Chapter 66 – Aftermath of death


Inside the meditation chamber, Felix groaned, clutching her stomach and covering her nose. A steady stream of crimson blood flowed from her nostrils, and her forehead was slick with cold sweat.

Her abdomen was filled with a sensation of death.

It wasn’t pain, but emptiness.

It was as if a gap had suddenly appeared between her upper and lower body. Even as she held her stomach, it felt like she was holding a piece of pork, completely devoid of the sensation of touching her own body.

This was the aftermath of death in the Virtual Realm – severe damage to the soul, even to the point of losing the sense of reality.

With a faint, almost inaudible wail, the ruby on Felix’s necklace shattered with a bang, and a single-winged spirit made of light dissipated in the air.

This was the Sorcery Spirit ‘Dragon’s Belly Scale’, its effect was to transfer all death damage received in the Virtual Realm to the abdomen, and it was the secret to the enduring strength of the Fusoya family.

When a Sorcerer dies in the Virtual Realm, the fatal blow they receive is reflected onto their soul, causing a loss of soul energy.

An incomplete soul cannot pass through the door of truth, so naturally, a Sorcerer cannot enter the Virtual Realm until their soul energy is restored.

And the soul is closely related to the body, no matter which part of the soul energy is lost, it will cause the Sorcerer to temporarily suffer from ‘soul disability’.

In simple terms, if the soul of the chest is damaged, the heart will maintain a low frequency beat for a long time, and the Sorcerer cannot perform any movement;

If the soul of the limbs is damaged, the Sorcerer may not be able to control their hands and feet;

If the soul of the head is damaged, the Sorcerer will fall into a coma.

Only when the soul energy is restored, will the Sorcerer’s limb functions return to normal.

Therefore, the seemingly not difficult goal of sailing thousands of miles in the Sea of Knowledge is an unreachable horizon for many Sorcerers – not all Sorcerers can devote themselves to cultivation, life is not just about the distance, but also about the immediate survival, each death in the Virtual Realm causes a great loss to the Sorcerer.

Although death is inevitable and soul damage is certain, Sorcerers have thought of many ways to minimize the loss.

For example, fixating each death damage on a not so important part of the body.

‘Dragon’s Belly Scale’ is a secret miracle of the Fusoya family. The family’s Sorcerers extract the effect of the miracle, stuff it into a gem through complex rituals, forming a temporary ‘Sorcery Spirit’. When a family Sorcerer dies in the Virtual Realm, the ‘Sorcery Spirit’ in the gem will activate, transferring all death damage to the abdomen.

Apart from a significant decrease in digestive ability, requiring a few days of liquid diet, the Sorcerer hardly has to pay any price.

In addition, the Fusoya family also has a miracle ‘Dragon’s Feast’, which can quickly restore the soul energy of the abdomen through eating, thereby reducing the cooldown time to enter the Virtual Realm.

Through these two miracles, the Sorcerers of the Fusoya family can almost minimize the loss of death in the Virtual Realm, greatly improve the efficiency of exploring the Virtual Realm, and significantly increase the chances of Golden Two-Winged Sorcerers and Sacred Three-Winged Sorcerers appearing. This is the foundation of the Fusoya family’s enduring prosperity for hundreds of years.

The other few Duke families also have similar methods, an excellent Sorcerer training system is almost a standard feature of a hundred-year-old noble family, otherwise a single talent gap could bury a once glorious star noble.

In front of the Virtual Realm, all Sorcerers are equal, but some Sorcerers can strive for more equality.

However, reducing the cost of death is already the limit, what should be lost will still be lost.

Felix introspected her Sorcery Spirits, and almost fainted at the sight.

The ‘Killing Intent Sword’ Sorcery Spirit was gone!

When a Sorcerer dies in the Virtual Realm, there is a high probability of losing Sorcery Spirits. This is because Sorcery Spirits are hidden within the soul. When a part of the soul energy is lost due to death, that part may contain a Sorcery Spirit, which is then lost along with it.

The more Sorcery Spirits, the greater the chance of loss, and the more that are lost!

Even though Felix was mentally prepared to lose Sorcery Spirits, she didn’t expect to lose her most important ‘Killing Intent Sword’ on her first death!

That was the heirloom left to her by her mother, one of the legendary ‘Secret Sword Twenty-One Spirits’!

Sorcery Spirits of this level are almost impossible to buy, even if they could be bought, Felix, an unloved noble lady, could not afford it!

And she hadn’t fully mastered the knowledge of the ‘Killing Intent Sword’, which means she couldn’t summon the ‘Killing Intent Sword’ on her own!

What slightly comforted Felix was that her Silver Wing had already condensed by half, shortening more than a year of cultivation time.

She didn’t expect that she would encounter the natural wonder ‘Vortex’ just a few days after entering the Virtual Realm.

No Sorcerer would miss such an opportunity, let alone Felix, a revenger who craved power. However, after stepping into the vortex and traversing thousands of miles, what appeared before Felix was a grown-up Slash Fish Dragon!

In the Knowledge Creature Handbook, Slash Fish Dragons are considered to be among the stronger ones, not to mention a grown-up Slash Fish Dragon!

