Chapter 71 – Artisan Spirit Relationship: Battle of Pure Love

Garlean, in the basement of a luxury villa.

As the five overlapping contracts turned into light smoke and dissipated, the five of them vaguely felt that their souls seemed to have gained a little weight.

“Now that the contract is signed, where is the treasure?” Adair curiously looked around. “I understand, is it hidden in these tables and chairs, and we need to shave off the wood on the outside?”

It’s no wonder Adair would have such an idea. After all, the basement is basically filled with tables and chairs, and there is no place to hide anything.

“The treasure is not here,” Felix said.

“If it’s not here, then why did we come here?” Adair looked confused, but the others had an expected look on their faces. Lois pinched Adair’s cheek impatiently and said, “Pay a little attention in class! We are sorcerers, not ordinary people. How could we hide things in the real world like ordinary people?”

“If it’s not in the real world, then where is it… Oh, the Virtual Realm!” Adair suddenly realized. “No wonder we need sorcery spirits to open the treasure!”

Compared to the real world, which is full of surprises, changes, and disasters, the Virtual Realm is an ideal storage warehouse: timeless, disaster-free, and uninhabited.

The Virtual Realm is not just a place for sorcerers to practice, but the cornerstone of the sorcerer system. So far, no one has dared to claim that they have fully understood the Virtual Realm. Almost every year, every month, sorcerers invent new techniques using the Virtual Realm.

Sorcerers are like children picking seashells on the beach, facing an unknown and vast ocean.

The technology of storing items in the Virtual Realm is not new, but it has not been commercialized to this day. It is a miracle exclusive to high-level sorcerers.

The principle is simple: find a way to stabilize the coordinates of the true door of the Virtual Realm, so that you can always reach the same coordinates. Then, those coordinates naturally become the personal warehouse of the sorcerer.

It sounds simple, but the true door appears randomly within the sorcery spirit. How can its coordinates be stabilized?

This involves another little-known discipline: Sorcery Spirit Relationship Studies.

Since sorcery spirits have intelligence, they naturally have emotions. However, sorcerers cannot observe this, at least sorcerers below the Holy Domain cannot discern the sorcery spirit’s emotions.

But when multiple sorcery spirits come into contact with each other, their moods will inevitably change. If the change pattern can be observed and one sorcery spirit’s mood can be kept constant, then the true door within it will also remain unchanged, becoming an eternal and unchanging coordinate of the Virtual Realm!

Felix summoned his own fluctuating sword sorcery spirit and said, “When the fluctuating sword shows a change in expression, you must immediately bring the killing intent sword close to it. Are you ready?”

Sonia nodded and summoned her “killing intent sword” sorcery spirit.

Felix took a deep breath and summoned his “love” sorcery spirit, a cute and innocent single-winged girl sorcery spirit.

The fluctuating sword sorcery spirit appeared as a cold swordsman. When the love sorcery spirit danced around it, its expression did not change. When the love sorcery spirit grabbed its hand and shook it, it still remained unchanged. Suddenly, the love sorcery spirit leaned over and kissed the fluctuating sword sorcery spirit. The frozen face of the fluctuating sword finally melted, revealing a barely visible blush.


Sonia immediately brought the killing intent sword closer. The killing intent sword appeared as a red-haired swordsman holding two swords, surrounded by a red halo. As it approached, the love sorcery spirit hid behind the fluctuating sword, while the fluctuating sword faced the killing intent sword without fear, emitting a black fluctuation all over its body!

Sorcery Spirit Relationship: Pure Love Battle, achieved!

Felix’s gaze sharpened, and his consciousness delved into the fluctuating sword, capturing the true door!


A gray dot flew out from within the sorcery spirit and quickly expanded, soon turning into a hazy, transparent bubble.

The gray bubble slowly grew in the air, with illusions of thunder and lightning inside. Everyone stayed far away and dared not approach.

The true door can expand, but it is almost meaningless to real-world sorcerers—because only the soul can enter the Virtual Realm.

Even if the true door expands, it is impossible for sorcerers to bring anything into it.

Matter cannot enter the Virtual Realm.

But the opposite is true.

Things in the Virtual Realm can come to the real world through the true door. Some knowledge creatures even take the opportunity to come to the real world and obtain a physical body, causing havoc.

This is also the basis for the birth of sorcery spirits. Sorcerers use knowledge to resonate with the Virtual Realm, allowing the truth of the Virtual Realm to flow into their knowledge. When knowledge and truth mix, sorcery spirits are born.

