Chapter 11 – Debt collection at the debtor’s home

Old Hei’s punches may be heavy, but they only cause superficial injuries.

I stayed at home for a week and I’m fine now.

I haven’t been to work or taken any leave these past few days.

Because I’m sure that I’ve lost this job.

I rejected Manager Su Mei’s arrangement and won the girlfriend of Su Mei’s favorite person, Hou Jun.

Chunghwa Bathing is no longer a place where I can stay.

This morning, I just finished breakfast.

Suddenly, my phone rang, it was an unknown number.

When I answered, I heard a woman’s voice on the other end.

“Chu Liu, have you recovered from your injury? Shouldn’t you come to work?”

It was Su Mei, Sister Mei.

I didn’t have her number before.

I didn’t expect her to call me and ask me to come to work.

Even more unexpectedly, she knew that I was injured.

“If you don’t come today, I’ll mark you as absent. I’ll deduct your salary for this month…”

Su Mei’s tone had a hint of joking.

Normally, for someone like us, taking leave or resigning is just a small matter in a big bathing center like Chunghwa.

There’s no need for Sister Mei to personally inquire about it.

But now, not only does she know, she even took the initiative to call me.

It can only mean one thing.

She’s paying attention to me.

As for the reason, it must be related to whether or not I’m a swindler.

I followed Sister Mei’s instructions and went to work.

Although it’s only been a week, my colleagues look at me with some suspicion.

And none of the male colleagues in the men’s bathing area greeted me.

There were two colleagues who had a good relationship with me and wanted to talk to me.

But when they saw Hou Jun’s sinister gaze not far away, they held back.

However, there was one service staff named Lv Peng who had a good relationship with me, he secretly sent me a text message.

The general meaning of the message was that almost everyone at Chunghwa knows that I won Hou Jun’s girlfriend and Chen Xiaoxue didn’t come back for a night.

The next day when I went to work, Chen Xiaoxue broke up with Hou Jun.

As a result, Hou Jun threatened that if anyone dared to interact with me, he would deal with them.

And he also said that he would definitely not let me off.

Looking at the text message, I sneered.

Chen Xiaoxue must not have told Hou Jun that nothing happened between us.

Of course, she didn’t go back to find Hou Jun.

Maybe she went to be with another man.

That has nothing to do with me.

As for Hou Jun’s threat to deal with me, I didn’t take it seriously.

Just him?

He’s just a small-time character.

Today, I have a day and night shift.

In the evening, I was about to go to the cafeteria to eat.

A service staff told me that Sister Mei asked me to go to her office.

I haven’t seen Sister Mei all day today.

I went upstairs and knocked on the door.

As soon as I entered, I saw Sister Mei packing something at her desk.

I haven’t seen Sister Mei for a week, and she seems to have become a lot haggard.

There were bloodshot veins in her beautiful eyes.

When she saw me come in, Sister Mei asked directly:

“I heard that you won Hou Jun’s girlfriend that day?”

I didn’t say anything, which meant I confirmed it.

“What did you do with her?”


Only then did Sister Mei look up at me, and said with some disdain:

“You’re not afraid of getting dirty, you can go after any woman!”

“I said I didn’t do anything, do you believe me?”

Sister Mei sneered.

“Hmph, I’d be a fool to believe you! A man’s mouth is full of lies…”

I didn’t explain either.

Whether she believes it or not doesn’t matter to me.

While speaking, Sister Mei put four packs of CHUNGHWA cigarettes and several boxes of tea on the table.

“Chu Liu, we’ve worked together for a while, it can be considered fate. I have a good impression of you, so work hard in the future. Take these cigarettes and tea, you can have them. I don’t need them anymore…”


I was slightly stunned.

Why did Sister Mei suddenly give me something for no reason?

And her tone sounded like a farewell.

Even if I’m indifferent, I couldn’t help but ask:

“Sister Mei, are you resigning or changing jobs?”

There is a high turnover rate in the service industry.

People like Su Mei, who are professional managers, are often the targets of poaching by many competitors.

Sister Mei smiled.

But there was a hint of sadness in her smile.

“The boss has been good to me, how could I change jobs? It’s just that I can’t continue working here…”


I looked at Sister Mei in confusion.

Why can’t she continue working here when everything was fine?

“While you were recovering at home this week, I didn’t come to work much either. I’ve been gambling in a small casino this week and lost miserably. Ah, forget it…”

“How much did you lose?”

Sister Mei didn’t say, but I still asked.

Sister Mei sighed with a hint of sorrow.

“I had 970,000 yuan in personal savings! In addition, I borrowed 2 million yuan from the casino. I can’t pay it back now, so I can only leave with them…”

Nearly 3 million yuan!

I took a deep breath.

Master Liu may be rich, but I’m not.

Let alone 3 million yuan.

I don’t even have 30,000 yuan.

But I still couldn’t understand, so I asked again:

“Isn’t your friend running a casino? Why did you go to someone else’s to gamble?”

Sister Mei looked up at me.

“Even if you have your own restaurant, you can’t eat at home every day, right…”

That makes sense.

But I still feel that with Sister Mei’s experience, she shouldn’t have done such a foolish thing.”Alright, enough talking. Take the cigarettes and tea leaves. I should be going now…”

“I’ll walk you out!”

I descended the stairs with Sister Mei.

In the parking lot, next to Sister Mei’s A4, stood two men smoking.

Both were muscular, dressed in tight black short-sleeved shirts, sporting the same buzz cuts.

Their arms were adorned with dragon and tiger tattoos.

They didn’t look like good guys.

As we approached, Sister Mei handed over her car keys.

“Here are the keys. The vehicle registration and license are in the car. You can take the car. Can you give me a few more days for the rest of the money?”

One of the men threw his cigarette butt on the ground and crushed it under his foot.

“Su Mei, we’re just following orders. You agreed with the boss to repay the money in a week, and now the time is up. If we can’t bring back the money, we’ll have to take you back…”

The other man chimed in:

“Yeah, Su Mei, don’t make it hard for us. We’re just workers. Besides, you don’t owe much, just two million. With your looks and figure, if you keep our boss company for a while and cheer him up, do you think he’ll still ask for the money?”

Su Mei sighed helplessly.

She had no other options but to go with them.

She turned to look at me, her expression gloomy.

“Chu Liu, you should go home. We’ll meet again if fate allows.”

With that, she was about to get in the car and leave with the two men.


I suddenly spoke up.

The three of them stopped and turned to look at me.

“Bro, are you trying to help Su Mei pay off her debt?”

One of the men looked at me, his tone somewhat mocking.

“I can’t pay it off!”

“If you can’t pay it off, why are you calling us? Are you trying to fight us for her?”

I shook my head, looking at the two men and retorted:

“She owes you money, but it doesn’t seem like a week has passed yet. It should be a full week after midnight tonight!”

The two men exchanged glances, then asked me:

“What are you getting at?”

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