Chapter 10 – Sword Girl, you can’t rest yet

“How many minutes has it been?”

“Ninety-six minutes. Has anyone counted how many strikes she’s made?”

“I was the first to start counting. When she made her sword strike into the seventh ring at around one thousand seven hundred strikes, I was stunned for a while. I only know that it’s around two thousand four hundred strikes now.”

When Celia opened the training ground door, she saw an incredible scene – all the sword apprentices who usually waste their sweat and youth on training swords were now throwing down their weapons and gathered together, discussing something.

She thought they were watching her boyfriend Felix, and wondered if he had successfully summoned his ‘Wave Sword’ Artisan.

With this thought, she hurriedly took two steps forward, thinking about where to celebrate later. Should she go to the Amber Club or the Golden Harbor Bar? But Felix must be tired now, so why not just go to his house and ‘rest well’ with him? Felix had known her for so long, yet he had always restrained himself from taking the next step. Celia felt that she should take the initiative.

However, when Celia walked into the crowd, she realized that she was wrong – because she found that her proud and handsome boyfriend Felix was also like an ordinary onlooker, with a surprised expression on his face, staring blankly ahead.

Following their line of sight, Celia found that there was a girl in the training ground who was even more beautiful than herself: a casually tied ponytail, a fair and tender neck, a delicate face that looked like it had no makeup, and even the sweat beads on it emitted a pearly luster.

She was an enemy, but also a fellow hunter. Celia felt it the moment she saw her, even though the other party hadn’t said a word yet.

It seemed like a natural makeup, but in fact, it used many makeup techniques to disguise as a ‘first love makeup’. The seemingly casual clothes were just right to reveal the neck and wrist, and the seemingly simple accessories perfectly embellished her beauty… How could she disguise such a near-perfect ‘dream goddess’ image that hit all the male pleasure points without special preparation?

Confirmed by eye contact, she was also a hunter!

With this thought, Celia immediately narrowed her eyes and took the initiative to hold Felix’s arm, regardless of the sweat on his body.

In her opinion, there was no better prey in the entire training ground, or even in the entire Sword Flower University, than Felix.

Even if True University was included, Felix was still a top-notch prize. As long as she could get the surname Fusoya, it would be enough to bring endless benefits to Celia.

She had been preparing for Felix for a long time. Even if she knew that Felix had a playboy character, she had enough confidence to rein in this wild horse.

If used properly, even the attribute of being a playboy might not be a bad thing – as long as she could obtain the status of a wife, Celia didn’t mind him cheating.

It was finally the season of harvest. Felix planned to introduce her to Duke Fusoya at his birthday banquet, but now someone suddenly wanted to intercept her prey? No way!

“Felix, what are you guys looking at?” Celia asked casually, “I didn’t even know that the Sword Artisan department had such a beautiful junior sister.””Sister, you’re here.” Felix only realized Celia’s arrival at this moment, but her gaze didn’t even shift to Celia for a second, as if her eyes only saw the girl who was training. “She…she’s not from the swordsmanship department. She’s a first-year student from the water magic department, named Sonia Seway.”

Even the name and grade are already known…Celia’s sense of crisis became heavier and she wished to drag Felix away immediately, but she also knew the principle of “to catch prey, use a decoy”. She pretended to be curious and asked, “Why are you all watching her train? Is it because she’s pretty?”

“Not…not just that…” Felix shook her head. “Because you’re not a swordsmanship apprentice, I don’t know how to explain it to you.”

“When I was in my first year, I also studied swordsmanship for a few months, but I was more talented in water magic, so I gave up.” Celia snorted. “And you’re a genius in swordsmanship, with you explaining it, how could I not understand?”

“Well, then let me explain briefly.” Felix said, “An hour and a half ago, she was still a novice who didn’t even have a proper sword stance, but now she can cut through a nine-ring armor with one sword.”

“She must be pretending, right?” Celia didn’t say this out of malice, but mainly because she really did practice swordsmanship for a few months and understood what this concept meant—even she could only cut through a second-ring armor, and her level was considered above average among the freshmen.

