Chapter 9 – Causing trouble


With a loud shout, Yingu Lite raised her wooden sword and took a step forward, channeling all her strength into the blade as she swung it down with all her might at the training dummy in front of her.


As the dummy shattered, the wooden sword stopped at the edge of the ninth ring.

Yingu Lite retrieved her sword and returned to a defensive stance, using the breathing techniques taught at the Artificer Academy to quickly recover her energy.

“At this rate, I should be able to summon the Zhan Sword Artisan within this month,” Yingu Lite thought to herself.

As an academy that had been passed down for hundreds of years, the Sword Flower Academy had various techniques to guide the training of Artificers. The training dummies, like the one in front of Yingu Lite, were specifically designed to help Swordsmen apprentices get started.

The training dummy looked like a wooden stake with ten rings marked on its core, made of an incredibly hard material. When an apprentice could strike the core with a single sword stroke, it meant that their swordsmanship was strong enough to summon their first swordsmanship Artisan.

Generally speaking, a Swordsman could summon three types of Artisans: the Zhan Sword, the Ci Sword, and the Qie Sword. As Yingu Lite was practicing her Zhan Sword techniques, she naturally wanted to summon the Zhan Sword Artisan.

Yingu Lite took a second or two to catch her breath, and by then the training dummy had already recovered as if she had never struck it.

This was the strength of the Sword Flower Academy’s training grounds – no matter how badly damaged they were, all the training dummies would quickly recover as long as the apprentice had enough energy. The dummies were there for the apprentices to practice on, and they could be attacked as much as the apprentices wanted. After all, it wasn’t the dummies that would be crawling out of the training grounds with weak legs.


As Yingu Lite continued her swordsmanship training, she suddenly heard the training ground’s door being blasted open. She couldn’t help but be distracted and look over. Although the apprentices in the training ground were sweating and shouting, this was actually a very disciplined place, and very few people dared to cause trouble here.

Anyone who caused trouble here would be met with dozens of Swordsmen apprentices who were itching to fight.

Passionate, restrained, combative, and full of male hormones, these were the labels of the training grounds.

There was a famous joke in the Sword Flower Academy: “Some male students start practicing swordsmanship to pursue girls, but end up practicing to compete with other male students. Maybe it’s not that love loses to power, but that it’s easier to pursue pure power than complicated love?”

But tonight, complicated love had entered the realm of power.

A strand of hair that radiated a ruby-like luster appeared at the door, with skin so white it was dazzling, features so delicate they seemed to have been carefully crafted by an artist, a slender waist, and long, straight legs.

A rose that should have appeared at a banquet had suddenly bloomed in the training ground full of swords.

But what caught the attention of the Swordsman apprentices the most was the wooden training sword in her right hand.


As Yingu Lite watched Sonia walk halfway across the training ground and begin training with a training dummy that no one was using, she was filled with doubt.

Although she didn’t have any ill feelings towards Sonia, in her understanding, Sonia was not the type of person who would touch swordsmanship.Unlike the elegant and graceful female swordsmen in the “Fantasy Epic” and “Knight Drama” played on the screen, in reality, female swordsmen must train their physical fitness to be even better than males in order to summon artifices and master spells. Their hands are calloused from wielding swords, and their arms, legs, and even waist muscles are more developed due to training. In reality, it is impossible for actresses to use their delicate and pretty hands to perform gorgeous swordsmanship like in the movies.

Even the sword artifices will not recognize artificers with weak bodies. Yingu Lite has heard too much about news of swordsmen losing their artifices after aging and weakening. Although some people say that female swordsmen have a kind of “beauty of strength,” Yingu Lite observes that male students who pursue female hydromancers are far more than those who pursue female swordsmen.

She admits that Sonia, Lois, and other delicate hydromancers are better looking and more exquisite than her, who looks like a rough man, as a swordswoman. When she trains, Sonia and Lois also do makeup and skincare, and everyone gets what they pursue.

So Yingu Lite was surprised when she noticed a handsome young man named Felix Fusoya wiping his sweat not far from Sonia. He is a genius apprentice of the swordsmanship department in the same grade as them. Although Felix is also training hard to summon his first artifice like Yingu Lite, he wants to summon the secret artifice “Wave Sword” of the Fusoya family, which is undoubtedly stronger than the basic “Chop Sword” that Yingu Lite wants to summon.

The initial artifice of each artificer is crucial and may even determine the direction of their future development. Therefore, families with conditions will try their best to find suitable training methods for their talented members to summon the most powerful and appropriate initial artifices.

Even Yingu Lite’s small noble family in the countryside has the training method of a secret artifice, which is just not suitable for her. “Wave Sword” is undoubtedly stronger than “Chop Sword,” and Felix’s training intensity also crushes Yingu Lite. Felix’s swordsmanship skills and training intensity are far superior to his peers, which is why he is praised as a first-grade swordsman genius.

However, what makes female students talk about Felix more is his other side. Even though Yingu Lite comes from the countryside, she knows that the Fusoya family is one of the top nobles in the Starry Sky and one of the five pillars of the Starry Sky Council.

