Chapter 12 – Gratefulness and Repayment

I still had a cold expression on my face.

“My meaning is simple. If you take her away now, you will be breaking the rules. Even if you do take her, it should be after midnight, right?”

The two of them looked at each other.

After a while, one of them finally said, “Alright, let’s follow the rules. Su Mei, I’ll give you a few more hours. If you don’t return the money by midnight, don’t blame us, brothers…”

Sister Mei still had a look of despair on her face.

The two of us sat in the car, and she caressed the steering wheel, saying reluctantly, “I bought this car less than a year ago, and now it’s gone. Ah, Chu Liu, you shouldn’t have given them these few hours. These few hours are torture for me. With or without these few hours, the result is the same for me!”

I opened a pack of CHUNGHWA cigarettes, lit one, and looked out the window, saying lightly, “It’s not the same!”

“What’s different?”

“Perhaps, we still have a chance to break even!”


“Yes, us!”

As soon as the words came out, Su Mei looked at me in astonishment.

Her gaze was extremely complex.

Hope, worry, surprise.

After a while, she said again, “But I don’t have a single penny now, how can we break even?”

I took out a stack of money from my pocket.

This money was the lucky money Su Mei gave me before.

“This is the ten thousand lucky money you gave me. Let’s give it a try…”

My calm tone made Su Mei even more surprised.

“How can ten thousand be enough?”

I flicked the cigarette butt out of the window, turned to look at Su Mei, and said lightly, “How do we know if we don’t try?”

Since that summer when I was six years old, no one has treated me as well as Master Liu.

Although Su Mei couldn’t be considered very good to me.

But the ten thousand lucky money and the cigarettes and tea she gave me today were enough to make me feel a little warmth.

Under my cold exterior, there is actually a grateful heart.

So, I decided to take action and help Su Mei.

The casino Su Mei took me to was located in an industrial warehouse in the suburbs.

The casino was not big, and there were not many gamblers, only a few dozen.

If it weren’t for the various gambling tables reminding me after entering, I would have thought it was a warehouse.

The tables and chairs were piled up messily around.

There was also a musty smell in the air.

There were quite a few gambling tables, including Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack, and Dice.

After exchanging for ten thousand chips, I casually looked around each gambling table.

Su Mei didn’t say anything and followed behind me all the time.

After watching for a while, I whispered to Su Mei, “Are you sure we can successfully take the money and leave if we win?”

Many underground casinos are a one-time deal.

They don’t plan to do it for long.

Not to mention encountering wealthy gamblers, even ordinary gamblers.

They will still squeeze out every last bit from you.

And once a gambler wins money.

They will do everything possible to get the money back.

Cheating, framing, all kinds of methods will be used.

If all else fails, they will directly track and forcefully rob.

When Su Mei heard me ask this, she immediately replied, “Don’t worry, we can definitely take the money and leave. This casino is still fair…”


I sneered in my heart.

If there is fairness, there wouldn’t be casinos in this world.

Of course, there wouldn’t be swindlers like me either.

“What game did you lose money in?”

I asked again.


The reason I asked Su Mei was to see how she lost nearly three million.

There were only four or five gamblers in front of the dice table.

And the dealer was shaking the dice.

Su Mei chose a seat and asked me to sit down.

But I shook my head.

I set a rule for myself, no matter the size of the gambling round, I shouldn’t rush to participate, but observe first.

Only when I’m sure there’s no problem with the gambling round, or when I can decipher the opponent’s cheating method, can I take action.

Only in this way can I ensure that I won’t be counterfeited.

After all, there are many experts in the Swindler Sect.

Only by being careful can one sail for thousands of years.

The rules of dice here are no different from other casinos.

You can bet on big or small, odd or even, single numbers, or the sum of the numbers.

Of course, you can also bet on straights, leopards, and so on.

The betting requirement is a minimum of two hundred and a maximum of fifty thousand.

I stood by and watched for a while, and the gamblers didn’t bet much.

At most, they had a few thousand chips.

But even with these small bets, I discovered something fishy.

To be precise, the casino was cheating.

There are many ways to cheat with dice.

There are special mercury dice, oiled dice, coded dice, fixed-point dice.

There are also remote-controlled dice, chip dice, and cobalt element dice, and so on.

These dice, from the outside, look no different from normal dice.

But these dice all have one thing in common.

They allow gamblers to roll the numbers they want in their hearts.

And the dice used in this casino are remote-controlled dice.

After the dealer shakes the dice and the gamblers place their bets.

He will control the dice based on the size of the bets.For instance, if there were more chips on the high side, he would secretly use the remote control to change the dice in the dice cup to a low number.

Of course, he didn’t do this every round.

He would also intentionally lose some rounds to lull the gamblers into a false sense of security.

The remote control for this gambling table was located under the table.

Although the dealer’s hands were both on the table, he could lightly tap the remote control button with his leg to change the dice.

The reason I was able to discover the casino’s cheating was due to two things.

One was the dealer’s leg movement.

The other was through listening.

When the dealer touched the remote control button, the dice would flip inside the dice cup.

The sound was extremely faint, so faint that a normal person wouldn’t be able to catch it.

But I could hear it.

In the eyes of gamblers, the ability to listen to the dice was just a legend, only existing in movies and TV shows.

But in the world of the Swindler Sect, the Dice-listening Sect was real.

In the 1970s, a group of excellent members of the Dice-listening Sect emerged from the Swindler Sect in Guangdong.

These people had sharp hearing, even in noisy environments, they could still discern the position of the sound.

For a time, this group of Dice-listening Sect members caused a huge stir in the casinos of Guangdong and Macau, turning everything upside down.

This also brought out a legendary figure in Macau, the Gambling King of the High Seas, Ye Han.

At that time, Ye Han was just a dealer, not the Gambling King.

Because of his superior Swindler techniques, he was invited to the Guangdong casino.

This led to another legend in the world, Ye Han’s defeat of the Dice-listening Sect.

Ye Han became famous in one battle and eventually developed into the Gambling King of the High Seas.

But even as the Gambling King, Ye Han was well aware of the dangers of gambling.

Before his death, he left a four-word testament.

“Always lose in gambling!”

Seeing that I was still not making a move, Su Mei thought I was not interested in the dice and quietly asked me:

“Shall we go check out another table?”

I shook my head.

“No need, let’s stay here…”

Saying this, I sat down at the edge of the table.

The reason I chose this spot was because it was closest to the remote control under the table.

So close that I could easily touch it with a lift of my foot.

But I still didn’t place a bet, I just watched.

Seeing that I was occupying a spot but not placing a bet, the dealer gave me a somewhat unfriendly look.

He occasionally gave me a few disdainful glances, but I didn’t care.

I was waiting, waiting for the perfect opportunity.

The dealer shook the dice cup again.

And my ears involuntarily twitched a few times.

In my mind, I could immediately visualize the dice shaking inside the dice cup.

When the dice cup landed on the table, the dealer spread his hands on the table and said:

“Place your bets!”

The gamblers all placed their bets.

And this time, I also made a move.

I directly placed a chip with a face value of ten thousand on the Leopard 2.

Seeing me do this, everyone couldn’t help but look at me.

You should know, the odds of hitting a specific Leopard is a hundred to one.

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