Chapter 64 – Wakas’s Curse

The medical officer [222] is right.

The Blood Moon Judgment is indeed the only opportunity for death row inmates to trade for sorcery spirits.

Asho looked at the three sorcery spirits in his hand, as if he could still see Wakas’ cold and thin face.

The sword that pierced his throat contained five sorcery spirits that Wakas had just released from their contracts.

As long as he moved a little slower, as long as his consciousness dissipated faster, these three sorcery spirits would escape at the fastest speed. Even though Asho had been as fast as possible, two of the sorcery spirits still managed to escape. He didn’t know if they were currently enjoying the freedom of surfing in the shattered lake.

As for why Wakas did this, there were too many reasons.

Because Asho defeated him,

Because he wanted to retaliate against Xilin,

Because he was grateful for Asho’s care in his final moments,

Or maybe he just enjoyed watching chaos unfold…

A dying elf, Asho wouldn’t be surprised by anything he did, except for the fact that Wakas pierced his throat. Asho strongly suspected that Wakas held a grudge and wanted revenge for being killed in their fight.

But in doing so, Wakas presented Asho with a difficult problem.

Although he hadn’t been in this world for long, Asho was acutely aware that he didn’t fit in here.

However, he had no intention of assimilating.

He couldn’t change this world of sorcerers, nor did he want this world to change him.

He had no family here, and everyone he would encounter in the future would be strangers.

Although the powers of sorcerers were diverse and unpredictable, there might be a sorcery spirit miracle that could send Asho back home. But Asho didn’t hold out hope for that.

He wasn’t the kind of person who needed hope to survive.

In addition to the threat to his life from the Blood Moon Judgment and the suffocating control of the shattered lake prison, Asho had always held a subtle mindset of “earning a day’s worth of life.”

Besides, if he could travel once, there was no reason he couldn’t travel again. He had come to the world of sorcerers this time, but who knew if he could go to the world of technicians next time? Asho was blindly optimistic about his journey through the multiverse.

Because of this optimistic mindset, which may have been born from suddenly not having to go to work, Asho held a “spectator” mentality towards everyone he encountered. He would sympathize with others’ experiences and marvel at their life and death, but he would forget about it as soon as he turned away, as if he had just watched a movie.

“Observer” was actually a fitting name for him.

Observing without taking action, observing without speaking, observing without remembering.

He was like a wandering boat, drifting with the waves, feeling overwhelmed when faced with the continent.

And now, the lonely boat had an additional burden, and a mark appeared in his memory.

Although sorcerers didn’t need to sleep, Asho was certain that he would dream of Wakas’ final gaze when he had a midnight flashback.

Of course, he didn’t think he was responsible for Wakas’ death, but Wakas’ final gift made Asho feel that he needed to do something in return.

He didn’t like owing others, nor did he like being owed.

He had to escape from prison, find Professor Xilin, and survive.

Otherwise, he would feel like he had wasted Wakas’ kindness and the three sorcery spirits he had given him.

Perhaps, this was his true revenge?

With life as the price, death as the ritual, silence as the incantation, and sorcery spirits as the bait, Wakas exhausted everything to curse Asho to survive.

For this group of shattered lake death row inmates, there was no curse more malicious than “to survive.”

“He is a true swordsman.”

After listening to Asho’s bizarre and colorful experience of the Blood Moon Judgment, Sonia couldn’t help but exclaim, and then added, “And he is a generous elf.”

“He may be generous, but he is definitely not a good elf. He is a prisoner held in the shattered lake prison based on his achievements.” Asho said, “But whether it’s elves or humans, they can’t be simply classified as ‘good’ or ‘bad.’ Only gods or demons possess pure goodness or pure evil… Those who waver in between are humans.”

“So many emotions. Is this the first time you’ve seen a dead person since you lost your memory?”

Lost memory? Right, the old Heath had caused many deaths with his own hands… Asho nodded, “I should say, this is the first time I’ve seen someone die in front of me.”

“So you don’t have any information about the Heart Sword Stance?”

“Of course not.”

“Damn it!” Sonia looked at the Heart Sword Artisan in Asho’s hand unwillingly, “Such a good sorcery spirit, wasted in your hands… But in that case, you only need one more sorcery spirit for your Miracle of Severing Me, right?”

