she finally said:

“Let’s go to my place…”

Saying this, she picked up her keys and stood up to leave.

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