Chapter 14 – Coquettish beauty

“I do hate him.

But that’s not the real reason I want to change the person shaking the dice cup.

An expert in dice.

Often when shaking the dice cup, they can use their fingers, the dice cup, thin lines, even hair strands, to change the points of the dice.

And obviously, this skinny man is a dice expert.

He can do this.


The skinny man’s face turned cold, and he refused directly.

“Why not? Afraid your Ghost Six Fingers won’t work?”

As soon as the words came out.

The skinny man’s face changed dramatically.

He looked at me, furious.

Of course, there was also a bit of confusion.

He didn’t know how I could see that he was about to use the Ghost Six Fingers.

The so-called “Ghost Six Fingers”.

It’s the unique skill of the Li family from the Swindler Sect in Shandong province.

It refers to using unpredictable techniques to change the points of the dice.

It gives people the feeling as if ghosts and gods are helping, opening six fingers.

It is said that back in the day, Li Jianlu, the underground gambling king of Shandong.

Won a century-old family business with this Ghost Six Fingers.

The skinny man was angry, but he didn’t speak anymore.

And I pointed to the casino dealer just now and said:

“You shake the dice cup!”

The casino dealer looked at the skinny man.

The skinny man had a gloomy face and said nothing.

But Su Mei suddenly spoke up from the side.

“If he asks you to shake, you shake. What’s wrong with changing the person shaking the dice cup? Are you trying to cheat?”

The skinny man was helpless.

And the casino dealer had to step forward, carefully opening the dice cup.

The entire gambling den was extremely quiet.

Everyone’s eyes were focused on the black dice cup.

The dice cup was opened.

There was another low exclamation from the crowd.

The three dice had points of 3, 5, and 6 respectively.

Fourteen points, big.

I won again.

And it was another million.

“Never thought there would be someone from the Dice-listening Sect in this small Harbin North…”

The skinny man stared at me, murmuring.

I sneered in my heart.

He seemed to have identified me as a member of the Dice-listening Sect from Guangdong.

But I didn’t bother to argue with him.

Taking the payout chips, I got up.

Immediately, the skinny man’s hoarse voice came from behind.

“Wait, you can’t leave!”

I was slightly taken aback.

Could it be that you can’t take the money you win in this gambling den?

Looking back at him, I asked indifferently:


“I want to gamble with you again!”

I shook my head.

“I’m not greedy, I’ve won enough today!”

Saying that, I handed the chips to Su Mei.

“Go pay off the debt…”

Su Mei looked surprised.

But there was a hint of mystery on her face.

“Not playing a few more rounds? I lost two million nine hundred and seventy thousand…”

“People should be content, it’s enough to pay off the debt!”

I said lightly.

I came to the casino with Su Mei to help her pay off her debt.

Not to help her break even and win money.

As for the lost nine hundred and seventy thousand, it was a lesson for Su Mei.

She shouldn’t gamble.

She doesn’t know how to gamble.

Of course, this is also a warning to all gamblers in the world.

Nine out of ten times, gambling is a scam, and ten out of ten times, you lose!

“Alright, then you come with me…”

Through a dark corridor.

Su Mei pushed open a door.

There was no one in the room, looking at the sofa and desk inside, as well as a few crooked chairs and a gambling table.

This should be a temporary office.

I sat on the sofa.

Su Mei stood in front of me.

She gave me a thumbs up, with an excited and somewhat charming smile.

“Chu Liu, you’re really amazing!”

I didn’t say anything.

Just quietly waiting for Su Mei to continue.

“Actually, that day in my office, playing Mahjong with Tao Hua, I felt that you might be a swindler…”

Su Mei said with a grin.

But I didn’t feel good, even my eyes were a bit cold.

“But you didn’t admit it, and I wasn’t sure. Then I heard that you played Three card poker with Hou Jun. You won his Leopard A with a 235, and even won his girlfriend. I was ninety-nine percent sure that you were a swindler. But I thought, if I asked you directly, you would definitely not admit it…”

I lit a cigarette, took a slow puff.

Listening to Su Mei without any expression.

“And just now, those two rounds, really, you won so beautifully. Even if you don’t admit it now, it’s impossible. You’re not only a swindler, but also an expert from the Swindler Sect. Am I right?”

