Chapter 72 – Win-Win

When everything in the treasure chest was placed on the table, everyone couldn’t take their eyes off it, including Felix. Every time he received his mother’s inheritance, he deeply felt the strong maternal love.

“According to the rules, I’ll choose first.”


The distribution method was already specified in the oath contract. If there was only one treasure, Felix would have to compensate Sonia with a large sum of money.

If there were two treasures, they would split them evenly.

If there were multiple treasures, Felix would choose one first, Sonia would choose two or three, Felix would choose four or five… and so on.

However, Felix had to obtain more treasures than Sonia, and the wooden box had to be left for Felix.

To be honest, Sonia really wanted to compete with Felix for the ownership of the wooden box. With this wooden box that could transfer between reality and the virtual realm, she could exchange resources with the viewers, which would be a transformative help for both her and the viewers.

But the contract clearly stated that the “loading container belongs to Felix,” and Felix strongly refused. Sonia had no choice—who could have guessed that the box containing the treasure was more valuable than the treasure itself!

Sonia could only temporarily give up. After all, this treasure was like a windfall, and it was reasonable for Felix to take a little more.

If Sonia hadn’t unexpectedly obtained the “Killing Intent Sword,” Felix would never have invited her to join.

And Sonia had a faint premonition—

Her “Killing Intent Sword” might have been dropped by Felix.

Although Felix didn’t say it, since he could detect Sonia’s Killing Intent Sword through the flow of killing intent, it meant that he had previously possessed a killing intent-type sorcery spirit, most likely the Killing Intent Sword.

If not, he would be like a fool with a wine glass and red wine but no corkscrew. As long as no one brought a corkscrew, he wouldn’t be able to open the red wine… Even if Felix was really that foolish, his mother, who could arrange the inheritance in the virtual realm, wouldn’t be so stupid.

What’s more, the severe injury Sonia and the viewers inflicted on the fish dragon yesterday seemed to be caused by the fluctuating sword. She didn’t pay much attention to it at the time, as the wound couldn’t explain much.

But with all the evidence in front of her, Sonia had to believe in the truth deduced by her own logic, even if she didn’t believe it was so coincidental:

Felix’s silver wings that were more than half condensed;

The virtual realm treasure that could only be opened with the Killing Intent Sword;

And the fish dragon that was severely injured by the fluctuating sword.

Obviously, Felix must have encountered the vortex last night and was attacked by the fish dragon after passing through the vortex. Although he did his best to severely injure the fish dragon, he ultimately died and lost the Killing Intent Sword.

After that, it was the happy process of Sonia and the viewers taking advantage of the vortex.

It’s just that in doing so, Sonia not only obtained someone else’s Killing Intent Sword but also divided someone else’s treasure based on it.

Thinking of this, Sonia couldn’t help but blush, her heart pounding. She nervously lowered her head and couldn’t even look at others.

Otherwise, people would notice that she couldn’t hold back her smile.

It feels so good!

Is this a win-win situation!

Winning the Killing Intent Sword once and then using it to divide Felix’s treasure, winning again!

Ah, praise the viewers!

Wishing the viewers good health!

“Sonia, it’s your turn.”

Sonia took a deep breath, suppressing her smile, and looked at the treasure in the wooden box.

As expected, Felix chose the only real item in the wooden box: a pendant box.

Although she couldn’t tell what it was, it was probably an important token left by his mother, maybe related to the next inheritance. Sonia naturally had no intention of competing for something she shouldn’t take. She glanced at the treasure in the wooden box and decisively took the “Splitting Sword” sorcery spirit and the “Sword Art Orb”!

The “Splitting Sword” was not the best, but it was the most suitable sorcery spirit for Sonia because it could combine with the fluctuating sword to form the high-power miracle “Splitting Wave Slash”!

If she had to rely on her own practice to summon it, Sonia estimated that it would take her half a year to possibly summon the “Splitting Sword.” Obtaining the “Splitting Sword” in advance not only meant saving time but also represented Sonia’s ability to speed up her exploration of the virtual realm!

In last night’s battle, Sonia discovered her current shortcomings. Although the Water Moon Miracle was indeed powerful, it also had disadvantages such as passive counterattacks, short attack range, and excessive consumption of sorcery power. She urgently needed an active output miracle that could cooperate with the viewers, and the “Miracle: Splitting Wave Slash” was the most cost-effective choice.