“Although I thought so before, and even preferred to think so, that’s why I watched her train, hoping to see her hit a bottleneck, hoping to see her make no progress…but now, after an hour and a half, my humble jealousy has turned into admiration.”

Celia found it hard to imagine that Felix would say such humble and sincere words. Even when talking about his father, Star Forger, and his brother, Dimi, he always had a cold and indifferent tone.

However, for a girl he hardly knew, he actually showed admiration and curiosity. This was a very dangerous signal—curiosity was often the vanguard of falling.

And he actually watched a girl for an hour and a half…an hour and a half?

He watched for an hour and a half, so that girl named Sonia, the female hunter, trained for a full hour and a half!?

Celia carefully observed Sonia’s training movements: sliding step forward, sword swing to the face, steady as a rock, and swift as thunder…every move was completely in accordance with “Swordsmanship Manual”, without any laziness or reliance on strength, every sword was exerted to the fullest!

Normal people need to take a break after practicing for a few minutes, and Felix can only train for a maximum of three hours, one of which is for rest and relaxation. However, according to what they said, this girl had been training continuously for more than an hour, and she didn’t stop in the middle!?

This explains why they were all watching—compared to the beautiful girl, these group of muscular men who were all thinking about swordsmanship were probably more curious about how to have such terrifying physical strength.

But after watching for a while, Celia also became absorbed into the crowd, unable to resist being attracted by Sonia’s training posture.Her movements were full of the beauty of swordsmanship, the beauty of strength, and the beauty of a young girl. And what was even more terrifying was that she seemed to be improving every minute and every second. Every sword swing was stronger, more precise, and more skillful than the last.

This was art, an art of swordsmanship.

At this moment, Celia lost with grace.

If this girl named Sonia’s target was really Felix, then she had almost no chance of winning.

She knew Felix’s obsession with swordsmanship. If Felix’s “intellectual beauty senior sister” was worth 80 points in her heart, then Sonia, the “sword genius beauty girl,” was worth 150 points.


When Sonia’s wooden sword struck the target with a perfect score, everyone gasped in unison. The temperature in the training field dropped as they witnessed a miracle!

An apprentice who had just entered the school had successfully hit the target with a perfect score after two hours of uninterrupted training!

Even if she did nothing else, as long as she seized the opportunity, she would resonate with the knowledge of the virtual realm, summon a swordsmanship artisan, and become a virtual wing sorcerer! It could take a second or several months!

It was important to note that not everyone at Sword Flower University could become a sorcerer, and the graduation rate had always hovered around 50%. Every graduate of the virtual wing sorcerer had a bright future!

In other words, from this moment on, Sonia could already be sure that she would have a worry-free life in her later years!

At the same time, Sonia put away her wooden sword, and everyone breathed a sigh of relief – the monster disguised as a beautiful girl was finally tired.

If Sonia continued to train, they really had to wonder if cross-dressing had a stamina bonus. Although it was already unbelievable, she had swung her sword every two seconds on average for two hours, thirty swords per minute, and a total of 3,600 swords in two hours… just calculating this number made the sword apprentices’ scalp tingle.

At this point, Yingu Lite quickly went over and handed Sonia a towel and a water bottle, ready to help her back to the dormitory.

When Sonia had swung her sword a thousand times, Yingu Lite was already impressed and had the thought of getting closer to her – what bad intentions could someone who practiced swordsmanship have?

“Sonia, are you tired too? Shall we go back together?” Yingu Lite’s only method of getting closer was to go back together, go to the restroom together, or eat together…

Sonia, who was about to agree, suddenly felt a surge of energy in her limbs, making her feel full of energy again. And her face suddenly froze, her gaze fixed on Felix in the crowd.

It was like a hunter finding its prey.

The other sword apprentices sighed secretly, Celia bit her lip with unwillingness, and Felix raised her chin slightly, showing a confident smile to Sonia.

The reason behind these changes was heartwarming.

Because in Sonia’s eyes, the observer was standing behind Felix.

That damn little snitch, shaking his finger, said:”Sword Girl, you can’t rest yet.”

“Next,” he pointed at Felix, “you have to defeat this person.”

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