Chapter 7 – Fragile Roommate Friendship

On the way back to school, Sonia encountered a traffic accident and the tram had to stop for half an hour. By the time she arrived back at Jianhua University, it was already past 7 pm. According to the rules, students were not allowed to enter or leave after 7 pm. If a student returned late, they had to register their name. If they did so more than three times, they would have to eat a thorn bush, and if they collected three thorn bushes, they would be expelled.

However, with Sonia’s explanation, the young guard at the gate let her in without registering her name. Noticing the guard’s lecherous gaze, Sonia smiled and thanked him while secretly despising him. Did he really think he could approach pretty female students just because he was a gatekeeper? He had no self-awareness, no wonder he was just a gatekeeper.

Sonia had known since childhood that she could use her beauty to her advantage, but it wasn’t until she came to Garlean that she realized how powerful it could be. Compared to the poor villages, civilized people in the city were willing to provide more convenience for beauty.

At times like this, Sonia sincerely thanked the Adeptus for developing the prosperous civilization of the Star Kingdom, which gave her the opportunity to squeeze into high society. If she were in a place like the Blood Moon Kingdom, she would probably have been snatched away as a trophy by some barbarian just as she had grown into a beauty.

She also thanked her mother. If her mother had made her work in the fields instead of studying at home when she was young, even if she had been naturally beautiful, she would have been turned into a rough farm woman by the wind and sun.

When Sonia returned to the girls’ dormitory, she heard Lois’s voice from inside. “It’s already past 7 pm. That country bumpkin probably won’t be back tonight, right? Ha, she can’t hide her tail anymore. She’s probably hooked up with some rich merchant.”

Oh, it was just in time for the classic scene of “talking behind someone’s back” with her glass roommates. Sonia stopped and listened silently to Lois’s powerless rage.

Adair pretended to advise her, “Stop talking, Lois. She might have already come back…”

“Let her come back. I want to insult her face to face for being shameless!” Lois became more and more angry. “You didn’t see her slutty appearance, flirting with someone during class. What’s so great about a country bumpkin besides having a pretty face?”

Heh, at least she’s prettier than you.

Sonia sneered in her heart. Lois was the most difficult person to deal with in the dormitory. She was the daughter of a local businessman in Garlean and was full of superiority because of her appearance. She would secretly insult Sonia for her low background in the dormitory. However, Sonia was simply better looking than her. When the two appeared together, the number of male students who showed interest in Sonia was clearly higher.

But in the first year, everyone still maintained a peaceful appearance. It wasn’t until Sonia successfully took the host’s position from Lois during a school event that Lois’s hostility towards her became apparent. Lois was not a good person either. She organized entertainment activities for the Water Magic Department many times, and even paid for the department’s students to go to high-end restaurants, but she never invited Sonia to join them.

By showing off her wealth in this way, more people began pursuing Lois. After all, people who wanted to take shortcuts were not limited to just men. Although Sonia was beautiful, if they married Lois, a white rich beauty, they could save ten years of struggle.

Sonia knew too well about the disgusting ways Lois used to treat her.Every time a boy pursues Lois and she shows a little interest, Sonia would purposely create a “coincidental” encounter and have some physical contact with the boy, along with some seductive glances, enough to make him fall for her and even give up on Lois.

Lois was in a bad mood tonight because Sonia had “converted” the latest senior who was pursuing her.

To be honest, Sonia despised Lois’s taste because the senior was useless except for his good looks and had a superiority complex. But to disgust Lois, she didn’t mind throwing some flirtatious glances.

Although Sonia would definitely reject anyone’s pursuit, would Lois be willing to date “the trash that even Sonia, the country bumpkin, doesn’t want?” So it’s no wonder Lois was so angry.

“Speaking of which, I heard Dixie say she saw Sonia talking to a peasant woman outside the school gate at noon.” Adair suddenly remembered. “Could that peasant woman be her mother?”

“Well, with a shameless daughter like her, her mother must be shameless too-“


Before Sonia could push open the door and rage inside, there was a loud noise from inside, and she stepped back. Just then, a single ponytail blonde girl with a sword bag on her back appeared in front of her.

“Good evening, Sonia,” she said.

“Good evening, Yingu Lite,” Sonia replied.

Without looking back, Yingu Lite left the dorm, probably going to the training ground for night training. Adair and Lois were still sitting there, their faces still filled with shock.

On the training punching bag that Yingu Lite bought, there was a dent that Sonia had never seen before.

Sonia came in and closed the door, and the dorm returned to calmness.

Since Yingu Lite had helped her teach them a lesson, Sonia naturally wouldn’t come again, but she secretly kept this account in mind and would make Lois pay back with interest sooner or later.

After a day of shopping, Sonia was also tired and sat down and put down her school bag. Her desk was different from the others, although there were cosmetics and skincare products, it was neat and tidy without any mess.

Lois had mocked her several times for buying low-end cosmetics that only peasants would use, but in the past year, Sonia had become more and more beautiful and fair-skinned, and Lois gradually stopped scolding her and even bought a set of skincare products that matched Sonia’s.

But they didn’t know that although Sonia’s skincare products looked like low-end mass-market goods, they had already been replaced with high-end goods.

You get what you pay for, and businessmen won’t let you take advantage of them.

Only a fool would use those low-end goods on their face.

Not only that, Sonia also spent money to go to the female artificer beauty center “Perfect Starlight” for facial adjustments.

Lois and her friends thought that Sonia really relied on dieting and skincare to become more and more beautiful, but they didn’t know that Sonia had almost spent all her scholarship money on it.

After earning some spare money through part-time jobs and scholarships, Sonia didn’t directly buy expensive skincare products, after all, there was Lois, the big mouth, in the dorm.

Sonia was sure that if she bought high-end goods today, the news that she became someone’s mistress would spread throughout the water artificer department tomorrow.

She was comfortable with the label of “poor but studious beautiful student” and didn’t want to easily take it off.In addition, Sonia couldn’t help but feel a little malicious anticipation in her heart: if Lois really ruined her face because she foolishly applied those low-quality skincare products, it would be so satisfying.

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