“And then?”

Through the exhaled smoke, I looked at Su Mei’s beautiful face and asked.

“Then I’m just happy, just excited. I didn’t misjudge. I just didn’t expect your swindler techniques to be so brilliant…”

Suddenly, Su Mei changed the subject and asked me:

“You know that the first and second floors of our Sky Like basement are being renovated, right?”

I nodded.

The renovation of the underground bathing area was no secret, all of us staff members knew about it.

And it had been under renovation for over three months.

But as for what it was for, I had no idea.

Because the company had a rule, no one was allowed to go and see, let alone ask about it.

“Actually, we are renovating a casino in the basement of Sky Like. The space is large, and all types of gambling are available. It will open soon. All the gambling equipment you saw outside, including those people, they are not gambling customers, but staff for our new casino. They are here every day, simulating the real scene of the casino. It’s all in preparation for the opening. The skinny guy who gambled with you just now, his name is Gao Zhiqiang. He is the undercover agent we hired for the casino, and he is also responsible for training these staff members…”

As Su Mei said this, her eyes were fixed on me.

She thought I would be surprised, even angry.

After all, she had deceived me.

But I remained indifferent.

All I knew was that Su Mei’s debt was a lie.

The debt collection was also a lie.

And this casino was even more of a lie.

I am a swindler.

A swindler who considers himself an expert.

And now, I’ve been counterfeited.

The one who swindled me.

It was Su Mei, who was sitting in front of me, looking charming and attractive.

Of course, I also understood.

Why this skinny guy named Gao Zhiqiang had such a big reaction just now.

He could disregard the reputation of the casino and challenge me.

Because I broke his gambling equipment.

And because everything here is fake, it’s just a setup.

“What’s next?”

I asked, my face as calm as an ancient well.

Su Mei continued to smile charmingly, seemingly used to my indifference.

“Next is now, I sincerely invite you to be an undercover agent in our gambling den!”

The so-called undercover agent is a term in the Blue Path jargon.

In the casino, there are visible and undercover agents.

Both are swindlers hired by the casino.

The difference is, visible agents are in the open, they wear the casino’s uniform, and openly move around the casino.

They handle the casino’s emergencies and can deter swindlers who come to cause trouble.

But undercover agents are different.

They hide among the crowd.

On the surface, they look no different from gambling customers.

But in fact, they are like snakes in the night, watching you coldly from a corner you don’t notice.

Once someone cheats, they immediately take action.

Even before you understand what’s going on, you’ve been caught.

Of course, when encountering an expert, both visible and undercover agents will be dispatched.

Being an undercover agent is the dream of many swindlers.

After all, there are always people better than you, and mountains higher than your mountain.

Even if your swindling techniques are high, you are afraid of making mistakes when making money outside.

Once you make a mistake, it’s game over.

But being an undercover agent carries no risk.

And you can also get a generous salary.

“Chu Liu, I won’t treat you badly. As long as you come, there is no probation period. The annual salary is 600,000, not including bonuses. The gambling den will also take care of your food, clothing, housing, and transportation, and provide you with a car worth no less than 500,000. You can choose the model yourself. By this calculation, your total income will not be less than a million. How about this treatment? In Harbin North, you probably won’t find a second one, right?”

I nodded slightly and said, “The treatment is not bad!”

My words made Su Mei somewhat proud.

To recruit elite soldiers and strong generals, it’s all about “throwing money”.

“So, have you agreed?”

Su Mei asked me in a coquettish tone.

Looking at Su Mei, I slowly shook my head.

“I didn’t agree!”


Su Mei’s voice rose.

Her eyes were full of confusion and incomprehension.

“Although I am a swindler, I don’t like being swindled. And today, you swindled me. And you even used your compassion for me!”

Su Mei gave an awkward smile.

But she quickly returned to normal.

With a somewhat coquettish tone, she said to me:

“Oh, Chu Liu, don’t be angry. Sister Mei just wanted to see how good your swindling techniques are. How about this, Sister Mei apologizes to you, okay?”

As she spoke, she even deliberately put on a pitiful look.

“How do you apologize?”

“However you say I should apologize, I will apologize, okay?”

A coquettish beauty.

How many men in this world can resist?

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