Felix also had the fluctuating sword, so Sonia was worried that he would take the Splitting Sword. Naturally, she had to get it first. As for the “Sword Art Orb,” there was nothing to say. Any mentally normal swordsman wouldn’t miss such a treasure.

But Felix’s choice surprised everyone: he took the “Poison Sorcery Orb” and the “Wind Sorcery Orb.”

The wind sorcery was fine, as it was considered a legitimate sorcery faction. However, poison sorcery was an extremely obscure faction. Not only were there no related courses offered in universities, but there were also no study books available on the market. It was estimated that only certain special departments would have relevant information.

Moreover, Felix was the second young master of the Fusoya family, and his status didn’t allow him to use poison. The Noble Council wouldn’t allow anyone to engage in behavior that would tarnish the reputation of the nobility!

It was Sonia’s turn to choose the treasures, and under the enthusiastic gaze of her roommates, she thought for a moment and took the highest-value “Torrent” sorcery spirit and the “Aquatic Healing” sorcery spirit.

Felix chose the “Malicious” sorcery spirit and the “Foul Wind” sorcery spirit.

Only two sorcery spirits were left. According to the distribution rules, Felix had to take more than Sonia, so Sonia could only take one.

“Which one do you want?” Sonia asked.

“I’m fine with either, it doesn’t matter.”

“Then I won’t be polite.”Sonia took the “Weakling” Sorcery Spirit, which is a low practicality but highly valuable Sorcery Spirit. It can only be activated when the sorcerer is weaker than the enemy, providing comprehensive enhancements to the disadvantaged sorcerer, including but not limited to strength, agility, sorcery power, and thinking speed. The greater the gap between the sorcerer and the enemy, the greater the enhancement it provides.

It sounds good, but the problem is that the enhancements provided by the Weakling cannot fill the gap in strength. When the strength of both sides is close, it is completely useless; and when the strength gap is too large, it cannot help the sorcerer to counterattack.

On the contrary, it will give the sorcerer a psychological suggestion: even the Weakling Sorcery Spirit thinks you are weak.

In fact, many sorcerer battles are about who makes fewer mistakes and persists until the end, and this “you are weak” psychological suggestion will make the sorcerer lose more decisively, even as a curse: the weakling thinks you will lose, and then you will definitely lose.

However, the Weakling Sorcery Spirit is highly valuable because it is one of the few Sorcery Spirits that cannot be obtained through practice and learning. It has only one way to obtain it—when the weakling miraculously defeats the strong, it has a certain probability of being born in the weakling’s heart.

It is also the most mysterious destiny faction Sorcery Spirit, with high research value. Therefore, there is a high demand in the market for sorcerers who want to study the destiny faction through the Weakling Sorcery Spirit.

Felix naturally took the last Sorcery Spirit, “Sad Wind.”

After the distribution of the Experience Pearls and Sorcery Spirits, the next thing to share was the knowledge: Miracle Spells! According to the contract, Miracle Spells are not allowed to be copied or leaked, and the original records are left to Felix, but everyone can watch.

There were ten Miracle Spells in the wooden box, but there was only one Miracle Spell in the sword art category, precisely the combination miracle of Killing Intent Sword and Ripple Sword, called “Evil Light Slash.” It is a ripple miracle that can cause dizziness damage to the enemy. Sonia quickly memorized this miracle.

Now that the treasures in the wooden box have been completely divided, Adair picked up the box and squinted to observe. Lois asked curiously, “What are you doing?”

Adair said seriously, “I’m checking if there is a hidden compartment inside. Maybe there are more treasures inside, and Felix will keep them for himself after we leave.”

“The contract states that no matter what Felix finds, he has to notify us for distribution,” Yingu Lite said with a smile.

“Okay, the contract is well thought out!”

“Similarly, if we find any secrets in these Sorcery Spirits, we should share them with Felix.”

“Huh? Why? Once the Sorcery Spirits are in our hands, they belong to us!”

Lois looked at Sonia and thought for a moment, “I took the Sword Art Experience Pearl and the Splitting Sword for myself, and I’ll give you the Flow, Water Healing, and Weakling Sorcery Spirits. How about that?”