Knowledge creatures are divided into several stages: juvenile, growth, maturity, and complete body. In the outer sea area of the Sea of Knowledge, only juveniles will appear, the inner sea area will have growth stage, the core sea area has a chance to have mature stage, as for the complete body, it will not appear in the Sea of Knowledge.

Knowing that she was doomed, Felix fought with all her might, trying to kill the Slash Fish Dragon first. But in the end, with too few Sorcery Spirits and insufficient means, Felix was killed by the sharp tail of the Slash Fish Dragon after inflicting heavy damage on it.

“I lost the Killing Intent Sword, but I’ve condensed half of the Silver Wing…”

Felix sighed, unable to judge whether it was a loss or a gain.

Artificing is naturally extremely important to a Sorcerer, but the Killing Intent Sword is a crucial lifeline for her current situation – if it weren’t for the assistance of the Killing Intent Sword, she wouldn’t have been able to dodge multiple assassinations.

“But now, I can inherit more of my mother’s legacy.”

Felix’s face darkened, clenching her fists, “Wait and see, Bessel, one day, I will make you kneel and apologize to mother…”

Feeling weak and having not moved all night, she felt a bit uncomfortable in her chest, her breathing was not steady. Since she was the only one in the meditation room, she untied her chest wrap, letting her breasts breathe freely. She relaxed completely, leaning against the wall and resting for a while.

Half an hour later, Felix dressed and left the meditation tower, stepping into the sunlight sprinkled by the shining stars.

However, having just experienced her first death, Felix felt as if she had suddenly lost control of her lower body. She stumbled and was about to fall, quickly using her sword bag to support herself.

“Heh, why is young master Fusoya in a bad mood so early in the morning, venting your anger on the ground?”

A hand reached out from behind to steady Felix’s shoulder.

Felix turned her head and said calmly, “You seem to be in a good mood, had a good harvest?”

Sonia walked past him with a clear and refreshed look, raising her eyebrows, “You could say that, you’ll find out in Professor Teluozan’s office this afternoon.”

A small person taking advantage.

Although Sonia’s swordsmanship talent was indeed one in ten thousand, Felix also saw her character flaws: vanity, inferiority, arrogance, clever but not wise… If it weren’t for her swordsmanship talent, Sonia would be no different from the vulgar female sorcerers she had met.

And now, she was at most a vulgar farm woman with swordsmanship talent.

This was really… enviable.

Others might think Felix was also a swordsmanship genius, but she knew very well that without the help of the ‘Devotion’ Sorcery Spirit left by her mother, she would never have been able to practice the fluctuating stance to the level of summoning a Sorcery Spirit so quickly.

She had paid a high price for this – at that time, without any Artificing, she wanted to activate the ‘Devotion’ Artificing, she could only do so by constantly changing girlfriends to stimulate the resonance of the Sorcery Spirit, which had ruined her reputation and almost became the shame of Fusoya.

But now it was different.

After crossing the vortex, Sonia had been left far behind by her, and was not qualified to be her competitor.

Her target should be the orange dancer Leonie, and those monsters in the University of Truth –


Felix suddenly felt a familiar flow.

She looked up and saw that many students were secretly watching Sonia.

The news of Leonie being ‘defeated’ by Sonia had spread throughout all the sorcerer universities in Garlean yesterday, and Sonia had undoubtedly become the most popular student at the moment. She seemed to enjoy this attention, showing a calm and low-key attitude as she leisurely left.

However, Felix felt that Sonia seemed to be able to draw a kind of energy that he was most familiar with from these attentions!

‘Blindsight’ Sorcery Spirit, activate!

Felix closed her eyes, and in an instant, the world disappeared from her sight. In the pitch-black darkness, she saw strands of blood-red smoke flowing into Sonia’s position!

That was killing intent!

And the passive effect of the ‘Sword of Killing Intent’ was to absorb the killing intent others had towards oneself!

Although there were many Sorcery Spirits that could absorb killing intent, Felix was very certain for some reason that Sonia had just obtained a new ‘Sword of Killing Intent’ Sorcery Spirit!

Could it be that the ‘Sword of Killing Intent’ she got was the one that was taken away from me by the Fish Dragon?

This thought was immediately rejected by Felix – it couldn’t be such a coincidence.

Moreover, the place where Felix fought with the Fish Dragon was near the vortex. If it was such a coincidence, wouldn’t it mean that Sonia also happened to cross the vortex? But before Felix died, she clearly saw that the vortex had shrunk to almost disappearing.

Sonia must have just been lucky and got another wild ‘Sword of Killing Intent’ Sorcery Spirit.

Felix was so jealous that she was hungry – this was one of the side effects of soul damage. Any emotional fluctuation she had would directly feedback to her abdominal organs. When she was in a good mood, she would feel full, and when she was in a bad mood, she would be extremely hungry. And she couldn’t eat a lot, otherwise she would be constipated.

After calming down, Felix began to think about the possibility of getting the ‘Sword of Killing Intent’ from Sonia.

But she soon shook her head.

If she wanted to rob, Professor Teluozan was standing behind Sonia;

If she wanted to buy, there were many people who wanted to buy the Sword of Killing Intent, and she didn’t have the capital to compete.

However, the Sword of Killing Intent was crucial to her. If there was no hope, it would be fine, but now there was a chance to recover the loss…

Felix gritted her teeth, opened her eyes, and shouted at Sonia who was not far away:


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