“That’s right. If I’m lucky, I might be able to gather the required sorcery spirits tonight.”

Asho let out a sigh, “That’s when there’s a glimmer of hope for escaping.”

The Miracle of Severing Me requires three types of sorcery spirits, and each type has multiple secondary options. It doesn’t have to be a specific sorcery spirit. Most miracles can achieve similar effects by replacing sorcery spirits of the same type, with the only difference being the range and power.If the Artisan is a building block, then the miracle is a building with a specific appearance. As long as you can assemble this building, whether you use cubes, triangles, or cones as your building blocks, it can be considered as achieving a miracle.

The Heart Sword and the Substitute are both qualified Artisans. The Substitute is considered normal, while the Heart Sword is a bit excessive. I guess the person who created the “Unparalleled Secret Sword Five Spirits” as one of the components of the Artisan never expected someone to be extravagant enough to use it.

As long as the last type of Artisan is found, Asho can use the Purification Neck Core after the “Slash Me Miracle”.

“Escape…” Sonia murmured, “So, your true self is in the prison of the Blood Moon Kingdom, under the threat of the Blood Moon Trial, and without your previous memories…”

No previous memories? Well, he indeed doesn’t have Heath’s previous memories.

Asho looked at her strangely and said, “Didn’t you already know? My true self was identified as the leader of the Four Pillar God’s heresy, and was captured by hunters during an illegal gathering in the basement of the Blood Moon Kingdom. But this body is so weak, it must be a scapegoat.”

Yes, the Observer had told her before that he was locked up in some prison. She thought it was some hidden divine prison, but she didn’t expect it to be the prison of the Blood Moon Kingdom. Although the Blood Moon Kingdom was only a term that existed in books and was distant, she had at least heard of it, giving her a feeling of “just like that.”

“With your strength, can’t you escape from the prison of the Blood Moon Kingdom?”

“What do you mean by ‘with my strength’… Don’t you know that I’m a useless person?”

“Hehe, useless? Can a useless person force me to challenge Leonie? Then what am I? A pitiful puppet controlled by a useless person? A toy that can be tricked to death by you at any time?”

Although Sonia learned the Water Moon Miracle through a fortunate event, she was still extremely angry.

Challenging Felix last time was one thing, as Felix and she had a small gap in strength, and she still had a slight chance of winning. But the gap between her and Leonie this time was simply outrageous. If it weren’t for Leonie intentionally showing mercy, she wouldn’t have had the opportunity to use the Water Moon.

If she was lucky this time and encountered Leonie, what about next time?

And the time after that?

Among the group of Sorcerers, there were many ruthless and cunning figures. It was easy to deal with young Sorcerers like students, but many older Sorcerers had experienced too many dangers and deaths in their long and lonely exploration of the Virtual Realm. Their conscience had been carved into a grim shape by the cold and harsh wind of the Knowledge Sea.

They gradually couldn’t distinguish between reality and the Virtual Realm. When facing enemies, they instinctively attacked without mercy, as if killing the enemy would yield loot. Some even directly turned into “Fallen Mages” and killed indiscriminately in the real world, treating it as the Virtual Realm.

Although Sonia had objections to forced training, she could still convince herself to accept it because it was for her own good. But now, the Observer actually asked her to actively participate in dangerous battles. Sonia could only convince herself to try not to attack the Observer’s dog head first—because it seemed like she might not be able to win.

“Is it that serious…” Asho tried to pass it off.

“It’s me who will fight for my life, get injured, and be on the brink of death. Only I have the right to say whether it’s serious or not!” Sonia tried to suppress her anger. “Do you have to wait until I become a corpse before you say, ‘I seem to have made a wrong judgment’?”

It’s not that serious, you won’t die… When Asho thought a little dismissively, a thought came to his mind: Won’t Sword Girl really die?

There have been precedents in mobile games where game characters die when defeated. If it’s for the sake of forcing players to spend money, the company might actually implement this setting and then sell resurrection coins or something to tease the players.

And Sword Girl had repeatedly stated that she didn’t exist as a dependency on Asho. She had her own life, a university she lived in, and friends she knew. She was a real existence… and reality was the farthest term from immortality.

Even if Sword Girl could be resurrected after dying in battle, would the resurrected Sword Girl still be the Sword Girl he had known for many days?

