Chapter 13 – Wind swirling around the willows

That is to say, if a Leopard 2 really comes up this round.

My ten thousand yuan would turn into a million.

But the odds of that happening are just too low.

The way I placed my bet attracted the attention of the gamblers around me.

Of course, the way they looked at me was still as if they were looking at a fool with unrealistic dreams.

“Bets are closed!”

The casino dealer shouted.

Then, I saw him slightly lean his body.

I knew he was preparing to cheat.

He wanted to press the remote control under the gambling table with his knee.

Suddenly, the dealer’s face changed drastically, his brows furrowed.

His gaze immediately shifted to a man outside the crowd.

Although I didn’t turn around.

I could guess that this man must be the casino’s undercover agent, or the person in charge.

As for how the two communicated with their eyes, I didn’t care.

My gaze was fixed on the black dice cup on the gambling table.

“What are you waiting for, open it!”

Seeing the dealer not opening the dice cup, an impatient gambler couldn’t help but urge.

The dealer’s face became even more unsightly.

He glanced at me, his trembling hand slowly moved to the dice cup.

But he still seemed unwilling.

In the moment of opening, he still tried to use his leg under the table.

But, he was disappointed again.

“Open it!”

A man’s voice came from behind.

This voice was a bit hoarse.

He was not a gambler, but a casino staff.

Only then did the dealer slowly open the dice cup.


A chorus of gasps echoed throughout the casino.

Under the dice cup, three dice lay neatly.

And the points on the three dice were all the same.


Leopard 2!

I won!

The gaze of the casino once again focused on me.

The way everyone looked at me was no longer the same as before.

There was envy, astonishment, and even more admiration.

Su Mei happily put her hands on my shoulders.

She was as excited as a child.

“We won, Chu Liu, we won!”

I knew we won.

I also knew that the dealer’s remote control was no longer working.

And all of this was my doing.

When I placed my bet, I forcefully kicked the sensor with my foot.

This sensor is very small, sensitive, and delicate.

One kick, and it was directly disabled.

This was why the dealer’s face changed so drastically.

Because he found that the remote control was not working.

As for winning the Leopard 2, I relied on my hearing.

Listening and identifying positions against the wind for ten miles.

This was the teaching of Master Liu for thirteen years.

He once said that if you can’t do this.

You can never step onto the dice table.

The dealer stared at me for a while before he coldly said:

“Brother, you’re playing a bit big!”

The emphasis of his words was on “big”.

It was a warning, and also a threat.

After all, I had broken his remote control.

Before I could speak, Su Mei behind me immediately spoke up:

“What’s big or small, hurry up and pay us our chips…”

The dealer’s face darkened, and he said no more.

And the chips on the table were not enough to pay me.

I saw a man carrying ten golden chips, each worth a hundred thousand, walking to the gambling table.

He looked at me and said hoarsely:

“Sir, you’re quite lucky, these are your winnings…”

This man was about thirty years old, although his tone was polite.

But his gaze was very gloomy.

And he was very thin, skinny and bony.

His hands were like bamboo poles, with only skin covering the bones.

“I’ll be in charge of this table now. Sir, you don’t mind changing dealers, do you?”

Changing dealers is a common occurrence in casinos.

There’s no need to notify the gamblers.

The reason he asked me was because he realized that I was a swindler.

While speaking, the thin man replaced the dice.

He placed them on the table and made a gesture to everyone.

“Please check the dice. If you have any objections, you can smash them to check. If there’s no problem after checking, you need to pay for the dice!”

A gambler went up and pretended to look at the dice.

Let alone there being no problem, even if there was.

These fools wouldn’t be able to tell.

Seeing that no one else was checking, the man looked at me and asked:

“Sir, aren’t you going to check?”

I shook my head.

I didn’t need to check.

When he shakes it, based on the sound, I can tell if there’s a problem with the dice.

The sound made by a swindler’s dice and a normal dice is different.

And for normal dice, each face makes a slightly different sound when it hits the ground.

For example, one point, because there’s only one red dot, the sound it makes when it hits the ground is purer.

For six points, because there are six small dots, the sound it makes when it hits the ground is sharper.

Seeing that I didn’t move, the man picked up the dice cup.

With a swish.

The three dice were directly collected into the dice cup by the thin man.

His movements were quick and casual.

The move he used is called “Wind swirling around the willows” in the swindler techniques.

It seems like a casual collection of dice, but in the process of collecting.

He arranged the points of the three dice.

This way, he can shake out the points he wants.

It was clear that this man was an expert at dice.

During the shaking process, he occasionally scratched the dice cup with his fingernails.

He wanted to use this harsh sound to interfere with the judgment of those who listen to the dice.

Of course, the premise is that the other party will definitely listen to the dice.

And he had already determined that I would listen to the dice.

The dice cup was flipping up and down in his hand.

And his gaze was always on me.

His technique also changed from time to time with the shaking of the dice cup.

With a “pop”, the dice cup landed on the table.

The thin man made a gesture to everyone.

“Place your bets!”

But no one around the gambling table moved.

Everyone’s gaze was on me.

Everyone wanted to know if I would bet this round, and what I would bet.

And I casually played with the golden chips in my hand, without placing a bet.Seeing that I made no move, the gaunt man spoke up:

“Sir, why aren’t you placing a bet?”

I remained silent.

“Are you afraid that your good luck has run out, and you dare not bet again?”

He emphasized the word ‘run out’ heavily.

It seemed like he was reminding me that even though I had sabotaged their remote control device, there was no chance I could beat him.

Normally, when a casino’s cheating is exposed, they would try to appease me, to prevent me from making a fuss and ruining their business.

But unexpectedly, this thin man was very arrogant.

His words were constantly provoking me.

“I can place a bet, but I have a condition…”

I said indifferently.

“Go ahead…”

“Remove the betting limit!”

Casinos set betting limits to maintain balance and to show fairness, which can attract individual players.

Tables with high betting limits are usually in VIP rooms.

“How much do you want to bet?”

The thin man asked me.

“One million, all in. Will you take it?”

My words made the thin man laugh.

But his laugh was filled with disdain.

“I’ll take it, but it’s a bit small, you can raise the bet!”

The thin man was extremely confident in his dice skills.

I shook my head.

“I only have this one million, I can’t raise it anymore!”

The thin man’s gaze became even more sinister.

He stared at my hands and said coldly:

“If you don’t have money, you can bet your hands!”

His words made everyone in the room gasp.

And I couldn’t help but frown.

This was not a swindler’s duel.

It was just a regular gambling round.

But this casino was a bit strange.

Even though they cheated first, and I sabotaged their remote control device, they shouldn’t be so aggressive.

Could it be that this casino wasn’t afraid of me exposing their cheating to the gambling customers?

Before I could speak, Su Mei, who was standing behind me, immediately retorted.

“What do you mean by betting hands? We’re not betting that, just this one million! Just say if you’ll take it or not…”

The thin man sneered disdainfully.

“I’ll take it, place your bet!”

I placed ten golden chips, each worth one hundred thousand, on the “big” spot.

“Once the bet is placed, there’s no going back. Are you sure you’re betting on ‘big’?”

The thin man asked me with a sly grin, his face dark.

I didn’t answer.

I don’t like to waste words.

Especially not with people like him.

“Well, I’m going to open the dice cup now!”

As he spoke, the thin man was about to open the dice cup.

“Hold on!”

I suddenly said.

The thin man looked up at me.

“What, you want to raise the bet?”

I shook my head.

“I want someone else to open the dice cup for this round!”

The thin man’s face changed, and he asked back:


“Because I hate you!”

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