That’s why Sonia and the others retreated to the staircase in fear, and as soon as they sensed something was wrong, they quickly ran away.

Because the Virtual Realm coordinates that sorcerers can use as a warehouse are generally not good places. Even if a sorcerer puts something on a peaceful little island, aside from the possibility of being found by other sorcerers, more importantly, knowledge creatures may also come and cause trouble.Felix’s choice to enlarge the Gate of Truth rather than entering it himself suggested that he knew the corresponding location in the Virtual Realm was extremely dangerous, and anything could happen. There was a widely circulated joke in the school about an Artificer who was knocked unconscious by a shockwave as soon as he opened the Gate of Truth, possibly because a battle was taking place at the corresponding location.

Being killed by the Gate of Truth was considered one of the most foolish ways for an Artificer to die.

The grey foam grew larger and larger, and the thunderous phenomenon within it became more and more intense. Everyone was scared and wanted to escape from the basement. Felix, who was rapidly depleting his Artificing, turned pale and grunted, unfurling his yet-to-be-formed Silver Wings on his back!

Sonia stared at the Silver Wing that was almost half-formed, squinting slightly.

The grey foam continued to expand, and suddenly a bolt of lightning struck a chair nearby, instantly turning it into charcoal!


“What should we do?”

“Why don’t we come back when the weather is better?”

Everyone looked at Adair with subtle expressions – there was no concept of weather in the Virtual Realm…

Just when Felix was about to give up, a box suddenly fell from the foam. He immediately cut off his Artificing, and the grey foam disappeared with a pop. The scattered Artificing formed a light breeze that brushed everyone.

“Is this the treasure?”

Adair ran to the box with a swoosh, curiously examining this box that had fallen from the Virtual Realm, “It looks… hey, why did it disappear… hey, it’s back? Am I seeing things?”

The box appeared to be made of obsidian and seemed unremarkable, but it would suddenly disappear when Adair blinked, and then reappear when she looked closely.

“The Wood of Forgetfulness.” Lois’s voice was very soft, as if she was afraid that a louder sound would scare away the treasure chest: “When you slightly lose focus, you won’t see it, you might even ignore it, and finally forget it… This is a precious material that can only be obtained in the Virtual Realm.”

“Its most important use is that it can be hidden in the soul, brought out of the Virtual Realm by the Artificer, and of course, it can also be brought into the Virtual Realm by the Artificer.”

“If the Wood of Forgetfulness is made into a sealed container, then nothing inside the container will leak any aura, and even real objects can be put into it, and then brought into the Virtual Realm…”

Everyone exclaimed in unison, marveling at the magic of the Wood of Forgetfulness, without thinking too much.

Only Lois gave Felix a secret glance, feeling somewhat uncertain.

Because of her family background, she had some understanding of this extremely rare and expensive commodity.

She clearly remembered that the Wood of Forgetfulness was a rare material from the third layer of the Virtual Realm, the ‘Distant Sky’, and could not be obtained without being a three-winged saint.

To be honest, this box was probably worth much more than the things hidden inside it – such a rare item that could travel between reality and the Virtual Realm was not just priceless, but it was a source of chaos that would cause Artificers to fight and kill!

She had not held high expectations for Felix’s ‘mother’s inheritance’, thinking it was just some tools that could assist a Silver Artificer.

But the appearance of the Wood of Forgetfulness box suddenly made Lois think more – to use a three-winged Artificer’s box for a one-winged Artificer’s tools for her son, Felix’s mother was much more extravagant than him.

Or to put it another way, in his mother’s view, there was no difference between the Wood of Forgetfulness box and Silver-level tools.

Just like Lois wouldn’t buy cheap clothes because of the price difference, not because of extravagance, but because the price difference was almost negligible to her, why should she compromise?

Felix’s mother must have had other ways to preserve items, but she chose to use the Wood of Forgetfulness box, which only showed that a mere Wood of Forgetfulness box couldn’t make any waves in her heart.

So what level of Artificer was Felix’s mother?

Three-winged saint, four-winged legend, or…?

Lois swallowed, feeling that she had been led into a pit by Sonia. This was the dispute of the Fusoya family! This was not something a merchant’s daughter like her should touch!

But it was too late for regrets now, she had even signed a confidentiality agreement!

“Open it.”

Felix opened the Wood of Forgetfulness box, and a golden light burst out.

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