Chapter 70 – Treasure

Felix’s treasure?

Remember to help your roommate when you encounter a good thing?

Oh my god, we have a saint in our dorm!

Yingu Lite smiled and said, “Are you afraid that Felix has ulterior motives towards you, so you brought us along to dilute the risk and even reminded us to report our whereabouts to our parents, so that Felix would be afraid to act?”

Sonia shrugged and did not deny, “There is also a little consideration in that aspect. But the treasure is real…”

Felix looked at Sonia, who was talking confidently, and sighed secretly, suddenly doubting whether he had made too much of a decision this time.

When Felix left the meditation tower in the morning, he called Sonia and said that he had a great thing to share with her.

But who is Sonia? She is a scheming woman who has been fighting alone in the bustling city of Garlean. She has seen how many dangers in the world and would not believe in such empty promises.

Even scammers know that they have to give small gifts before deceiving people. You should at least spend some money to lower my guard!

Sugar-coated bullets, sugar-coated bullets, your bullets don’t even have a sugar coating. Who do you think you are looking down on!

Felix persuaded Sonia with great effort, but under Sonia’s urgent insistence of “forget it, I won’t participate,” he could only reveal his true intentions and hand over the initiative.

The so-called treasure is actually the legacy left by Felix’s mother. However, this legacy was divided into several parts by his mother, and each part has its own opening conditions. If the requirements are not met, the inheritance can never be obtained.

One of the inheritances requires the possession of the “Killing Intent Sword” sorcery spirit and having at least half a wing of artificing.

Although Felix has half a wing of artificing, he lost the “Killing Intent Sword”. It can be said that he was lucky enough to have a little bit of bad luck, making the treasure that should have been within reach suddenly become as difficult as reaching the sky.

At this moment, Sonia’s “Killing Intent Sword” came into his sight.

But Felix also knew that Sonia would not give up her precious “Twenty-One Secret Swords”. So he proposed a cooperation to Sonia.

At first, he proposed a very reasonable offer: a fake marriage. It was not that he wanted to take advantage of Sonia, but he had investigated Sonia’s background and believed that this was the opportunity Sonia wanted.

According to the “Noble Crest Code”, any relationship recognized by the Noble House is equivalent to being legal. Felix knew that what Sonia wanted most was a noble status that allowed her to live a decent life in Garlean. However, the path to ennoblement is difficult and full of obstacles. Compared to that, marrying a noble is a shortcut.

As long as she marries Felix, Sonia will directly obtain the Fusoya family crest. Not only can she receive monthly financial support from the family fund, but she can also enjoy the family’s sorcerer training system. Miracles like the “Dragon Belly Scale” and the “Dragon Banquet” will also be open to her.

Most importantly, she can directly use the Fusoya family crest to bypass the household registration restrictions in Garlean and enjoy noble treatment. She is not restricted in purchasing properties and choosing professions.

She can even change her mother’s household registration from a resident of an agricultural town to a resident of Garlean.

Felix thought that Sonia would gladly accept, because accepting it would mean saving twenty years of struggle.

After all, marriage can be divorced. Although she will lose the Fusoya crest, by then Sonia would have already earned a lot of money and transferred her mother’s household registration to Garlean. Divorce would not affect any of her interests or even her reputation—divorce among nobles with lovers is a common thing, and everyone is used to it and wouldn’t care.

But even though Felix explained the pros and cons, Sonia still rejected the proposal.

He couldn’t understand why the smart and vulgar Sonia would refuse such a mutually beneficial proposal.

Benefits, status, fame—aren’t these what she wants?

Why would she refuse?

Does she really have so much confidence that she can achieve everything in just a few years?

Or does she look down on me, Felix, and have no interest in taking the so-called shortcut?

But since Plan A failed, Felix could only propose Plan B: splitting the treasure.

Although the treasure is the legacy left by his mother and theoretically should not be shared with anyone, and it is not impossible to obtain the “Killing Intent Sword” again, Felix could leave the inheritance treasure for the future.

But Felix also knew that everything in the world has an expiration date.

Power can also expire.

The reason why the legacy left by his mother has restrictions is to help Felix specifically. The treasures that Felix can open happen to provide him with great help at his current stage. There will be no situation where Felix obtains power that he cannot control.

For example, as a one-winged sorcerer, he would not inherit a two-winged sorcery spirit from his legacy, because the latter would only be a burden and a drag for him.

And this treasure that requires him to have half-winged sorcery power to open is naturally very suitable for his current situation.

If Felix promoted to a two-winged gold and then opened this treasure, he would no longer need this help, not even an icing on the cake; but now as long as he opens the treasure, even if he can only get half of it, it would be a great help.

Years of assassination encounters have made Felix realistic and rational.

He would not hoard food like a squirrel. He believed in utilitarianism, which means “use it when it is needed.” Maximizing benefits is the only rule he follows, even if it means sharing his mother’s inheritance.

Sonia agreed, but not completely.

She proposed a condition that seemed absurd to Felix: she wanted to bring her friends along for this operation, and she would allocate rewards from the treasure she obtained to her friends.

At first, Felix thought he had encountered a saint who was rich and could not be bullied, but he quickly understood Sonia’s concern—she was afraid of killing for treasure!

If it weren’t for the support of Professor Teluozan, Sonia would be just a foreign university student without any background. But even with Teluozan as her backing, cooperating with Felix, a local noble, was no different from seeking skin from a tiger. She could only think of the worst-case scenario for Felix!

