Chapter 68 – Wish

This new Artisan is naturally the harvest from last night’s exploration of the Virtual Realm.

It turns out that Asho and Sword Girl’s wait was worth it.

As the vortex was about to disappear, Asho finally saw the map prompt change from “Wait a moment” to “Hurry up”, so he quickly pulled Sword Girl and jumped into the vortex.

After crossing thousands of miles of sea, what appeared in front of Asho and Sword Girl was a heavily injured Slashfish Dragon.

Dealing with this kind of knowledge creature, Asho and Sword Girl naturally didn’t talk about any martial arts morality. They took advantage of its illness to kill it and obtained a total of five Artisans. Unfortunately, there were no Experience Pearls, but these five Artisans each had their own uses and could be considered a great harvest.

The reason why Asho tried every means to establish a “transaction” relationship with Igura was because the newly obtained “Libra” Artisan gave him enough confidence.


“One-winged Artisan”

“Restrictions: Artificers must master basic mathematical knowledge such as trigonometric functions, sequences, and probability theory.”

“Basic effect: Reflect any effect back to the caster in a certain proportion.”

“Passive effect: Greatly enhance the Artificer’s sense of balance and ability to adjust their center of gravity.”

“‘Balance lies in all things.’”

Originally, Asho planned to use the Libra Artisan as a counterattack armor and didn’t think much of it. But when he returned to reality after leaving the Virtual Realm, he suddenly found that he could easily resonate with the Libra Artisan.

Perhaps it was because he was proficient in all the basic mathematical knowledge required by the Libra Artisan. After all, those were all math exam topics. Although he couldn’t solve the problems after four years of college regression, he could still understand the basic concepts.

This was the first time Asho had seen an Artisan with knowledge requirements. According to Sword Girl, it seemed that only Artisans related to “Fate,” “Prophecy,” and “Truth” had knowledge requirements. These Artisans were rarely used in combat or production, but they often played unexpected roles, and the social status of the Prophecy faction Artificers was also high.

Being able to resonate with the Libra Artisan at any time meant that besides the Virtual Realm, Asho could also profit from the Libra Artisan in the “civilized society” of the Broken Lake Prison.

However, the Libra Artisan belonged to the kind of “don’t move unless the enemy moves” saintly police. It would only take action when others used Artisans to cast spells. In a prison where no one could use Artisans, there were actually not many targets that the Libra Artisan could target.

Except for this “good friend” that Asho had just met.

“Not bad, Asho.” Igura said with a casual tone, “Since you have my wish, and I have yours, we have now achieved a balance of wishes. From now on, I will live my life, and you will live yours. We will coexist peacefully and not infringe upon each other, and build a harmonious prison, how about it?”

“Not good.” Asho smiled slightly, “I’m going to use up my wish now.”

“Have you thought it through!” Igura’s tone was sinister, “After you use up your wish, you won’t have any means to threaten me! At that time, I can make you do anything, even if it’s standing on your head and defecating while rolling on the ground, or even making you voluntarily lose in a deathmatch!”

“Of course, I’ve thought it through.” Asho took a step forward, getting closer to Igura.

Igura had a vague sense of unease in his heart, retreating while persuading, “Asho, really, there’s no need to go this far. Or, don’t use your wish and let’s discuss it. I’m your good friend, if I can help you, I will definitely help…”

“I don’t want ‘if’, I need you to fulfill my wish ‘wholeheartedly’.”

“I’m just an ordinary fraudster, with limited abilities. Asho, you’re overestimating me. How about this, I’ll find a way to make a contract with another death row inmate. Whatever you want, I’ll make him fulfill it for you, okay? Anything is fine, and there’s no limit to the number of times!”

“No, others won’t do, it can only be you.”

Igura’s back was already against the wall, with no way to retreat. Asho supported himself against the wall with one hand and looked at him, saying loudly:

“Igura, I want you to help me escape from prison!”

A passing prison guard glanced at the two of them, shook his head, whistled, and walked away.

Statements like “I am going to become the king of prison breaks” had been heard hundreds of times by the prison guards, so naturally, they didn’t take it to heart.

In fact, the prison guards even felt a little sympathy for these death row inmates. They had just finished breakfast and were already daydreaming. They looked really pitiful.

But the person involved didn’t think it was just a dream.

Igura panted and looked at Asho, his expression as if he had been punched, and his back was unknowingly covered in cold sweat.

He knew it! He knew it!A man who had just survived the Blood Moon Trial, what other wishes could he have? Besides the trivial matter of using a hard knife to enter and a soft knife to exit, the only option left for him was to escape from prison.

When Asho held his wish in his hand, Igura knew that he was done for. It seemed that only those who were good at swimming would drown, and those who were greedy and lustful would die in bed. As a fraudster who had cheated countless people out of their intelligence tax, he had unexpectedly been caught.

As for using his own wish to resist Asho’s wish, that was impossible – because it would violate the restriction of “helping Asho”, and Igura couldn’t do it!

Asho’s wish made it impossible for Igura to do anything to “stop Asho from escaping prison”!

