Chapter 8 – No, you should practice swordsmanship

Sonia opened “The Basic Principles of Hydromancy” while removing her makeup.

It was the perfect time to read since removing makeup was a hassle. She had to use a cotton swab to clean each eyelash and wash her eyes with eye drops. Today, she had applied sunscreen on her arms, which could not be washed off with body wash. So, she bought cheap makeup remover specifically for sunscreen.

After taking a shower, she had to do basic skincare and apply essence to her eyelashes. She could not afford to have her eyelashes done at “Perfect Starlight” due to a lack of money.

All of these things added up to almost an hour. If she did not study during her free time, how could she have won the scholarship last semester?

She was planning to summon her first Hydromancy Spirit before next year and become a Silver Wing Artificer before graduation.

Although Sword Flower University was not a top Artificer university in Garlean, it was well-known for training Swordsman, Hydromancer, and Aeromancer. Graduating from these three departments would lead to endless opportunities.

As Hydromancer was often associated with healing spells, it was also a popular choice for becoming a Cure Sorcerer. This was Sonia’s chosen major.

After experiencing the prosperous world of Garlean, Sonia knew that she could not establish herself in this world without spending several decades. Therefore, finding a good man was a shortcut to enter the upper class.

She did not spend so much time, energy, and money maintaining her beauty to marry a poor man.

According to Sonia’s investigation, more than 50% of noble wives were Hydromancers. If the noble was also an Artificer, this percentage could even exceed 70%. Hydromancers were undoubtedly a significant factor in choosing a wife for nobles.

Compared to Hydromancers, Aeromancers often became meteorologists and had to work outdoors in harsh conditions. Swordsman, on the other hand, was not a desirable trait for women.

Sonia’s life plan was clear. She wanted to become a Hydromancer and participate in the on-campus activities of the Truth Sorcerer University in Garlean to catch a nobleman’s eye. Unlike Sword Flower University, Truth University was the top Artificer university in Garlean and even the top academy in the Star Kingdom. The people there were either rich or noble. That was where Sonia’s future boyfriend would appear. She did not find any male students from Sword Flower University attractive.

Her plan was to become a Hydromancer, make friends with noble students from Truth University, become a nobleman’s wife, and use his social resources to accumulate wealth. Even if they got divorced, she could still establish herself in Garlean and bring her mother to live the life of a noblewoman.

“No, you should practice swordsmanship.”Upon hearing the familiar yet strange chaotic voice, Sonia’s right hand instinctively reached for her weapon.

If it weren’t for her sitting position limiting her movements, she would have immediately used her “See Cut” step to dodge.

But the next second, she snapped out of it and looked in horror at the strange person who had appeared out of nowhere next to her. He was wearing a deep black cloak and had a dim and blurry face.

“If I were you, I would first look at the reactions of others.”

The observer stood next to the wardrobe, raised a finger, and made a gesture to silence her. “If you want to talk to me, just say it in your mind.”

Sonia looked at Lois and Adair. Adair was clicking on the air, obviously immersed in the show on the screen, while Lois had just come out of the bathroom and passed by the observer without even glancing at him, as if he didn’t exist.

Sonia looked down at the ground and suddenly understood everything – the observer had no shadow.

Suppressing the urge to speak, Sonia asked in her mind, “Who are you?”

“I am the Final Observer. You can call me the Observer. If you are so forgetful at such a young age, I can only recommend that you stop indulging in pleasure…”

“You know I’m not asking that,” Sonia interrupted.

“But that’s all I can answer,” the observer said. “And you know what? I used to hate people who were so mysterious, especially those who held important secrets but acted like ‘it’s not time for you to know yet,’ which made me want to beat the crap out of them.”

Sonia didn’t say anything, just looked at the observer.

The observer nodded. “Yes, as you said, I have become one of those mysterious people now because…I find it interesting. Especially seeing you so angry and helpless, it really makes me feel like it was worth the trip.”

“But isn’t that normal? People often grow into the person they hate the most, or rather, the people they dislike usually live longer.”

Sonia suddenly realized a problem and was horrified.

“You can hear my thoughts!”

“If I can’t hear your thoughts, how am I different from performing pantomime?”

“But you can’t – you don’t respect – you have taken away my freedom of mind!”

“Don’t worry, Sword Girl, I’m not your enemy,” the observer said. “I’m not even a complete person now. If you really insist, I can disappear from your sight.”

“Then what are you?” Sonia asked.

“I am just a distant memory,” the observer shook his head. “But let’s talk about business. You will soon stop caring that I can hear your thoughts.”

“What business?” Sonia remembered the cruelty of her dream.”First.” A blue potion suddenly appeared in the observer’s hand: “You have to drink it.”

“No, I won’t drink it!” Sonia replied instantly.

However, a terrifying scene happened to Sonia—she saw the potion in the glass bottle disappearing at a visible speed, and at the same time, she felt the liquid sliding down her throat!

“Next.” The observer handed her a wooden sword: “You want to practice swordsmanship.”

“No, I don’t want to!”

The observer was right. Now, Sonia no longer cared that he could hear her inner voice.

Because compared to controlling her words and actions, listening to her heart’s voice was a trivial matter!

Despite Sonia’s best efforts, she could only watch herself take the wooden sword, and then—


With the harsh sound of the wooden chair scraping across the floor, Lois and Adair turned their heads and saw Sonia holding the wooden sword and leaving the dormitory. The door closed with a loud bang.

“What’s wrong with her?”

Lois muttered softly, but she immediately realized that she sounded weak, so she laughed loudly: “She hasn’t practiced swordsmanship for a year, and suddenly she’s training tonight? Is she trying to hook up with some senior from the swordsmanship department?”

Adair blinked, somewhat puzzled: “I don’t remember her buying a wooden sword before, and Yingu Lite doesn’t have this kind of wooden sword either. Where did she get it from…?”

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