They naturally had no objections. Sonia was the one who brought the resources, and the three of them were just taking advantage of Sonia. If Sonia had been bolder and didn’t bring them along, she could even split the treasures 64-36 with Felix. But for the sake of safety, Sonia would rather give up her own benefits and bring them along as a talisman.

“But you are not sorcerers yet, so I will temporarily keep your Sorcery Spirits for you until you grow up,” Sonia said.

Adair was taken aback, “This sounds familiar…”

“But there is another distribution method, which is to sell your Sorcery Spirits and divide the money among the three of you. How about that?”

Lois shook her head first, “I want the Flow Sorcery Spirit. It is the most valuable, and I can compensate them with some money.”

“Flow” is an excellent Sorcery Spirit in the water art category, just like “Torrent.” It also has the additional effect of fast movement, so Lois naturally wouldn’t miss it.

Adair looked at Yingu Lite, “I want the Water Healing Sorcery Spirit. My mom said being a healer is in high demand…”

Yingu Lite seemed indifferent, “Then I’ll take the Weakling Sorcery Spirit.”

After the distribution of benefits, Felix was about to speak and send them back, but Adair asked, “Is there any snacks here? Do you have black tea?”

Felix was taken aback, “There is in the kitchen…”

“Then is it time for afternoon tea?” Adair said excitedly, “I haven’t had a tea party in such a luxurious villa before! I’ll take more photos later!”

“Take photos?” Felix’s voice raised a tone.

Adair said naturally, “Of course we have to take photos, otherwise, wouldn’t it be for nothing?”

Lois sided with Adair this time, “Everyone saw us leaving in your car, so let’s take some photos of the tea party to explain where we were in the afternoon.”

“Yes, yes, that’s what I mean!” Adair nodded heavily and ran up the stairs with her skirt lifted, “I’ll go see what snacks are in the kitchen!”

Lois glanced at Yingu Lite and sighed, then followed. A shared secret is indeed the best lubricant. After experiencing this treasure event, the relationship between Yingu Lite and Lois and the others has unknowingly become closer.

Sonia walked to the stairs and turned to look at Felix, who was still sitting there. “Aren’t you going?”

“I’m not interested. Have fun, all of you,” Felix said, holding the pendant box he just received, “And I have something to do.”

Sonia nodded, “Aren’t you planning to learn swordsmanship?”

Half of the Sorcery Spirits and Experience Pearls in the treasure were unrelated to swordsmanship, and there was only one swordsmanship miracle in the Miracle Spells, while the others were all compound miracles of wind art, water art, and poison art. This was the treasure left by his mother, and it was obvious that his mother did not arrange the path of swordsmanship for him.

“Professor Teluozan is a good teacher, and I still need his protection for now,” Felix smiled, “I will continue to learn swordsmanship, but I just can’t compare to you.”

“Does the second young master of the Fusoya family also need protection?”

“Don’t just say I’m just a second young master. Even if I were the Duke of Fusoya, I still have to be cautious of revenge from the shadows,” Felix sneered.

Sonia raised an eyebrow, “Your noble circles are really messy.”

“But don’t you still want to be part of it?” Felix shook her head, “Sometimes, I really envy you, Sonia Seway…”

“Enough, a well-fed young noble like you shouldn’t say such nauseating words.” Sonia waved her hand, “However, since I am your senior, and now I have benefited from this treasure, both emotionally and rationally, I have to tell you something in advance.”

Felix pouted, feeling helpless when Sonia referred to herself as his senior. After all, Professor Teluozan took Sonia as his apprentice first, then him. In terms of order, Sonia was indeed ahead.

“If you ever have to flee due to noble disputes, desperately needing help, with nowhere to go…”

Felix was somewhat surprised. He had already brought up Duke Fusoya, did Sonia dare to meddle in his affairs? This forced him to reassess Sonia’s character—

“…you must remember not to come to me.” Sonia warned, “In order to clear suspicion and protect my future, I will definitely appease you first, then bring people to arrest you, using you to exchange for a noble title reward.”

“Here, I’ve already told you in advance. If you suddenly lose your mind and insist on placing your hopes on me, don’t blame your senior for being ruthless and turning her back on you.”

Although it was completely contrary to his imagination, Felix still had to reassess Sonia’s character.

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