The Duke of Fusoya, also known as the “Star Forger Duke,” controls the most advanced steel factory in the Starry Sky Kingdom, and his business covers civil, military, and political fields, making him the most influential person in this country. As the second son of the Duke, Felix should have gone to the University of Truth, but no one knows why he came to the University of Sword Flowers. Many people secretly speculate that he is not favored by the Duke.But even if Felix was not favored, he was still the legitimate heir of Fusoya, and even if he mixed poorly, he was still a member of the top class. Naturally, many people wanted to use his promotion instrument to climb the ladder.

And Felix’s social skills were as outstanding as his swordsmanship. He changed his female companion almost every week, and the speed of changing women was faster than changing clothes.

At the most frequent time, Yingu Lite even found that his female companions who came to the training ground for five consecutive days were all different. It really made Yingu Lite feel ashamed and admired- how did this person manage to have the energy to do other things after high-intensity training?

After she finished training, she wanted to melt on the bed.

With high skills, good looks, and many scandals, Felix was undoubtedly the focus of the training ground. If Sonia had a special purpose, her only goal could only be Felix.

But when they were still good friends in the dormitory before, Lois, Adair, and Sonia all clearly expressed that they respected and kept their distance from Felix when they talked about the boys in school.

After all, for a playboy like Felix, the ending is bound to be arranged for a political marriage by the Duke of Fusoya. If they attach any expectations, the consequences will inevitably be just a member of the former girlfriend group.

Although Yingu Lite, who had illusions about love in her heart, didn’t like their naked utilitarianism, she also admitted that their judgment was correct. In a year, no girlfriend of Felix could break the one-week term.

Isn’t Sonia here for Felix? But except for Felix, there is no one else here who can catch her eye…

While Yingu Lite was thinking, Sonia had already started training in a serious manner.

“Ha!” With the breathing method, Sonia slashed towards the armor, but even the skin of the armor was not pierced.

Yingu Lite observed for a while and shook her head repeatedly: Sonia’s main hand was unstable, her off-hand was weak, her footsteps were loose, and her body was slow. There was not a decent move.

Even the clothes were not changed into convenient training clothes, still wearing bright and beautiful regular clothes.

Even the shouting voice sounded like coquetry.

Rather than saying that she came to train, it is better to say that she came to attract attention.

No matter what her purpose is, it is definitely not training.

Yingu Lite no longer paid attention to her and continued her own training. Swordsmanship training emphasizes the unity of mind and body, and concentration is the most important thing. Every sword must be infused with all the mind, how much force to use, how much to leave, the rotation of the shoulder, the swing of the wrist, the stepping… When all the details are clear, it can be regarded as a sword.

Slacking off is the most meaningless thing. Every effort of the apprentice is not for others, but for oneself.

Only when the apprentice’s talent is sufficient to arouse the resonance of the virtual realm can he summon the artisan out of thin air, cross the reality, obtain the pass to enter the virtual realm, and become a true virtual wing artificer.

According to Yingu Lite’s current level, she had to take a break every three swords, relax her muscles every thirty swords, and swing nine hundred swords within two hours to complete a training session, and the accumulated fatigue value was enough to make her fall asleep as soon as she touched the pillow after washing up.




A few minutes later, Yingu Lite could no longer restrain her anger in her heart and looked at Sonia dissatisfiedly- in these short few minutes, Yingu Lite heard that Sonia had swung dozens of swords without any rest in between, which was simply messing around.Yingu Lite’s anger was understandable. It was like being in a very difficult and serious exam room, and suddenly a casual student got the test paper and started answering without even looking at it, while saying things like “This is so easy,” “That’s it,” and “I can’t believe anyone wouldn’t know how to do this.” Everyone else would definitely think that the student was causing trouble.

Now, Sonia’s behavior was equivalent to causing trouble.

However, just as Yingu Lite was about to warn Sonia, she realized that she might have misunderstood. Although Sonia’s movements were still rough and those of a novice, every action strictly followed the requirements of the “Swordsmanship Manual.” She put all her strength into each sword strike, and sweat dripped from her forehead along her nose bridge. She was definitely not messing around.

Moreover, compared to a few minutes ago, Sonia’s swordsmanship had improved significantly. Her wooden sword could even cut into the edge of the armor!

Although she still lowered the overall level of swordsmanship in the training ground, it seemed that she already had some foundation in swordsmanship, at least like someone who had practiced for a few months!

“Has she practiced swordsmanship before?” Yingu Lite wondered.

However, she still believed that Sonia was not here for training. Wasting her energy like this, Sonia would definitely be too tired to stand up in a few minutes, and it wouldn’t achieve any training effect, but perhaps it would have a weight loss effect.

I see, she must be here for body sculpting! I’ve heard of this!

Yingu Lite suddenly felt that she understood Sonia’s purpose. However, she felt that Sonia was also reaching her limit.

After all, even for a swordsmanship apprentice like her who had trained for years, she could only swing her sword 256 times in one go, taking eleven minutes.

For a swordsmanship novice like Sonia, being able to go non-stop for a few minutes was already impressive.

Feeling a little tired, Yingu Lite stopped to rest and secretly counted the number of times Sonia swung her sword. She planned to go over and give her some pointers when Sonia’s movements started to deform. Although she didn’t think Sonia would switch to the swordsmanship department, as long as it could increase Sonia’s interest in swordsmanship, it would be a good thing.

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