Chapter 67 – Don’t respond! Don’t respond!

Blood Moon Kingdom, Shattered Lake Prison.

“If you are hurt enough, use a pair of hands to cut open, the curse of yesterday. Wait for night to become day, leaving behind scars…”

Igura woke up from the velvet bed and yawned as he went to the bathroom to take off his pajamas and sleep cap. He tested the temperature with his toes before lying down in the bathtub filled with warm water on a timer, enjoying a refreshing morning bath.

Just so he could take a bath anytime, Igura had to pay a contribution of 1 point every 3 days to stay in this deluxe dormitory. Therefore, his contribution points were quite tight, considering that staying here for five months would consume 50 contribution points, equivalent to the initial contribution points of a death row inmate.

But he believed it was worth it because taking a bath was not only Igura’s hobby, but also the hobby of his “Contract” Sorcery Spirit.

During one of his baths, Igura fell asleep due to exhaustion. And in his drowsiness, he vaguely saw his “Contract” Sorcery Spirit riding a rubber duck, playing in the bathtub.

Although the “Contract” Sorcery Spirit disappeared immediately after Igura opened his eyes, as if it had never appeared, Igura believed in his judgment. The “Contract” Sorcery Spirit really enjoyed taking baths.

If this happened outside, it would at most be an interesting topic for casual conversation, without any practical significance.

Although the Sorcery Spirits undoubtedly possessed wisdom and had preferences, most Sorcerers rarely paid attention to the situation of their Sorcery Spirits. After all, as long as the Sorcery Power was outputted, even if the Sorcery Spirits were unwilling, they had to obediently follow the Sorcerer’s commands.

However, in Shattered Lake Prison, this information became Igura’s lifesaving trump card – in an environment where no one could output Sorcery Power, death row inmates could only rely on resonating with their Sorcery Spirits to cast spells. Therefore, whether the Sorcery Spirits were cooperative or not became a crucial factor!

Although Igura still couldn’t be sure, he could almost always activate his “Contract” Sorcery Spirit in the prison, whether it was related to his frequent baths to please the “Contract” Sorcery Spirit or not.

But as they say, the more you do, the more mistakes you make. Not doing anything is not a mistake. The prison was not a place for research, and as long as Igura had spare contribution points, he wouldn’t change his slightly “luxurious” way of life.

After sleeping in the bathtub for a while, Igura didn’t bother to put on clothes and went straight to wash up. He tried to empty his mind, not thinking about anything, making himself dull and blank, mechanically brushing his teeth in front of the mirror. He brushed his teeth vigorously, causing toothpaste foam to splatter on the mirror.

Before long, as the toothpaste foam splattered on the mirror flowed along the curves, it unexpectedly formed words.

This meant that Igura had successfully activated his other Sorcery Spirit, “Revelation”.

“Revelation” Sorcery Spirit was a loot Igura found in the Virtual Realm before. It had a very wide range of uses and could be activated before doing anything to see the situation, and then the surrounding environment would change, giving useful reminders.

After entering the prison, Igura tried many methods before finding the correct way to resonate with the “Revelation” Sorcery Spirit: try to empty the mind while brushing teeth, but not completely empty, must maintain a little thought like “I want advice”, in order to resonate with the Sorcery Spirit.

The balance between them was difficult to grasp, and Igura couldn’t succeed every day. Today, luck was on his side.

But Igura only treated this process as a small adjustment in his prison life because most of the advice given by “Revelation” were similar to “Don’t eat Lalafell for lunch”, “Remember to bring tissues”, “Don’t wear underwear”, and other small tips.

These suggestions were indeed useful, but only to a small extent.

Even if Igura didn’t follow them, there would be no harm.

But that was normal, after all, Igura had not studied the prophetic faction. It was already good enough to be able to utilize the “Revelation” Sorcery Spirit to this extent.

If there comes a time when the “Revelation” Sorcery Spirit gives a very stern warning, then Igura would be afraid – because that would mean he had come to an extremely important fork in his destiny, with countless intertwined unknown curtains of fate within reach, to the point where even the “Revelation” Sorcery Spirit had a reaction!

For example, now!

