Chapter 10 – Throw herself at me

The reason I rented a house outside instead of living in the company dormitory was because of one person, it was convenient for me to practice The Swindler techniques. After all, a punch never leaves the hand, a song never leaves the mouth.


When I got home, I turned on the light.


The dark little room was suddenly bright.


I walked to the desk and looked back at Chen Xiaoxue, who was curiously looking around my room.


Chen Xiaoxue was also looking at me, she smiled charmingly and asked me:


"What are you looking at? Haven't you seen a beauty before…"


As she spoke, she threw me a flirtatious glance and walked up to me with a swaying step.


Her hand naturally rested on me.


A pair of seductive eyes were looking at me coyly.


"You won me over, today I'm yours. Tell me, what do you want to do?"


As she spoke, her fingers were slowly sliding on my cheek.


"Say something…"


Looking at the fox-like Chen Xiaoxue.


I remained expressionless.


Suddenly, I said in a deep voice.


"Kneel down!"


Chen Xiaoxue was stunned at first, but quickly recovered.


She giggled, her bosom swaying.


She slowly knelt at my feet.


At the same time, she looked up at me and said in a coquettish tone:


"Chu Liu, no, I should call you Master Chu Liu. How long has it been since you touched a woman? You're so eager?"


As she spoke.


Her hand reached for my belt.


With a light flick, the belt loosened.


"Do all you men like women to kneel and serve you…"




I slapped Chen Xiaoxue's hand away.


She thought I wanted to do something exciting with her.


"What are you thinking? Turn around and see what's on the table?"


Only then did Chen Xiaoxue look at the table.


On the table was a black and white portrait of my father.


This was his only remaining photo in the world.


"Today at the card game, you insulted my parents. I won you over to make you kneel down, to kowtow and apologize to my father!"


Even Chen Xiaoxue, who had a thick face, was embarrassed by what I said.


But she obediently lit the incense and knelt in front of my father's portrait, mumbling apologies.


I ignored her, took a clean pajama, and went to take a bath.


I have to admit, Old Hei's fists were hard.


I was bruised in many places, and my body ached like broken bones.


This injury, it seems, will take a few days to heal.


After taking a bath and changing into my pajamas, I lay back on the bed.


Chen Xiaoxue was still looking around my room as she had been before.


Seeing that I lay down and ignored her.


She walked straight to the bed and said to me with a smile:


"Chu Liu, you were really manly today. Even Old Hei was scared by you. Are you tired? Let me give you a foot massage. My skills, in our Sky Like, can be considered top-notch…"


As she spoke, she didn't wait for my agreement.


She moved a chair, sat by the bed, and directly held my foot.


Although I'm not familiar with Chen Xiaoxue.


But I know that this woman is opportunistic and extremely snobbish.


She is now offering her services for no reason, there must be a purpose.


"Wow, your feet are really good-looking!"


I sneered in my heart.


There was nothing to compliment me on, so she complimented my feet.


"Don't say, this foot just washed, it's quite fragrant…"


As she spoke, she actually kissed it.


I still closed my eyes and ignored her.


While massaging my foot, Chen Xiaoxue suddenly said:


"Chu Liu, I'll tell you a secret! Actually, Hou Jun recognizes all of your Three card poker cards. The poker he uses is magic poker…"


I didn't understand why Chen Xiaoxue suddenly told me this.


Doesn't she plan to follow Hou Jun anymore?


Of course, I'm not so narcissistic as to think that Chen Xiaoxue would follow me.


"Do you recognize it?"


I asked casually with my eyes closed.


"Of course I don't…"


She lied as soon as she opened her mouth.


She was by Hou Jun's side to help him see the cards, and she actually said she didn't recognize them.


Seeing that I still didn't speak, Chen Xiaoxue suddenly said again:


"Chu Liu, can you really cheat? I don't believe it was a coincidence. When you dealt the cards, Old Hei had a Leopard J, Hou Jun had a Leopard A, and you had 235? I think you must be The Swindler, and that ten thousand yuan was also won by you, right?"


On this point, Chen Xiaoxue was smarter than Hou Jun.


Many things that seem to be coincidences or luck in gambling rounds.


In fact, someone is cheating.


"Actually, I know some rich bosses in our Bathing place, they all love to gamble. Why don't I find them, you cheat and win them. When the time comes, you just give me a share of the money you win. What do you think?"


"Not good!"


I refused coldly.


So this is why Chen Xiaoxue came back with me so happily, and even seemed to throw herself at me, this was her purpose.


I need money, but women like Chen Xiaoxue who only have money in their eyes.


Working with her, there is always the possibility of being counterfeited.


Master Liu once said, in the world, stability comes first, safety is paramount.


Seeing my refusal, Chen Xiaoxue seemed to not give up.


After a moment of silence, she said again:


"I'll tell you another secret. Actually, the boss of our Sky Like is a woman, very young. She not only runs a Bathing place and a club, but also a casino. Sister Mei is managing the Bathing place for her…"


Although I've been in Sky Like for half a year, this is the first time I've heard about this.


Could it be that the gambling den Sister Mei took me to yesterday, which she said was opened by her friend, was actually owned by our boss?"If you really know the Swindler techniques, I can talk to Sister Mei for you and have her transfer you to the casino. Working there, you'll be rich…"


I remained silent.


"Let me tell you, you must know about the Zou Family, right? In Harbin North, there's no one who doesn't know about the Zou Family. Our boss is from the Zou Family! Working for the Zou Family is like hitting a gold mine. It's hard not to prosper…"


What Zou Family? I really didn't know.


As for Harbin North, apart from Sky Like, I knew almost nothing.


"Also, our boss is a great beauty. Although I haven't seen her, I heard she's even more beautiful than Su Mei. She should be about as beautiful as me…"


Chen Xiaoxue was boasting about herself.


She was indeed somewhat attractive.


But compared to Su Mei, she was still two levels behind.


"Let me put it this way, every man who has seen me wants to sleep with me. I guess these stinky men would feel the same if they saw our boss…"


Saying this, Chen Xiaoxue chuckled softly.


"What about you? My Master Chu Liu, do you want to sleep with me…"




Blatant teasing!


Chen Xiaoxue began to tease me, even deliberately adding a few soft breaths.


Her voice was extremely seductive.


And I, still kept my eyes closed and said nothing.


Her hand, too, began to wander.


Starting from my ankle, she slowly moved upward.


Just as she was about to reach a crucial spot.


I suddenly frowned and asked in a deep voice:


"What are you doing?"




Chen Xiaoxue giggled.


She also climbed onto the bed.


"Get out!"


I opened my eyes and glared at her.


Chen Xiaoxue was taken aback. She thought I was just a naive young man.


A few provocative words and actions, and she could easily have me.


But to her surprise, I flatly refused.


She still didn't give up, deliberately putting on a pitiful look.


"Do you really want me to leave just like this?"


I closed my eyes again and said coldly:


"There's money in the pocket of my pants, count five hundred for yourself. Consider it your foot massage fee!"


Seeing my firm tone, Chen Xiaoxue had no choice but to get off the bed and take the money.


"I'll take five hundred and leave…"


Saying this, she pushed the door and left.


But I knew, she took a thousand.


The sound of counting money was faint.


But in my ears, it was clear and audible.

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