He sighed, “Follow me.”

Igura led Asho to his room. The Broken Lake Prison did not prohibit prisoners from visiting each other, and even sleeping and chatting together was allowed – since they couldn’t do anything else besides sleeping. The restrictions on the chips included “intimate contact”.

Only the couple’s room could temporarily lift the restriction of “intimate contact”, only the Deathmatch Society could temporarily lift the restriction of “combat”, and even only the toilet could lift the restriction of “excretion” – yes, even death row inmates didn’t have the freedom to defecate in public.

Or rather, death row inmates actually had the same freedom as normal people, but before doing certain things, you had to report and apply to the prison. If the prison allowed you to do it, then you could do it.

The difference between death row inmates and free people might be the distinction between “what is not allowed by law cannot be done” and “what is not prohibited by law can be done”.

“Your room is quite big.”

Asho sat down on the velvet bed, sinking into it. Igura, who had just moved a chair, looked at this scene and couldn’t help but twitch his mouth.

Asho glanced at him, waved his hand and said, “Don’t be so formal, just sit wherever you want. I’m not a person who cares about etiquette, there’s no need to pour water for me.”

It’s a pity, I just wanted to scoop some water from the toilet to quench your thirst. If I hadn’t just finished peeing, I even wanted to add some ingredients for you… Igura, who was holding back his anger, sat on the chair, crossing his fingers and staring at Asho.

“Do you really want to escape from prison?”

“Why are you asking? Who living here doesn’t want to escape from prison?”

“Many people.” Igura said lightly, “For example, ‘Diamond’ Tager doesn’t want to escape from prison. He has offended too many people outside, and it’s even more dangerous for him to go out. Besides being a bodyguard, weak and pitiful faction sorcerers have no other means of production. As long as they are not selected for the Blood Moon Trial, Tager’s life here is actually more comfortable than outside.”

“There are many people like Tager, or rather, anyone who has lived here for a few years has basically found a new way of survival and has no desire to go outside. To them, the outside world is just a bigger prison.”

Igura looked at Asho and secretly activated his “Resonance” sorcery spirit, speaking in a tempting tone, “Since you have survived the first Blood Moon Trial, if nothing unexpected happens, you will participate in the Blood Moon Trial according to the contribution ranking, as long as you have enough contributions, you won’t be selected.”

“Your strength is good, and your chances of winning in a deathmatch are high. In other words, you also have the ability to live comfortably here.” He spread his hands, “If you want, you can also live in a big room like this, have the restaurant make whatever you want to eat, read books, watch movies, drink, dance, and even eat moon candy if you want. If you have any requests, you can make suggestions to the prison. The newly built ice rink was built because some prisoners liked ice skating.”

“To outsiders, our place might be a utopia – no crime, no vulgarity, no competition, not even work. It’s a peaceful life with regular schedules and full of energy.”

“The life here is no worse than outside.”

Seeing that Asho seemed somewhat tempted, Igura’s heart secretly rejoiced and couldn’t help but praise his own wit.

Asho’s wish was not without loopholes. The premise of “helping Asho escape from prison” was that Asho wanted to escape. Therefore, as long as Igura persuaded Asho to give up this idea, he wouldn’t have to fulfill this wish.

But this was also Igura’s sincere words.

Escaping from prison was an endless road, and fleeing was not a momentary victory, but a lifelong torment. Not to mention whether they could escape from prison, even if they could, what awaited them was even more cruel challenges – like a rat crossing the street, hiding and living in fear, breathing the murky air filled with the fragrance of freedom in the sewers.

And living a wretched life was easily attainable happiness for them.

A death row inmate who had survived the Blood Moon Trial knew how to choose.

“You make a good point.”Asho sat up, nodding in response to Igura’s expectant gaze, “Indeed, escaping from prison is a dangerous and unpredictable path filled with thorns. Although living here also has its risks, it’s generally much more comfortable. If I stay here for too long, I might end up like you guys, learning how to enjoy prison life.”

Igura was overjoyed, “Mm, as long as you understand, Asho, then—”

“That’s why I must escape from prison, and I need to do it quickly, the faster the better!”

Asho looked at Igura, shaking his head gently, “I don’t want to become like you guys, worn down, courage extinguished, spine broken.”

“I don’t want to live like a… dog!”

Igura’s expression instantly froze.

After a moment of silence, Igura slowly stood up.


He kicked the chair over with one foot, turned around and punched the wall. But just a second before his fist hit, his body suddenly froze, his movements restricted by the chip.

“Funny, so calling oneself a dog isn’t considered a curse word? This must be a loophole in the chip, right? Hahaha…”

“Fine! Escape, go ahead, escape!”

Igura shook his hand in disgust, coldly saying, “But the prerequisite for escaping is that we have to find a way to kill… to deal with the chip in the back of our necks! As long as that chip is still there, forget about escaping, even where you want to take a dump depends on the prison’s mood! Hehe, I can’t do anything about this, do you have a solution, my dear leader of the heresy, Asho Heath?”

“I have a way to deal with the chip.”

“I knew you wouldn’t… what?”

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