And by bringing her three roommates, she could dilute the risk. Yingu Lite was a child of a small noble family from another city, Lois was the daughter of a local businessman, and Adair’s father was a Garlean government official… The key was Lois and Adair. They must have alarm devices on them, and once they were in danger, they would send a signal to the police station!

In addition, they would report their whereabouts to their families, and Felix had to be careful to escort these young ladies back to school. Otherwise, if something happened, the Noble Council would be the first to hold him accountable.

Felix admired Sonia’s caution, but of course, he didn’t want more people to know his secret. He argued with reason and tempted her with benefits. He was even willing to change the profit-sharing ratio from 50-50 to 40-60. It could be said that he was quite humble.

But Sonia still said, “If you don’t agree, then forget about this treasure.” She firmly held onto Felix’s bottom line.

The winner of negotiations is always the one who cares the least.

Felix knew how much the treasure would enhance his abilities, so in the end, he gave in.

After Sonia introduced the situation, the roommates looked at Felix warily, hiding behind Sonia like little chicks. Felix chuckled, “If you’re still worried, you can leave now. Just don’t talk outside.”

“No, I want to stay and protect Sonia!” Lois said firmly, her eyes full of eagerness. Adair also had a look of curiosity and fearlessness.

Yingu Lite said directly, “I’m just curious about what kind of treasure requires a sorcery spirit to open.”

It was strange that these apprentice sorcerers, who even Fusoya, the second young master of the Fusoya family, coveted, were not curious. They were still teenagers, how could they not yearn for this kind of treasure plot like in a novel?

Felix sighed and took out five blank sealed contract envelopes. “Then let’s sign the contracts first.”

Sonia and the others thought it was extravagant—sealed contract envelopes were common artifact props. The principle was to temporarily store the “Miracle · Virtual Realm Oath” on the paper. Once the contract was signed, the person would be bound by the Virtual Realm. If they violated the contract, they would be punished by the Virtual Realm, ranging from eternal sleep to the annihilation of the soul.

The price of sealed contract envelopes was not low, equivalent to a one-winged sorcery spirit on the market, and they were not used for non-important transactions. Felix being able to produce five at once not only showed that he had money, but also indicated that this treasure was of extraordinary value, otherwise he wouldn’t invest so much.

The use of sealed contract envelopes was simple. After the user opened the envelope, they just needed to copy the contract template directly. It didn’t matter if there were corrections or messy handwriting, as long as the five contracts were completed and signed, they could be overlapped, which meant that the contents of the five contracts were the same and the oath was effective.

Pre-sealing, separate copying, and overlapping detection were all designed to reduce the possibility of sorcerers tampering with the contracts. The sealed contract was trustworthy, as Sonia’s student loan contract was also a sealed contract.

The contract template was simple: no leaking of anything that happened in this basement, no leaving any records in any way, no exposing anything about the treasure, and no involving Felix himself, no matter what they obtained, they had to find a way to conceal the source on their own.

At the same time, Felix and Sonia would evenly split the gains from the basement, and then Sonia would distribute the treasure to Yingu Lite, Lois, and Adair.

It was actually a confidentiality and profit-sharing contract.

While copying, Adair asked quietly, “Sonia, why did you refuse the proposal of a fake marriage? If it were me, I would definitely choose the fake marriage instead of the treasure… It’s the Fusoya family crest, after all…”

Lois was also curious, looking at Sonia.

Sonia’s face was somewhat unnatural, and after struggling for a long time, she finally blurted out, “It’s embarrassing!”

What’s embarrassing?

Is it embarrassing to have a fake marriage with Felix?

Or is it embarrassing to take this shortcut to enter the noble class?

If it were Yingu Lite who said this, it would be understandable, but you are Sonia Seway!Lois and Adair couldn’t understand. After all, in their eyes, Sonia was far from being upright and honest. More importantly, they didn’t think Sonia was someone who cared about her reputation. Losing face was nothing compared to losing money!

They couldn’t understand, and neither could Felix. Only Yingu Lite had a vague guess.

It wasn’t because she and Sonia were particularly close, but simply because they both came from small places.

Unlike Garlean, a city with open-mindedness, small places held conservative views. Although city dwellers might see it as backward and old-fashioned, in the hearts of country folks, some things were not to be trifled with.

For instance, marriage.

Perhaps because Sonia quickly integrated into the city, everyone thought she was a very modern and trendy college student. But Yingu Lite knew that deep down, Sonia still carried the unique innocence and fantasies of a country girl, such as believing that hard work leads to success, that enduring hardship leads to progress, and that… marriage is sacred, love is pure, and should be without any flaws.

She might see marriage as a way to rise in status, but she didn’t abandon her self-respect for it. Otherwise, there were plenty of slick second-generation nobles out there. She just wanted to find the most suitable marriage partner within an acceptable range, and then devote herself to managing the marriage.

Not everything can be traded, city people don’t understand this.

Of course, besides this, Yingu Lite felt that part of Sonia’s reason was that she had become complacent – taking shortcuts was indeed easy, but since she could achieve success on her own, why should she let her honor be tainted?

Sonia felt a bit uncomfortable under Yingu Lite’s gaze, “Why are you staring at me? Is there something on my face?”

“Hehe, are you blushing?”

“Get lost.”

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