Asho couldn’t bear the risk of losing Sword Girl.

Not just because of her power.

But also because Sword Girl was the only person he could trust and confide in.

No matter how small the boat is, it will feel too empty when only one person is on board.

“Alright, you make a good point, I apologize.” Asho carefully chose his words. “But you should know that I’m also doing this for your own good. If it weren’t for my arrangements, you wouldn’t have created the Water Moon Miracle so quickly, right?”

“What does that have to do with your arrangements—”

“Because I knew that when you fought against that Leonie, you would enter an awakened state due to the large gap in strength, and thus create your own miracle. And you wouldn’t encounter any danger. Everything is within my plan.”

“You clearly remembered the name of the other person wrong!”

“That’s not important—The point is, I am confident that I can make you gain great benefits with just a little cost.”Seeing Sword Girl’s lingering unease, Asho thought for a moment and said, “How about this, if I ever want to involve you in a more dangerous battle in the future, I’ll discuss it with you in advance, okay?”

That was more like it.

Seeing that the viewer was finally willing to compromise, Sonia was quite satisfied. In fact, even if the viewer insisted on messing with her, she couldn’t do anything about it. Moreover, if he backed down once, he would do it again. Eventually, Sonia would be able to get the viewer to completely submit.

Sonia was also very confident in the viewer’s promise. Although the viewer was usually a bit of a mess, he was reliable when it came to important matters. Plus, with his suspected legendary rebirth background, his judgment should be sound.

If Sonia knew that Asho’s method of assessing danger was to read the description of the event card, and that his duel with Leonie was only of medium danger, she might never be at ease again.

“By the way, how did you find me?” Sonia suddenly remembered this.

“I entered the Virtual Realm through the Gate of Truth you left behind, and then I found you along the way.”

Asho returned to his bedroom and opened the light curtain, only to find that Sword Girl had indeed not waited for him. Her status was ‘Exploring the Virtual Realm’.

Asho thought he had missed the boat, but luckily there was an option to ‘Join Midway’. However, he didn’t appear directly next to Sword Girl, but at the initial location where Sword Girl had entered the Virtual Realm that night.

Entering and exiting the Virtual Realm must be done through the Gate of Truth, this was the rule. If it weren’t for the bond between them, Asho wouldn’t have been able to enter the Virtual Realm through the Gate of Truth left by Sword Girl.

Sonia wasn’t surprised that the viewer knew where she was. She just had one question: “But I’ve been wandering around the Virtual Realm for nearly two hours, how did you catch up so quickly?”

“Two hours? But you’re only one area away from the starting point. It took me just over a minute to find you.”

“How is that possible!?”

“Why would I lie to you? Wait, you said you’ve been wandering for two hours, don’t tell me… you’ve been circling around here?”

Sonia blinked, calmly sat down, and looked at the distant white fog, saying, “I just thought you wouldn’t be absent for no reason, so I’ve been exploring nearby.”

If you weren’t blushing to the tips of your ears, I might have believed you.

Asho chuckled, and under Sonia’s resentful gaze, he opened the map of the Virtual Realm.

Because he had equipped the Virtual Realm Telescope, he could now observe information about the surrounding 24 grid areas. Most of them were ‘Waste of Effort’, and one was ‘Worth a Visit’. Asho wasn’t in a hurry, he just slowly sailed around for a casual stroll.

“What about the miracle you mentioned earlier?” Sonia suddenly remembered this, “Wakas gave you an Artisan, but he didn’t give you a miracle spell, did he?”

Asho casually said, “I saw him use it once before. I just combined Earth Sword and Wind Wall to create it. But I’m not a two-winged Artificer, so my defense is far inferior to the original version he created.”

You saw it once, combined it, and created it?

Is this miracle that simple?

Earth Sword is from the Sword Art faction, Wind Wall is from the Wind Art faction, cross-faction miracles have always been challenging…

Sonia felt something was off, when Asho spotted a shining golden legend hint on the map – ‘Vortex’.

“Do you know what ‘Vortex’ means?”

Sonia was taken aback, “You found a Vortex?”

“Probably -“

“Go, go quickly!” Sonia instantly rushed over, grabbed Asho and shook him excitedly, as if she had found a winning lottery ticket in the toilet, “If we’re lucky, we might be able to condense the Silver Wings tonight!”

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