In Igura’s gradually terrified eyes, the toothpaste foam left a pale warning on the mirror:

“Don’t respond! Don’t respond!”

This was the first time Igura had seen punctuation marks in the prompt, and it was an exclamation mark!

He quickly calmed down and considered whether he should follow the guidance of the revelation.

Because the guidance of the revelation was not always correct.

Or rather, the concept of “right and wrong, pros and cons” itself was a cultural concept of human society, very personal and secretive. The same thing may have different opinions in different regions, races, or even different people. For example, “sleeping in” – some people think it is bad, while others enjoy it.

Even for such trivial matters as “sleeping in”, but for matters as significant as “life and death”, many people have different opinions. Some believe in “die early to enjoy death”, while others believe that it’s better to live a miserable life than to die. Some people think about life and death from time to time.

Even humans themselves cannot distinguish right from wrong, pros and cons, how could the Sorcery Spirits do it?

Therefore, the suggestions given by the “Revelation” Sorcery Spirit were often short-sighted. It used the current state of the Sorcerer as a benchmark, and any accidental event that caused a change in the Sorcerer’s current state would be judged as harmful.For example, on the day when the revelation advised “Don’t wear underwear”, a prison guard approached Igura and asked him how to pursue girls. After all, Igura was handsome and had a bit of Veela blood, which made him look like a scumbag sea king.

The prison guard was very handsome, with long hair that had a captivating charm. Although Igura’s sexual orientation was normal, his Veela blood made him inclined to be omnivorous and easily aroused desire. As a result, he couldn’t help but react and scare the other person away, missing the opportunity to establish a friendly relationship with the prison guard.

Now, the revelation warned him “not to respond”. Will this cause him to miss another chance to establish a deep relationship with the prison guard?

But Igura quickly made a decision – not to listen to the revelation’s words and suffer losses right in front of him!

Anyway, he was living a comfortable life now. Apart from not having the freedom to curse, he was actually not doing badly. He ate well, slept well, had a regular schedule, and had complete entertainment facilities.

Moreover, he had been in prison for over a year.

Prison is a strange place. At first, you hate it; then, you get used to it; finally, you can’t live without it.

Igura had already gotten used to this kind of life and had no motivation to change reality.

Ironically, during last night’s Blood Moon Trial live broadcast, Igura saw a death row inmate swearing and felt a sense of disgust in his heart. It wasn’t disdain for foul language, but a subconscious feeling that “swearing is wrong”.

Igura, who specialized in exploiting legal loopholes as a “fraudster”, gradually became a supporter of the law. When you get used to shackles, you will recognize and even beautify the meaning of shackles. This is the meaning of Lake Shard Prison, this is the might of chip modification.

Leaving the dormitory, Igura walked quickly to the cafeteria, determined not to say a word outside and ignore anyone who approached him. After finishing breakfast, he would return to the dormitory.

He also considered whether to directly consume contribution points to order meals and stay in the dormitory all day. But because he had lost to Asho before, he was a bit tight on contribution points, so he tried to save them by avoiding unnecessary expenses like eating.

Just because he wouldn’t speak while eating, Igura didn’t believe he couldn’t do it!

Igura held the tray and found a corner to sit down, but someone sat across from him the next second.

“Good morning, my friend Igura! Hey, your lobster balls look good, can I have one?”

Igura’s mouth twitched slightly as he silently watched Asho use chopsticks, which was rare, to pick up a lobster ball.

However, Asho didn’t seem to be skilled either. He couldn’t pick it up and the lobster ball flew out of the tray and onto the table.

Asho blinked his eyes, tried again, but still couldn’t pick it up and it flew out again.

On the third try, he finally accurately picked up the lobster ball and put it back in Igura’s tray, then picked up a clean one and ate it.

“You don’t mind, do you?”

Igura’s mouth twitched again, still not speaking, just eating faster.

While eating, Asho accidentally knocked over his glass with a very exaggerated movement, spilling milk all over the table and onto Igura’s clothes.

“Ah, I’m sorry, let me wipe it for you, okay?”

Asho took a tissue and wiped Igura’s clothes, but Igura didn’t say a word, just shook off his hand and went straight to the restroom in the cafeteria.

