Chapter 15 – Protagonist

My eyes roamed over Su Mei’s perfect curves, taking in her figure from top to bottom.

After a moment, I spoke slowly.

“Take off your skirt!”

Su Mei was taken aback.

She clearly hadn’t expected me to make such a request.

She was somewhat embarrassed, but also somewhat unwilling.

“Is this your way of making me apologize?”

I nodded.


“If I don’t take it off, you won’t forgive me?”

I lit another cigarette and took a deep puff.

But I didn’t answer Su Mei’s question.

Su Mei hesitated for a moment, her face taut as if she had made a great decision, and said:

“Fine, I’ll take it off!”

Su Mei was also a tough character.

In order to recruit talents, she was willing to make sacrifices.

She was wearing a long skirt, elegant and dignified.

The skirt was light blue, complementing her delicate fair skin, making her look even more beautiful.

She unzipped the back of her skirt.

The light blue skirt slid down her silky skin, falling to her ankles.

In front of me, Su Mei was left in her underwear.

I had to admit, Su Mei had an excellent figure.

Curvaceous and exquisite.

Even her abdomen didn’t have an ounce of excess fat.

My gaze roamed freely over her body.

And Su Mei’s expression gradually turned cold.

She was the manager of Sky Like.

In Sky Like, she was the boss next to the owner.

And now, this boss was doing something she considered humiliating in front of me, a waiter.

“Is this enough?”

Su Mei’s tone became cold.

Even a bit angry.



The anger in Su Mei’s beautiful eyes flared up.

She hadn’t expected me to ask her to continue undressing.

If she continued, she would be completely naked.

“Chu Liu, you’re going too far!”

“You were the one who went too far first!”

My tone remained cold.

“I’ve already offered you such generous terms, and you’re still not satisfied. Chu Liu, tell me, what do you really want?”

Taking a puff of my cigarette, I replied indifferently:

“I want too much, you can’t afford it. Let someone who can afford it negotiate with me…”

With that, I got up.

But immediately, I turned back to look at the coldly beautiful Su Mei and added one more sentence.

“By the way, I can tell you one thing in advance. You, I’ve set my sights on!”

Having said that, I didn’t care about Su Mei’s reaction.

I walked straight towards the door.

Just as I reached the door, there was a knock from outside.

Su Mei hurriedly put on her skirt and called out somewhat awkwardly, “Come in.”

The person who came in was the skinny man, Gao Zhiqiang, who had just gambled with me.

Standing at the door, he stared at me coldly and said:

“You’re leaving?”

I nodded.

“You can’t leave.”


“I want to gamble with you again!”

I shook my head.

“Why? Are you scared?”

The skinny man, Gao Zhiqiang, stared at me coldly.

I slowly walked up to him, stared into his eyes, and said coldly:

“Because, you’re not worthy!”

The reason I said this was not because I was arrogant or dismissive.

But because I had no grudge against him.

In the previous dice game, he deliberately provoked me, making me bet both my hands.

Such a person is not worthy to walk the Blue Path, to be part of the Swindler Sect.

He’s even less worthy to be my opponent.

With that, I pushed past Gao Zhiqiang and walked outside.

Behind me, Su Mei’s angry voice rang out.

“Chu Liu, don’t think you’re the only one in Harbin North who knows the Swindler techniques. There are plenty of people in the Blue Path. Without you, this casino will still open, and it will still be prosperous!”

I sneered.

Jiang Taigong fished in the Wei River, and only then did King Wen take notice.

Zhuge Liang slept in his thatched cottage in the spring, waiting for Liu Bei to visit him three times.

Indeed, the casino would still open without me.

But what I wanted was to wait for the right price, I would never sell myself short.

What Su Mei didn’t expect was that from the moment I entered this so-called casino, I had already noticed something was wrong.

The casino was shabby, the environment was poor, and there was even a moldy smell everywhere.

How could someone like Su Mei, who cares about quality in everything she does, gamble here for a week? And lose nearly three million?

And the unprofessionalism of the casino dealer, and the casual betting of the gambling customers, without any passion or greed.

How could this be a normal casino?

That’s why I dared to break their gambling table sensor.

In a normal casino, I wouldn’t dare to do that.

Because if I did, the casino would definitely not let me go.

Only because I had already discovered that this was a setup.

Su Mei thought that I was the one being set up.

Little did she know, she was the real one being set up.

When I returned home from this so-called casino, I lit three sticks of incense for my father’s portrait.

Then I lay quietly on the bed.

With my eyes closed, but I couldn’t sleep at all.

For so many years, insomnia had become a habit.

Because every time before I fell asleep, the scene of my father’s tragic death in front of me would always appear before my eyes.

And the faces of those who brought him back, mocking and gloating.

In fact, I knew long ago that my father was a swindler.

That’s why I was determined to learn the Swindler techniques from Master Liu.

If I didn’t join the Swindler Sect, how could I avenge my deep hatred?


The day and night shifts at Sky Like Bathing change at eight o’clock.

But we have to be at the bathhouse by seven-thirty.

Because the manager or supervisor would hold a meeting for us, summarizing the work of the previous period.Today’s regular meeting was different from usual.

Su Mei attended, as did the technicians who didn’t have night shifts the day before.

Including Chen Xiaoxue, Hou Jun’s girlfriend whom I had won over, also attended.

Everyone stood in several rows in the hall.

Listening to the speeches of the department heads.

After all the heads had finished speaking.

Su Mei asked if any team leaders had anything to say.

Usually, at this point in the procedure, it basically meant the meeting was over.

The team leaders usually didn’t speak.

But today was different.

As soon as Su Mei finished speaking, the team leader of the men’s bathing area, Hou Jun, suddenly stood up and said to Su Mei:

“Sister Mei, I have something to say!”

Su Mei nodded.

Hou Jun glanced in my direction, intentionally or unintentionally, before he began to speak:

“I want to talk about the attendance in the men’s bathing area today. Our Chu Liu from the men’s bathing area, didn’t ask for leave and has been absent for seven consecutive days. Yesterday was clearly his night shift, but he disappeared again without asking for leave. According to the attendance system of the bathing area, a fine of one hundred is imposed for each day of unexcused absence. Chu Liu has been absent for eight days, so he should be fined eight hundred…”

Hou Jun paused when he got here.

He deliberately looked at Su Mei.

Su Mei still had no expression on her face, aloof and cold.

And everyone else’s eyes were all on me, most of them were just watching the excitement.

Of course, there were also those who were gloating, and a few who sympathized with me.

The female technicians standing with Chen Xiaoxue were whispering jokes to Chen Xiaoxue.

“Xiaoxue, your boyfriend is quite impressive. He can fine whoever he wants, he’s so awesome…”

Chen Xiaoxue “tsked” and immediately denied:

“Bullshit, he’s not my boyfriend, we’ve broken up. He’s just deliberately bullying Chu Liu because he’s honest. I just can’t stand his bullying…”

Chen Xiaoxue’s voice was quite high.

When she spoke, she was looking at me not far away.

I knew that she was deliberately saying this for me to hear.

Of course, it wasn’t that she had any compassion and wanted to help me.

Nor was it because she had fallen for me after the day we spent alone together.

It was because she believed that I knew the Swindler techniques.

She wanted to please me and cooperate with me to make money.

I also knew that since the day I won over Hou Jun and took his girlfriend Chen Xiaoxue away, Hou Jun would retaliate against me.

I just didn’t expect that his means of retaliation would be so childish.

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