Chapter 65 – Vortex

Vortex, also known as the shortcut of destiny, the step of advancement, and the last lucky chance for the cursed, is an extremely rare natural wonder in the Knowledge Sea.

Natural wonders are completely different from other virtual realms. Knowledge creatures have their habitats, and inheritance islands and adventure islands can remain unchanged for thousands of years unless an artificer enters. However, natural wonders appear randomly in time and location and disappear after a certain period of time. It is simply the most rumored rumor in the virtual realm.

If even the most unlucky artificer can encounter knowledge creatures, inheritance islands, and adventure islands in their lifetime, then an artificer with the best luck may never encounter a vortex in their entire life, making it the ultimate lucky detector.

The reason why people envy and envy those who encounter a vortex is because of the powerful might of the vortex – virtual realm transfer!

When an artificer steps into a vortex, another vortex will appear in the Knowledge Sea.

Although it sounds strange, how can a simple spatial transfer attract the desire of artificers?

This is because the vortex is not simply a transfer, but it allows artificers to pass through the mysterious passage in the vortex and traverse countless areas of the Knowledge Sea in just a few seconds. At the same time, the basic law of “the farther the journey, the more artificing absorbed” in the Knowledge Sea remains valid!

If two vortices are thousands of miles apart, then an artificer only needs to pass through this vortex passage, which is equivalent to traveling thousands of miles in the Knowledge Sea and directly absorbing enough artificing to condense a complete Silver Wing!

How can this not drive artificers crazy?

An ordinary artificer theoretically only needs two to three years of journey to condense a Silver Wing, but the premise is that the artificer does not die in the Knowledge Sea – because besides the “death cooldown” punishment, which increases as the artificing increases, artificers also have a Damocles’ sword hanging over their heads: the more artificing, the greater the probability of encountering danger!

Every time an artificer opens the Gate of Truth and enters the virtual realm, the location they arrive at is actually different, not the same as the location after the previous exploration.

The more powerful an artificer’s artificing is, the closer the location they arrive at in the virtual realm will be to the core area of the Knowledge Sea. In the core area, inheritance islands and knowledge creatures not only yield richer spoils of war but also become more dangerous!

Countless formal artificers have been attacked by knowledge creatures as soon as they enter the virtual realm, and when they turn around to escape, they encounter even more fierce knowledge creatures. They are served by several knowledge creatures in turn and have to exit the virtual realm directly.

Exploring for a few minutes and cooling down for more than ten days is often the true portrayal of these “half-step perfection” artificers.

Therefore, the vortex is also called the “last lucky chance for the cursed” for a reason: it not only means that artificers who encounter the vortex have exhausted their luck in their lifetime, but also means that artificers who suddenly increase their artificing will face considerable difficulties when exploring high-difficulty areas of the Knowledge Sea, and may even be driven to despair by playing ranked matches in higher divisions with lower division skills.

Even so, no artificer would not desire a vortex. Moreover, in places where the number of artificers is large enough, lucky individuals who encounter a vortex occasionally appear – such as Leonie, who beat Sonia badly in the morning. Because she condensed her Silver Wing at a relatively fast speed, many students felt that she encountered a short-distance vortex, and everyone’s envy turned into jealousy!

After listening to Sonia’s introduction, Asho couldn’t help but get excited. He is now the person who needs strength most urgently. The stronger he is, the more hope he has of escaping from prison!

And with the sudden addition of three artificing spirits, his artificing is obviously not enough.

Heart Sword and Wind Barrier are still manageable, but Earth Sword is a dual-winged artificing spirit, and the consumption of artificing is like a rushing tap. However, the effect it produces is not even one-fifth of the might.

Just now, Asho was able to show off in front of Sword Girl, creating a sword barrier that the Thunderbearer couldn’t break through. The price was that his artificing was less than one-fifth. Later, he had to think about how to trick Sword Girl into fighting and exert more force.

The small boat passed through layers of white mist, and soon the vortex appeared in front of them.

Worthy of the evaluation of a natural wonder, the vortex is indeed very strange and bizarre – it is clearly a constantly rotating whirlpool, but the surrounding sea is as calm as onlookers, and the water flow is not affected by the vortex at all.

Even if the small boat is less than two meters away from the vortex, it is not affected by any pulling force. If an artificer with poor eyesight swims past the vortex, they may not even notice the appearance of the natural wonder.

“Hurry up, the vortex may disappear at any time!”


Asho noticed that after they entered the vortex area, the exploration range of the map suddenly extended two very long routes. At the far ends of the two routes, there were two prompts: “Wait a moment” and “No danger, but you may not randomly appear on this side.”

“I think we’d better wait.”

“Is this the effect of your foresight ability?”

“It seems that this vortex may randomly lead to two other vortices. One side requires waiting, and the other side is safe.”

They waited last time, and as a result, they waited for the opportunity to take advantage of the sleeping Foxlight Dragon. Naturally, Sonia believed in Asho’s judgment.However, after waiting for more than ten seconds, she saw the vortex getting smaller and smaller, and couldn’t help but get anxious: “Even if I die after entering the vortex once, it’s worth it! It’s just a few days that I can’t enter the Virtual Realm!”

Asho glanced at her, “If I can’t enter the Virtual Realm for a few days, the probability of me gathering my miracle Sorcery Spirit will be even more slim.”

Sonia was left speechless.

Compared to life, the growth of Artificing indeed seemed insignificant, but…

She looked at the shrinking vortex, wanting to speak but holding back, then wanting to hold back but speaking again.

“Do you want to go in first? Let me wait until it’s safe to enter?” Asho saw through her thoughts in an instant, “It sounds feasible, but it’s actually impossible – have you forgotten? I can’t open the door of truth in prison. If you die, I can’t enter the Virtual Realm either. We are bound together, we share both honor and disgrace.”

“However, I’m not sure if my judgment is correct. After all, there’s a fifty percent chance of reaching a safe vortex. Even if we’re unlucky and end up in a dangerous vortex, we might not necessarily die. But if we miss the vortex, we really miss it. If you want to go, I don’t mind.”

“Do you really not mind?”

“I don’t mind.”

“You won’t secretly resent me and take revenge on me?”

“I won’t.”

“You won’t suddenly bring up this matter and blame me at some point?”

“I won’t.”



“You’re such a dishonest person, even lying to a female college student like me.” Sonia sighed, looking downcast at the vortex: “If we really miss this vortex, I will definitely bring up this old matter and scold you every time you make a mistake in the future.”

“I really don’t mind.”

“I don’t believe you. If it were me, I would definitely hold a grudge for a lifetime, remembering that I missed a vortex opportunity until the day I die.”

Asho was dumbfounded: “That’s you, not me. I’m not as… petty as you.”

“I only trust myself, so I believe you are the same kind of person.”

Sonia pouted.

“I’m not so selfish as to think that everyone else is selfless. Anyway, I’m waiting with you this time, you have to remember that my sacrifice is great. It’s best to write down my merits in a notebook, and remember to share some benefits with me in the future.”

Asho was slightly taken aback, suddenly feeling that he had one more reason to escape from prison.

In this world, were there really no strangers worth his concern? It didn’t seem so.

“Of course, in the future, if I have a piece of meat to eat, I will definitely call you over to smell the aroma.”

“You’re really a little loudspeaker…”

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