After washing off the milk stains on his clothes, Igura thought since he was already there, he might as well use the toilet.

But Asho appeared next to him again, “Oh, what a coincidence, Igura, you’re also here to use the toilet.”

Igura remained silent and increased the flow speed silently.

“Oh, I forgot to wipe my mouth just now, can you help me with that? I’ll go get a tissue.”

Igura almost couldn’t hold back, but he remembered the warning on the mirror and clenched his teeth, took a deep breath, and forcibly swallowed the words in his throat.

“No towel after washing hands, can I use your clothes to wipe?”

“You’re done with breakfast already? Let’s go to the Deathmatch Society together. Can you introduce me to the strong people in the Deathmatch Society?”

“Did you watch the Blood Moon Trial last night? I want to ask you a few questions. Of course, as a price, you can also ask me questions.”

“Don’t leave so quickly, wait for me, okay?”

Igura treated Asho’s requests as farting along the way, never responding to Asho’s requests, and walked quickly to his own dormitory.

Watching Igura’s hurried figure, Asho naturally felt very strange in his heart.

He had exposed so many flaws, why wasn’t Igura taking the bait?

Igura Bokin was a notorious villain with the titles of “fraudster” and “beast of beauty”. Taking advantage of the weak and fearing the strong was his nature. Why was he behaving like a kitten that hadn’t been weaned today?

No, he had to use his ultimate move!


Hearing the sound of a gold coin falling to the ground, Igura, out of professional reflex, almost subconsciously looked over. A voice like heavenly music sounded in his ears, “Can you help me pick up the gold coin?”

“No problem.” Igura instantly shook out a copper coin that had been painted with gold paint from his sleeve. After switching the coins, he suddenly realized that he had spoken.

But Igura was not panicked either. He looked at Asho and said, “Although I don’t know why you insist on making requests to me, now, as you wish – the contract with the Sorcery Spirit is in effect, I have fulfilled your request, so you must also fulfill the request I made.”Inside the Shattered Lake Prison, no one dared to accept Igura’s request, nor did anyone dare to make a request to Igura. This was because under the influence of the Contract Sorcery Spirit, whoever established a ‘transaction’ relationship with Igura, Igura could use the contract to forcibly demand the other party to fulfill their promise, while he himself did not have to take any responsibility.

The most wonderful contract was when the other party made a request to Igura, but did not specify how they would ‘repay’. This was like giving Igura a blank check, allowing Igura to fill in any demand he wanted!

Therefore, it took a great deal of willpower for Igura to suppress his desire to respond to Asho just now. Because as long as he agreed to Asho’s request, he would have an unrestricted opportunity to demand anything from Asho, even if it meant ordering Asho to lose to him in the next deathmatch!

Igura had already realized that Asho was doing this on purpose, but he was not afraid.

Even if Asho really had a scheme, he now had a chance to make a wish to Asho, so what was there to fear?

To intimidate Asho, Igura deliberately summoned his Contract Sorcery Spirit.

The Contract Sorcery Spirit was a winged villain holding a chain. The illusory chain in its hand extended all the way to Asho’s neck, as if it could strangle Asho’s throat at any time.

“I advise you to behave, Asho Heath.” Igura squinted his eyes, “I can now make a wish to you without any restrictions, and you must satisfy me.”

“Any wish?”

“Of course, even if it’s asking you to shit while standing on your head.” Igura proudly said, “Asho, you are now my ‘good friend’ who I can take and ask for anything.”

“That’s great.”

Asho extended his hand, and a single-winged Artisan appeared in his palm.

The Artisan looked like a single-winged balance. When it appeared, a section of the chain extended by the Contract Sorcery Spirit suddenly fell to the left of the balance. To maintain the balance, the same chain appeared on the right side of the balance, extending all the way to Igura’s neck!

The chain of the Contract Sorcery Spirit was wrapped around Asho, and the chain of the Balance Artisan was wrapped around Igura!

“Balance, exists among all things.”

Looking at Igura’s gradually distorted face, Asho laughed, “Igura, mutual help is what makes a ‘good friend’, don’t you agree?”

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